10-Ton Rice Milling Plant for Profit with Sample Business Plan

10-Ton Rice Milling Plant for Profit with Sample Business Plan

This is 10-Ton Rice Milling Plant for Profit with Sample Business Plan. Do you need to establish this size of rice milling plant to make profit? If your answer is YES, then there are start-up processes we will do for you. To begin with, you need a bankable business plan for it. That is how to get at profit percentage in rice mill. In fact, rice mill business profit margin, both gross profit margin and net profit margins are all important performance measurements. For example a gross profit margin of 80% that produces a 5% net profit margin calls for investigation. Our business plan will deal with all of these. And answer the question, is rice milling a profitable business? So, if you need these challenges taken care of, this 10-Ton Rice Milling Plant for Profit with Sample Business Plan is for you.

How to make Profit in rice milling business:

In addition, if you must make profit, you have to build up your production level and turnover. This means that you will be sure of your marketing strategies right from the onset. Your marketing mix defines your target market and the associated marketing strategies.

Do You Know that Rice Processing is another food processing business?

Why create a rice processing factory? Do you know that food processing business is a very profitable business for any entrepreneur?  In fact, if you are intending to start a rice milling business, you must be sure that you will be making a lot of money in a very short time. Indeed, rice is one of the most popular foods in the world.  That is why this business would be very profitable for you. However, like in any other business, you need to do in-depth market research that will allow you to learn from the experiences of your colleagues and help you strategize for your business.

Cost of a rice mill in Nigeria @ 10-Ton Rice Milling Plant for Profit with Sample Business Plan

Do you want to know the exact cost of setting up a rice mill in Nigeria? Then get our business plan fundamental analysis.  That is how to get at rice mill plant price at installation.

Land is required for rice mill.  So, we get at the cost and how it behaves in accounting process especially as regards depreciation. In summary, you will know how much it cost to set up a rice mill in Nigeria.

This 10-ton rice mill business plan will help you put your resources together. This is structured to answer the question, how do you start a rice mill plant?

The business funding policy:

Your funding pattern is another thing to address. Are you intending to borrow or invite investors? Whichever way, our well-structured business plan will address this too. So, there will be your payment plan. Currently, we are involved in the CBN NIRSAL MFB and BOI AGSMEIS and other loan programmes. We have settled over two hundred applicants nationwide. If you are interested, just let us know.

The financial analysis:

Our financial analysis will show you how much profitability is rice milling in Nigeria.  So, we will be analyzing your company’s performance and trend by calculating the financial ratios like profitability ratios which includes net profit ratio. These indicate the profitability of a business. So by it we can assess your company’s profitability and viability.

The Sample Business Plan For10-Ton Rice Milling Plant for Profit with Sample Business Plan

As a matter of fact, the following is an example of a business plan template for a rice processing plant. Do you want to start a rice processing business? If the answer is yes, here is a complete sample business plan template feasibility report that you can use for FREE.

The Business Plan Template:

The Background history of rice production:

A very important element that will be necessary if you want to start the production of your rice factory that cannot be overlooked is a business plan. Below is an example of a business plan for rice mill production.  An example of a business plan template for a rice processing plant. Rice processing is a very important post-production process as it involves removing the husk and bran layers to produce an edible white rice free of impurities. However, the milling of rice generally depends on the preference of customers, which would invariably affect the number of milling processes that the rice would have to go through. Rice milling activities have developed over the years all around the world, Nigeria inclusive. This is due to the fact that rice is the staple food of most of the countries of the world and is eaten almost every day and especially on special occasions.

Rice Has No Alternatives:

 In fact, because there is no alternative to rice, it would be a business that would continue to prosper for a long time. Even though most of the rice consumed in Nigeria is imported. This is what we want to correct now.  So bear in mind that opening a rice milling plan in Nigeria is doing great economic service to our country.

Rice is harvested locally in large and small rice fields, which allows it to be ground locally. Milling production makes it possible to employ several people, which would help revive the economy and increase the per capita income of employed people and their dependants.

