Diesel Distribution Supply business Business Plan with Feasibility Analysis

Diesel Distribution Supply business Business Plan with Feasibility Analysis is outlined here. In fact, this is a sample diesel distribution business in Nigeria. It’s really a sample business plan for upstream oil and gas Service Company.  In other words, it’s a business plan for oil and gas trading with diesel supply proposal format. In it also are details of diesel supply company ownership profile. Therefore, here is your Diesel Distribution Supply Business Plan with Feasibility Analysis.

Who needs this business Plan?

Furthermore, Diesel Distribution Supply Business in Nigeria is a very lucrative business. In fact, are you interested in getting a fair share of your national cake? We suggest this business along the oil and gas distributive value chain. However, it’s a business that requires a lot of strategic planning to start. In fact, you will need some business development services from Complete Full Marks Consultants (CFMC) Limited to accomplish this.  As a matter of fact, CFMC Limited will back you up with professional business consulting services.

Furthermore, you will need this business plan format when you make applications for government and non – government business capital grants. In addition, this format is also suitable for bank loan applications and for inviting investors. In fact, when you are writing your investment proposals or concept notes for business loan grant and start – up competitions, this must be handy.

Highlights of the Business Plan On Diesel Distribution Supply business Business Plan with Feasibility Analysis:

In addition, the highlights of this business plan include the firm’s SWOT Appraisal, feasibility analysis indicating unit cost of production and turnover generation. The market and marketing analysis are the other highlights. In fact, the variety of product and market segmentation are the other concepts to be well defined in this business plan. You have to follow me to see how these are reflected in this business plan.

The Executive Summary

This business plan is for Complete Diesel Distribution & Supplies Company Ltd. Complete Diesel Distribution & Supplies Company Ltd. is a legally registered company in Nigeria. It has a registered certificate to distribute and supply diesel to end users in Nigeria. It has its head office in Abuja.

An Overview

This is a 3-year business forecast for diesel distribution in Nigeria. The feasibility analysis reveal that Complete Diesel Distribution &  Supplies Company Ltd. will be generating a total turnover of N250,000,000.00 annually from the first year of operation. In fact, based on our 25% gross margin target, this gives a total gross profit of N62,500,000.00 and 15% net margin of N37,500.000.00.

Ownership Profile

Complete Diesel Distribution & Supplies Company Ltd. is incorporated in Nigeria in 2019 by three friends. Mr  John, Matthew and Ifeanyi. Their shareholding is in proposion of 40%, 30% and 30% respectively.

Our Competition

We are really venturing into a business that is already saturated with big players. However, our research shows that these big players are unable to meet up with the demand from the middle class industries and citizens. Therefore, our major clientele is going to come from this section of the working class and business outfits of our economy.

Competitive Advantage

In the light of this, we are going to leverage on three main competitive advantages. These are:

  • Quality unadulterated products.
  • Our customer base – middle class centric company
  • All-round-year Availability – availability of volumes demanded

The business Objectives

The objectives for Complete Diesel Distribution & Supplies Company Ltd are to:

  • Have our products and services in most big towns in Nigeria
  • Maintain gross profit margin at 25%, and 15% net profit margin.
  • Develop a sustainable Diesel distribution company that survives on its own cash flow.

Our Goals:

In the light of the above, our goals include;

  • Becoming a leading diesel supply company in the country within our first five years of operation
  • Expanding our company operations beyond the borders of Nigeria.

Our Visions:

Furthermore, the vision for Complete Diesel Distribution & Supplies Company Ltd is to;

Become the biggest diesel distribution company in Nigeria.

Management Team:

In fact, we parade a formidable management team of experienced managers. The ownership of Complete Diesel Distribution & Supplies Company Ltd. is made up of young talented and skilled artisans who have a good number of yours of industrial experience.

SWOT Appraisal

Furthermore, we have been able to appraise our internal and external environmental factors to determine how much strength, weakness, opportunity and threat to our existence posed by these factors. We are sure that internal economies of scale is not there yet to generate the lowest per unit cost of production. However, the availability of market that will foster high turnover will take care of this.

Our Product For Diesel Distribution Supply business Business Plan with Feasibility Analysis

Our products are going to be generally centred on diesel supplies and distribution. Because our clientele is going to be those of the middle class of the society, we have defined our product to be distributed in sizes. Therefore, there are going to be supplies in trucks, drums and other containers.

The Contributions of our Products and Services to the economy are;

  • All-year-round availability of oil products
  • Creating employment opportunities for the unemployed
  • Procurement and supply of high quality diesel fuel to our clients
  • Our capacity to deliver across the nation
  • What we bring into the business
  • In the light of the above, we bring  into this business;
  • Knowledge, skill and practical experience in the oil and gas sector
  • The capacity to consistently deliver outstanding supply services
  • Market watch for a good understanding of the market trends.
  • Finally, our staff bring modern online operational, marketing, promotional, and technical skills.


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The Financial Plan

Furthermore, the materials and equipment required for diesel distribution business in Nigeria include Diesel trucks, office building, truck maintenance tools, company vehicles and so on

In fact, these are analysed in this business plan. This financial analysis segment details all of these. Therefore, included are estimates on capital funding and assets requirement. Then are, turnover and income statement forecast for the period under plan.

Diesel Distribution Supply business Business Plan with Feasibility Analysis

The Final Copy Of Diesel Distribution Supply business Business Plan with Feasibility Analysis

As a matter of fact, the final copy is always available. This you will have on request at a minimal cost. Therefore, if you must win the loan application or attract investors, you need this part of the business plan. This is where we generate the parameters that determine if you are capable of winning the loan application or attract the needed investor.

In conclusion, it’s to let you know that Complete Full Marks Consultants (CFMC) Limited is a firm of Chartered Accountants, Auditors, Taxation and Management Consultants. Our professional expertise is always brought into our business plan development. In fact, our several years of industrial experience speaks for us. Therefore, we can assist you with all the business support services you desire.

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