An Immediate Business Plan for AGSMEIS Loan Application

This is how you get an immediate Business Plan for AGSMEIS Loan Application. Associated with this post are the AGMEIS loan application form, training centres and CBN loan business plan. Furthermore, here also are hints about AGMEIS loan interview questions. This is because our business plan model answers all AGMEIS loan interview question. In fact, here also we link you up with CBN and NIRSAL MFB  loan application portals.

Therefore, are you interested in any form of agricultural business plan in Nigeria? Do you need a specific agro business proposals? Furthermore, do you need to project your artisanal job or any other business under SME schemes? In fact, our model of business plan for loan application is suitable for government and bank loans. In fact, even for World Bank loans and grants. And when you are doing your academic research on this subject matter do not hesitate to visit this site.

AGSMEIS Business Plan Content:

As a matter of fact, our Immediate Business Plan for AGSMEIS Loan Application is projected to catch the attention of the loan issuing bank. Therefore, our business plan content in this is more straight forward. Considering this is to adhere to the CBN, NIRSAL MFB, BOI, NDE, World Bank and any other institution’s business plan format. In fact, our model of business plan for these types of regulated institutions could follow this pattern.

  • Introduction of your business
  • Product and Services
  • Your competition,
  • The management Team
  • Furthermore, are SWOTH Analysis
  • CAPEX and OPEX assumptions
  • Working capital assumptions
  • Turnover and Cost of sales assumptions
  • And finally, the financial model

As a matter of fact, these look simple, isn’t it? Well; you need our attention here. We have found out that many who claim to know how to write business plan, only know about the grammar aspect of the entire exercise. Others claim that they don’t have time to sit down and write. Please, do away with all of these pride, and call the attention of the professional. We can be of help to you application form

A Sample Financial Model For An Immediate Business Plan for AGSMEIS Loan Application

Now, look at this sample financial model, and tell me if you can generate it. You can see that this is not a grammar-thing. However, we also know that many are bothered about the interpretation of these financial models. But don’t worry. We will take you through the essential components, facts, figures and ratios.

Projected Cash Flow Statement

  FY2021 FY2022 FY2023
Net Cash Flow from Operations      
Net Profit N106,027,350 N105,072,630 N103,991,550
Depreciation & Amortization N1,575,000 N1,575,000 N1,575,000
Change in Accounts Receivable (N4,075,000) N0 N0
Change in Inventory      
Change in Accounts Payable N163,950 N0 N0
Change in Income Tax Payable N57,091,650 (N514,080) (N582,120)
Change in Sales Tax Payable N0 N0 N0
Change in Prepaid Revenue      
Net Cash Flow from Operations N160,782,950 N106,133,550 N104,984,430
Investing & Financing      
Assets Purchased or Sold (N17,731,000)    
Net Cash from Investing (N17,731,000)    
Investments Received N10,000,000    
Dividends & Distributions N0    
Change in Short-Term Debt      
Change in Long-Term Debt      
Net Cash from Financing N10,000,000    
Cash at Beginning of Period N0 N153,051,950 N259,185,500
Net Change in Cash N153,051,950 N106,133,550 N104,984,430
Cash at End of Period N153,051,950 N259,185,500 N364,169,930

No Ready-Made Business Plan for AGSMEIS Loan:

In fact, many trust the functions of ”Copy & Paste”. If you do this in business planning, you are doing the wrong thing. The fact is that no two business plan is the same. The simple economic theory about factors that determine location or localization of a business simply highlights the fact that the same type of business located at different place are not the same. Now, again, consider the cost components, you will also arrive at a different business plan for each of them.  Therefore, business plan being a business road map needs to be articulated to suit each and individual business.

You now understand why we prefer a customised business plan. Here your business plan is built with your own facts and figures. That too is to help you monitor your business activities. On the other hand, copying another’s business plan may be a breach on one’s professional or business confidentiality. So, please, order your personal business plan today. You can contact us for it.

Order a Business Plan for your Business here:

Yes, this is where and how to order your personalised business plan immediately.

Contact us on +234 8034347851 or email us via

Furthermore, if you are to apply for AGSMEI loan, as an Entrepreneurship Development Institute (EDI) we will guide and assist you in getting all necessary documents required to secure the loan. We have been doing this for others.

An Immediate Business Plan for AGSMEIS Loan Application

In addition, get Business Support Services from us. As a matter of fact, we will assist you to implement business plan and provide other business support services commercially. For example, we will register your business with CAC in a jiffy to enable you use it to apply for this loan.

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Our Service Offering For An Immediate Business Plan for AGSMEIS Loan Application

Furthermore, to support you in this exercise, Complete Full Marks Consultants Limited offers;

  • Entrepreneurship training
  • CAC registration services
  • Business plan development
  • Profiling of applicants.

Other business support services in accounting, auditing and taxation are also available.

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