10-Ton Rice Milling Plant for Profit with Sample Business Plan

Our Competition For 10-Ton Rice Milling Plant for Profit with Sample Business Plan

Although it is a profitable business, it is also very competitive, as more and more entrepreneurs see the advantages that this type of business represents a profitable investment.

 Rice Processing Plant Business Plan Summary – Complete Rice Mill Production is a legally registered and licensed company operating in Idaho. We have been duly registered in Nigeria and have also completed all local requirements required of us here in Idaho.

Our Product and Services:

The services offered by our company include rice milling according to customer specifications. We mainly go to producers and sometimes to wholesalers, because they know what the market needs are. Among the other products and services we offer, we offer the sale of rice husk, bran layers, rice germ as well as fine breakage, all of which are products of milling rice. We also provide storage facilities.

Due to the fact that the market is not only profitable, but also competitive, we strive to always provide quality service to our customers, which we do by listening to theirs also give you tips and tricks that could make them better, while listening to your suggestions to improve our activities.

In summary, the products and services that will be made available to customers are as follows:

  • Milling rice
  • Sale of ground rice by-products
  • Storage facilities
  • Transport facilities

Our Factory Location:

Our rice mill production facilities are located in an easily accessible location for our customers, as well as for our employees. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our services, starting from our flour mill, machinery and storage facilities to our customer services and even our rates. We also don’t compromise on integrity, as we strictly adhere to the corporate culture at Complete Rice Mill Production Ltd.

Marketing @ 10-Ton Rice Milling Plant for Profit with Sample Business Plan

As a matter of fact, We have several strategies in place for our loyal customers, especially those who help new customers refer to Complete Rice Milling Production Ltd. Our customers will also be constantly informed of any changes and receive guidance from us, as we plan to engage them seriously through our website and social media platforms, although we intend to deploy software from customer management who: help ensure our customer database is up to standard.


 Complete Rice Mill Production Ltd is owned and operated by two people, Mr. Godwin Opoe and Mr. John Bull, with extensive industry knowledge and business partners. In fact, the financing of the company will be provided by the two partners, with loans contracted with credit institutions and private investors. Both partners will actively participate in the day-to-day management of the business. Mr. Godwin holds a master’s degree in business administration and certification in project management. Mr. John Bull holds a Diploma in Agricultural Economics and an MBA. Both have a cumulative professional experience of 25 years in the sector, which will contribute to bring the necessary experience to the management of this activity.

In summary, Complete Rice Mill Production Ltd comes with a standard license and is also fully registered. Its goal is, like any business, to minimize costs while maximizing profits and production. Besides the rice mill, it will also seek to engage in other services.

Our vision

This is to become the premier rice mill production facility in states with rice farms.

 Our mission statement:

Our mission is to make sure we deploy the best milling machines by ensuring that our customers get the best service from us. We also intend to provide the best customer service so that our customers not only come back but also refer us to new customers, giving us an edge over our competition.

 Our company Structure:

Furthermore, Complete Rice Mill Production Ltd. intends to become a nationally recognized brand, which means we not only want to be well known in Idaho but also beyond the state borders. We will achieve this through our various strategies to ensure that this claim is met. We know how important our customers are, and while developing other important strategies to move the company forward, we will benefit our customers. Firstly by ensuring to provide unparalleled quality customer service.

In addition to dealing with complaints and inquiries from our customers promptly. We intend to use the best customer relationship management software that will help us deliver this quality service. Our external customers is a top priority. We also have a high priority for our internal customers, such as our employees and stakeholders. This is because we know how important it is to have dedicated employees with the right attitude.  In fact, we aim to ensuring that our employees, across all our sites, understand our corporate culture, as well as our vision and goals.


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What we do for our clients:

In fact, we render a lot of services to our clients. First, we help you generate business idea and model it for trading. Then we coach and train would be entrepreneurs and assist them set up their start-up processes. On this we prepare your business plan and register your business with C.A.C. As accountants we manage your financials and render your annual returns for tax clearance certificates and other compliance certificates. Just get in touch with us.

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