#sample interior design business plan template for Nigerians

#sample interior design business plan template for Nigerians

This is #sample interior design business plan template for Nigerians.  Are you starting an interior decoration business? If YES, see a complete example of a feasibility report for the interior design business plan template that you can use for FREE to raise money. Okay, we have discussed all the requirements for starting an interior design business in our previous post. We had also developed a supportive interior design services marketing plan model with actionable guerrilla marketing ideas for interior design companies. Now is time to proceed to the business planning section?

Why start an interior decoration business?

As a matter of fact, if you have ever entered a tastefully furnished home, you agree that those who are qualified in the interior decoration trade know for sure they know what it takes to make a place really beautiful. It is no wonder that the hiring of an interior decoration is sometimes at the top. This is due to the level of knowledge they bring to the table. Therefore, if you think the idea of ​​being called an interior designer sounds good, then you might want to try your interior decorating business.

The truth is that the industry is very competitive, but more true is the fact that the sky is too big for two birds to collide. What does it take to start an interior design business? Starting an interior decorating business certainly requires that you have a business plan in place.

The Business Plan – #sample interior design business plan template for Nigerians:

In fact, we have discovered that writing a business plan more often poses a big problem. We also found out that this is due to the very detailed nature of what you should be putting things into. However, here is the Good news. As a matter of fact, there are trained and professional business plan writers. These people know everything it takes to develop a very detailed plan. The price that accompanies this is not challenging, as you will need to pay very little amount of money.

At any rate, if you are thinking of writing your own business plan, consider using our business plan template to write it. Ours is cheaper. With it you don’t need further research on the Internet. In fact, our templates are auto-generated and detailed. You may not need to bother about any further research.


Example of interior design business plan template

Overview of the interior decoration industry:

When we talk about interior design or interior decoration, we are talking about the art or the process of designing the interior and, in some cases, the exterior of an installation. It could be a room or building. An interior designer is a person whose job is to coordinate and manage the execution of these projects. The truth is that, interior design is a multidimensional vocation that encompasses activities such as conceptual development, communication with project stakeholders.

The Interior Designer Defined:

As a matter of fact, interior design companies are responsible for planning the design of residential and commercial facilities.  They master the craft of adjusting their ideas or concept to reality. The projects that interior designers handle can be broad in scope. So, it can vary from structural modifications to the selection of furniture, curtains or blinds, wallpaper and corresponding lighting et al.

Furthermore, the interior designers industry is truly a large industry that has experienced consistent growth and innovation over the past decade. However, the sector is expected to experience marginally better conditions over the next decade too. While the housing market is expected to improve sharply, there will also be a corresponding growth for residential interior designers, as existing sales and homes begin to recover over the period.

#sample interior design business plan template for Nigerians

So too, the increase in corporate profit, the growth and expansion of the corporate organization will open up business opportunities for interior design companies. This is simply because it will be necessary for organizations to remodel their facilities to meet changing trends. Statistics say that the Interior the designer industry has a low level of concentration of market share.

Furthermore, it is a fact that the concentration of market share has not changed significantly in the last five years.

The nature of the Buiness:

It is important to state clearly that the interior design industry is a highly fragmented industry. In fact, with thousands of participants, of which only a small percentage of industry participants generate annual revenue in excess of $ 1.0 million.  Participating in the interior designers industry is autonomous. This also is simply because of the nature of the work it does and, of course, the low start-up capital needed to start the business.

In fact, the interior design industry is indeed a very large and practically active industry in all parts of the world. According to statistics, in the United States of America alone, there are about 102,848 registered interior design companies responsible for employing about 127,467 and the industry raises a whopping $ 13 billion a year.

#sample interior design business plan template for Nigerians

In fact, the sector is indeed a highly competitive sector and, of course, a growing sector with a constant growth rate of 3.0% per year. The interior design industry is very open to any entrepreneur. Especially, those who have the necessary skills to start their own interior design business. And, of course, earn a lot of money from the industry. In fact, it has been projected that, in the next five years, new technologies will continue to emerge, which will make it easier for more participants to enter the sector, increasing competition in the sector.

Executive summary of the interior design business plan:

Complete House of Decoration Ltd. is an interior design company based in the Abuja, Nigeria. We were able to guarantee a standard and well-positioned office facility in a busy commercial district in Abuja. We are a world-class interior design company that must compete in the highly competitive interior design industry, not only in Nigeria, but also in the global market. Complete House of Decoration Ltd. will be involved in all aspects of interior design services, such as’

  •  residential interior design services,
  • commercial interior design services,
  •  merchandise sales,
  • interior design services consulting services (consultancy on interior decoration issues,
  • consultancy on residential design issues,
  • consultancy on institutional design issues) and
  • other related services.

