Sample ICT  Materials Business Plan For 2018/2019

Sample ICT Materials Business Plan For 2018/2019 –  This is seen in many ways as sample ict business proposal, business plan for ict company in pdf, business plan for information technology company, IT company business plan sample, sample tech start-up business plan, technology business plan template and business plan for information technology services company. Whichever way you see it, this post will address it. This post will give you the necessary guidelines and requirements that suit your purpose.
In this post, ICT is an acronym that stands for Information Communications Technology. ICT refers to technologies that provide access to information through telecommunications. It’s also simply known as Information Technology (IT). The slight  difference is that ICT focuses primarily on communication technologies. This includes the Internet, wireless networks, cell phones, and other communication mediums.

The business sample plan I want us to consider here concerns various aspects of ICT business. Therefore, this post will highlight types of icts’ indicating various business ideas inherent in ICT business. It will also show examples of ict devices, importance of ict,  ict advantages, disadvantages and uses.

Sample ICT  Materials Business Plan For 2018/2019

ICT Devices:

As a matter of fact, ICT is an umbrella term that includes communication device or application, such as  radio, television, cellular phones, computer and network hardware and software, satellite systems and others, as well as the various services and applications associated with them, such as videoconferencing and distance learning 
In summary, this include, Computers. USBs or wifi access for document sharing and device connectivity, projectors with interactive whiteboard functionality or television screen connectivity, presentation clickers for classroom mobility, visualiser or document camera for displaying student work, or presenting live feedback. Other are – Tablet devices for teacher and student e.g. iPad and not necessarily Recording hardware/software for pod-casting e.g. microphone, headphone and speakers, digital cameras, and other general devices which include data-logging; remote control vehicles/robots/buzzers and lights and various  social media output channel.
In addition to fast ( online – real-time)  information dissemination, ICT sector plays an important role, in  contributing to rapid technological progress and productivity growth.

ICT Business Ideas:

Listed here are various business ideas that you can embark on in Information and Communication Technology operations/business.

  • Smartphone Repair, Smartphone Accessory Manufacturing. Refurbished Device Sales.
  • Computer Parts Manufacturing, Social Networking Site, Social Media Consulting, SEO Specialist,
  • Online Advertising Platform, Digital Marketing Consulting, Online Dating Site, Web Design Service, Software Development Service, App Development Service, Mobile App Sales, Info Tech Shop. Cloud Based Phone Service,
  • IT Equipment Service, IT Equipment Sales, Internet Cafe, Online School, E-Library, Online Book Store, Ebook Writing, Digital Product Sales, Ecommerce Platform, Shopping App, Tech Blog, Tech Podcast, Tech Video Channel,
  • Livestreaming Influencer, Livestreaming Service, Online Video Platform, Online Podcasting Platform,
  • Music Streaming Service, Video Content Streaming Service, Tech Gadget Rentals, Sharing Economy Platform,
  • Tech Consultant, Remote IT Service, Computer Setup Service, Computer Training Service, Online Research Service,
  • Live Chat Service, Chatbot Creator, AI Platform, Analytics Service, Influencer Marketing Platform, 3D Printing Manufacturing, Robotics Manufacturing, and UX Service.
Having gone through these highlights on ICT business ideas, devices, and importance, I will now consider with you, relevant issues in the business start-up process.

Sample ICT  Materials Business Plan For 2018/2019

Business Start-up Process for your ICT Business Plan:

To start with,  register your business today. In Nigeria Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) registers all businesses giving them legal backing to do business in Nigeria. If you contact me, I will let you have your incorporation certificate in 3 days. call +234 8034347851

After this, put a business plan in place. Business plan is said to be a road map.  A business compass  that will:  

  • Give you details of your fixed Capital (CAPEX) needed for the business. 
  • Again, it will detail you how much working capital you need to run the business. 
  • In addition, it will highlight to you the viability of the business through the feasibility studies, financial forecast, trend and break-even analysis, financial analysis, and lots more. 

The third thing is that you have to apply as an authorised dealer/re-seller of one or more of the ICT companies. In this, you have to sign a carrier contract with each. Even if you just want to be an ordinary retailer, yet you still need to determine the source of your supplies.
The fourth thing is that you have to find a good location for your business. Know where ICT devices are demanded and the category of individuals that need them. This business is not good for local areas.

Now You Business Plan Sample:

This business plan sample is good for any of the business ideas listed above. If you have a combination of the business ideas in a wholesales or retail business, this sample is still an ideal one.

The Executive Summary:

This is the first important aspect of the business plan. It contains the summarises of the entire contents of the business plan, including the  purpose of the business plan,  and summary of the operational, marketing and the financial forecasts.

If the purpose of the business plan is to raise fund, it’s very imperative that you highlight here what you will need the fund for. Detail of your CAPEX ( Capital expenses) and OPEX ( operating expenses) must be shown. This is because the investor would want to know what you will be doing with the money if made available to you for the business.
This may take some  pages. It must be concisely written highlighting the relevant figures. 

