How to Build a Rice Mill with a Business Plan Financial Analysis

Ths is How to Build a Rice Mill with a Business Plan Financial Analysis. In fact, this is a comprehensive rice processing business plan. It’s a financial feasibility study on rice production in Nigeria. Order your copy now.

So, are you planning to establish a rice processing mill in Nigeria? So, are you interested in the business plan financial feasibility analysis? If your answer is Yes, then, you may need to contact us immediately. This is because we can get you this financial analysis in 2 days. All we need from you are your business assumptions.

How to Build a Rice Mill with a Business Plan Financial Analysis

Financial Analysis Components:

As a matter of fact, your Rice Mill Project must have financial analysis that cover the following;

  • Statutory Inspection – Federal (Ministry of Health – NAFDAC etc.
  • Warehousing/Storage
  • Milling plan and Accessories
  • Factory building Expenses
  • Floor Plan and Equipment Layout
  • Peeling/de husking Expenses
  • Drying Expenses
  • Packing Expense
  • Finished Products Storage expenses
  • Admin Office Expenses

How to Build a Rice Mill with a Business Plan Financial Analysis

  • And then plan to assemble the following;
  • Basic Construction Memorial
  • List of Main Equipment of Rice Starch Rice Mill
  • List of Suppliers of Main Equipment
  • And list of Construction Materials and Work Budget
  • Physical-Financial Schedule of Work
  • Flowchart Production

Other services:

  • Financial Feasibility Study for Rice Mill
  • Financing Project and Business Plan for Rice mill
  • Project and Floor Plan
  • Environmental Licensing of Rice Starch
  • Installation License and Operation License


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Our Offerings on How to Build a Rice Mill with a Business Plan Financial Analysis

Furthermore, we offer you the possibility of analysing separately the various segments of the business plan. So, you can now place orders for your business plans of any scope. In fact, we have the capacity of auto-generating the financial models. By this we ensure you have a professionally written business plan of a global standard in 2 days.

Finally, please note that every time we publish articles related to planning, budgeting and economic-financial monitoring on this website. Others covered are those for C.A.C incorporation services. Then are, accounting and auditing and tax management. In addition, we also publish downloadable materials. They are spreadsheet templates and e-books for agro-produce exports. You can access these materials and our services by contacting +234 8034347851 or

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