5 tons per day Rice mill business plan for Nigerians

5 tons per day Rice mill business plan for Nigerians

This is a 5 tons per day Rice mill business plan for Nigerians. Do you need a bankable 5 TD rice mill business plan in Nigeria? One of the questions it answers is, how much it costs to set up a rice mill in Nigeria. The analysis includes feasibility study on rice mill and the packaging business plan. Therefore, a mini 5 tons per day Complete Set Parboiled Rice Mill Plant In Nigeria is all you need to invest in. In fact, get 5 tons per day Rice mill business plan for Nigerians


Furthermore, do you know that a lot of people have invested in this through our coaching advice and today they are on the top? Do you know how they started? In fact, they started like you are reading this post now. And then they put a phone call across to us. So, we talked and agreed on the level of investment and scope of operation. That was all, and their business plan was ready. Those who needed to register their business with Corporate Affairs Commission (C.A.C) we did that for them.


The new milling unit will have a production capacity 300% above those locally located around your environment. In fact, with an investment of $5,500 in the milling equipment and accessories you will produce more clean polished rice for sale.

My dear, that is how to make the millions through agro industries. Just take a niche and we will design the business for you. Our auto-generated business plan feasibility analysis will do the magic for you.

AGRO INDUSTRY: 5 tons per day Rice mill business plan for Nigerians

As a matter of fact, the new built milling unit will make you very relevant in rice production industry in Nigeria. What we are saying is that the factory will have a production capacity of 5 tons per day. That is 1000kg translated into 100 of 50kg every day. Think about this. At 100 bags a day for N24,000 per bag you will be making over N300,000 per day after deducting all direct and indirect production expenses.

As a matter of fact, many of our clients made decisions to invest in a milling plant of this magnitude due to  over 300% increase in demand of the produce in the last five years. In fact the meaning of this is that you will be able to sell as many as 2,600 bags in a month and 31,200 bags in a year. Now you can do the arithmetic since you can earn N300,000 per day. That is why we think that you are a multi-millionaire by investing in this business.


The truth is that, demand has been far beyond production.  Our client once told us ‘Doubled  the capacity and see your turnover and profit  reach this new limit in 3-years’. This will give you a strong participation in the industry and the market is already matured.  As you can see, balanced between the other mills that operate in Nigeria, the most logical thing is to build new plant or expand the existing mills. In fact, with the new investments, the mills located at various part of the country will start serving our localities, the state and the country in general.


There are no restrictions on agro industry business in Nigeria. Only NFDAC registration and other minor registrations are needed. So feel free to serve with more freedom, without limitation imposed. In this context, the executive must emphasize the bet on the local market, where the purchasing power of the population has grown the most in recent time.

THE EXECUTIVE SUMMARY For 5 tons per day Rice mill business plan for Nigerians

The executive summary is one of the best. This is because it goes near the beginning of the plan and summarises all the plan essentials. So, we provide a short, concise and optimistic overview of your business that captures the reader’s attention and gives them an interest in learning more about it.

Therefore, we highlight the problem and your solution. Then, we present in summary your market size and growth opportunity. The other facts include your competitive advantage, executive team and summary of the financial projections and funding.

 5 tons per day Rice mill business plan for Nigerians


Here we project your products that are to be put on the market for acquisition, attention, or consumption. Your service associated with your products are also covered here.

We must therefore indicate where and why your products or services are needed. In addition, we highlight the features of your product or service. The benefits of your products and services are promoted here. .


Here we define your target audience. This is because it’s the first and most essential step towards the success of your business. Especially as a start-up, this is very important.

Therefore, in defining your audience, the market segmentation will take into consideration the Age, Gender,Education background, Purchasing power, Social class, Location and Consumption habits of your target market.

In fact, everything market and marketing are covered here. In fact, the unique combination of personal selling, traditional advertising, publicity, sales promotion, social media, and e-commerce to stimulate the target market to buy are highlighted.

Furthermore, your marketing mix, that is your set of controllable, tactical marketing tools that you can use to produce a desired response from your target market are brought to fur here. These are everything that you may be doing to influence demand for your product.

FINANCIAL PLANNING & ANALYSIS For 5 tons per day Rice mill business plan for Nigerians

Furthermore, here we calculate your projected financial figures including start-up, monthly operating expenses and projections for the next three or five years. These include the forecasted income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements and capital expenditure budgets. Others include Income Tax Planning, Risk Management and Insurance.


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