Sample ICT  Materials Business Plan For 2018/2019

Business Overview:

This will give every information about the nature of your business such as:

  • The name and address of your business
  • The business Mission
  • The business Vision
  • The legal structure of the business – ownership stake holding inclusive
The narratives here have to be brief too.

Product and Services:

You must give every details of your products here, including every value chain ( outputs demand and inputs supply sides) details. Remember the type of audience you are going to face.
The truth is that this is why you are in business. You are in business to render these services to mankind and from there make your own livelihood. So it’s an important aspect of this plan. If you can’t project your products or services properly, then you are yet to catch up with the vision of the business.

Management Team:

Give full details of your management team, their profile and the roles assigned to them in this business. Their academic qualifications and work experiences are to be highlighted. Mention peculiar attributes of each especially special training, social competencies and personal skills.


SWOT is the acronym for Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threat. Every business operates under these conditions. It’s what you make out of it that promotes the business. Therefore, tell your audience,what your strenght, weakness, opportunities, and threats are and how to deal with them.

The Market:

Now you have to let every one know the nature,and size of the market you  are entering into.
You must be able to forecast how you will penetrate this market and get a reasonable market share.
A research into this market will tell you what wares that are in existence and how much their demand is. It will also show you their various brands, types and makes. In fact, you should be able to know and exploit the knowledge of the entire value chain holistically.
With these knowledge you will be able to know who your competitors are. Competitors are not your enemies, they are businessmen and women like you. But one particular feature in all of you is that you are dragging for market share. So you must take measures that will enable you drive large market share. Your target market and your marketing strategies will help you achieve  good market share.

Sample ICT  Materials Business Plan For 2018/2019

Before We Continue:

I would like to highlight this concept with you – Investment

Investopedia defines investment as a concept that has Three component. It defines investment as something that is purchased with money that is expected to produce income or profit. For it, therefore any business activity that leads to ownership of an asset, lending and cash equivalents is an investment.

Ownership Investments includen Stocks (securities), Business (the money put into starting and running a business is an investment), Real Estate and Precious Objects (gold, copyrights etc).

Lending Investments include Your Savings Account and Bonds. Bond is a a general word  for a wide variety of investments from Treasuries and international debt issues to corporate bonds and credit default swaps (CDS).

Cash Equivalents: These are investments that are “as good as cash,” which means they’re easy to convert back into cash. It includes Money Market Funds

Why did I introduce this concept here? I did so to let you know that your effort towards owning an ICT Materials Store is an investment. It’s let for you to make it succeed.

Target Market:

As noted in the market sub-topic, your knowledge of the market will now help you create your target market.
Therefore, enumerate your target market and its segmentation here. 

Marketing Strategies:

As a matter fact, you must give details of your marketing special (strategic) approaches that you hope to employ to win reasonable market share here. These must be your market drive strategies. 

Sample ICT  Materials Business Plan For 2018/2019

Feasibility Measurements:

This aspect of the plan will show researches made in various aspect of the business. The outcome will show whether the business will go on or not. If your business does not prove to be feasible here, you will have to redefine it. Where you can’t restructure it, it has to be abandoned. Make another choice. 
Marketing feasibility:  We talked about market, market share and marketing above. This is the practical aspect of it. This feasibility study will contain facts and figures as to how to generate the turnover. Every marketing expenses and associated incomes  will be highlighted here.
Supply chain Feasibility: This is still relating to market, market share and marketing strategies.  The supply chain feasibility will highlight the sources of the goods, services or raw materials needed for the production/procurement of the goods and services. 
Certainly, every aspect of the business supply chain including supply of raw materials, related labour, transportation and other logistics will be highlighted here. 
Break-even analysis:  This aspect of the business plan will give you the turnover/production units that will cover your operating costs. Since it’s an estimate, you can make it iterative until you get at a figure that gives you the break-even point. Usually that is where your total revenue equals your  total cost – a point of no gain, no loss. From this point you can  then plan how to enhance the business.

Let’s take an illustration here.

Sample ICT  Materials Business Plan For 2018/2019

Sample ICT  Materials Business Plan For 2018/2019

If you have this type of operational break even analysis, derived from your other business forecasts, the following points are noted.

  • The business operation shows good returns right from the onset.
  • The total cost of 7,317,000 + 10,128,000 +849,250 in the first year for instance is 18,294,750 
  • This is an indication that the management must endeavour to cover this cost to make a profit 
  • The break-even would have occurred where total revenue equal total expenses. 
  • The variable cost is constantly at 26.22% which is good enough 
  • Both the admin and fixed cost (majorly depreciation) are held as fixed cost. 

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Financial Analysis: This is where the entire business will be mirrored in estimated financial statements. This is where you will produce the profit or loss account, balance sheet, cash flow statements, accounting ratios, financial assumptions etc.

Performance Ratios:

These are performance indicators. Both the business owner and investors watch them. In fact, the management team watch it too.

Your Conclusion and Recommendations:

The next aspect of this plan is to put down your time lines, conclusions, and recommendations. And is the time to write the executive summary having now known all that the business involves.

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Sample ICT  Materials Business Plan For 2018/2019

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