Our Objective:

Our business objective is to become one of the leading interior design companies in Nigeria and we will ensure that all graphic design works that leave the studio can compete favorably with the best in the market.

As a matter of fact, our employees will be selected from a group of talented and highly creative interior designers in Abuja, Lagos, Aba and their surrounding area.  And also from any art in the world, especially from US and Paris, as business grows. So, we will ensure that all members of our workforce participate in the necessary training that will position them to meet company expectations and compete with leading interior designers in Nigeria and the world.

#sample interior design business plan template for Nigerians

At Complete House of Decoration Ltd., the customer’s best interest is the first.  And everything we do will be guided by our values ​​and professional ethics. We guarantee that we are responsible for the highest standards, meeting the needs of our customers in a precise and complete manner. Therefore, we will cultivate a work environment that provides a sustainable human approach to making a living and living in our world, for our partners, employees and customers.

The Complete Home Decoration is founded by Ms. Joy Sanders and her friend, fellow student and business partner for many years. Both are graduates of The Interior Design School London. Ms. Joy Sanders has an MBA from the London Schools of Economics. Ms. Joy Sanders and Ms. Mary Emerson worked with one of Europe’s leading interior design companies before returning to Nigeria to found the Complete House of Decoration Ltd. This duo is vast and well-read in trade of interior decoration and, of course, builds the interior decoration business from scratch to an enviable position.

Our products and services:

 Complete House of Decoration was created with the aim of maximizing profits in interior design with the real estate industry.

Therefore, we want to compete favorably with the leading interior design companies in Nigeria, which is why we have a competent quality assurance team that will ensure that all of our interior designs and related services provided meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. We will work hard to ensure that the Complete Home Decor is not only accepted in Abuja and Lagos, but also nationally in Nigeria.

Residential interior design services Commercial interior design services. Sales of goods Interior design services, consultancy services (consultancy on interior design issues. And, consultancy on residential design issues, consultancy on institutional design issues). Then, other related services, such as interior renovation of historic buildings, vehicles, such as ships and aircraft, etc.

#sample interior design business plan template for Nigerians

Our vision statement

Furthermore, our vision is to establish a standard interior design company whose services and brand will not only be accepted in Lagos, Abuja and Aba, but also throughout Nigeriaa, but also in other parts of the world.

Our mission statement

In addition, our mission is to build an interior design company that is known for executing top-tier projects and projects. And become the number one choice for real estate agencies and other industry stakeholders. We want to build an interior design company that can compete favorably with other leading brands in the industry.

Our business structure

Complete House of Decoration Ltd. is an interior design company that aims to start small in Abuja. But hopes to grow big to compete favorably with the industry’s top interior design companies in Nigeria. And on a global stage.  We are aware of the importance of building a solid business structure that can support the image of the type of world-class business that we want to own. That is why we’re committed to hiring only the best hands in our area of ​​operations.

At Complete Decorating House, Ltd., we will ensure that we hire qualified, hard-working, creative, customer-centric people. These must be ready to work to help us build a thriving business that will benefit all stakeholders (owners, workforce and customers). In fact, the profit sharing agreement will be made available to all senior management employees and will be based on their performance for a period of five years or more, as agreed by the company’s board of directors.

The Workforce:

In view of the above, we decided to hire qualified and competent hands to occupy the following positions:

  • Executive Director Human Creative
  • Director Resources and Administration
  • Executive Sales and Marketing
  • Accountant
  • Interior Designer
  • Executive Customer Service

Our Targeted Customers:

Below is a list of the people and organizations that we specifically market our products and services;

  •  Construction companies
  • Property development companies
  • Home owners
  • Corporate organizations Realtors – for your clients’ houses Home improvement companies
  • Commercial office and residential complex builders
  • Associations of home builders
  • Furniture stores
  • Paper shops for painting and wall Florists Owners, developers and contractors.
  • The government (public sector).
  • Hotels
  • Religious organizations (church hall and other places of worship) Television stations (studios and offices)

Do you fall among this list? If YES! This business plan is for you. Do not think you can start is anyhow. This business plan will help you start well. Your marketing template with your finaincial plan analysis will do a lot for you.

The Full Text of #sample interior design business plan template for Nigerians:

Now that you have the glimpse of Interior Design Business Plan template, I think it’s proper you ask for the concluding part of it.  You will either order for a complete set of the financial analysis or a comprehensive one. Our prices are not grievous.


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