Current Changes on Company Registration for CAC 2020 CAMA

Current Changes on Company Registration for CAC 2020 CAMA

Here you have the Current Changes on Company Registration for CAC 2020 CAMA – Are you aware that the amended 1990 CAMA – Company and allied matters Act, has some implications on how you operate your business? Do you know it has great emphasis on the importance of business registration?  As a matter of fact, the regularity of business activity depends, among other factors, on proper registration with a competent body like the CAC. Do you know that failure to do so has negative consequences for the entrepreneur, as shown below?

Now, if you are one of those asking; how much does it cost to register a company in Nigeria from 2020? Or how do I go about registering my company with the 2020 CAMA in place? Other relevant issues include; CAC registration fees 2020, list of documents to upload for CAC company or business name registration, CAC name search and registration promo 2020. This article is for you.

The Public Announcement

Now, check out this public announcement from CA.C:

This is to inform our esteemed customers and the general public that in line with our implementation plan for Companies and Allied Matters Act (CAMA) 2020, the Commission has upgraded its registration software to accommodate the changes introduced by the new law on existing entities. The upgrade will also enable all customers to do all post registration filings electronically.

Responsibilities arising from the 2020 CAMA legislation.

As a matter of fact, with the arrival of a new year, especially after the traumatic 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, many seek (by will or need) to venture into entrepreneurship from the creation of a new business. Yes; being your own boss is a dream of countless Nigerians now. But so that this project does not turn into a terrible nightmare, it is necessary that the entrepreneur be aware of the responsibilities arising from the 2020 CAMA legislation.

The obligation of the Entrepreneur for Current Changes on Company Registration for CAC 2020 CAMA

In fact, we will talk today about the first obligation of the entrepreneur when starting a business in Nigeria. Do you know it’s mandatory that you,  the entrepreneur  register your companies’ respective headquarters, before the beginning of your activity?

That is to say that registration must precede the start of business activity. With it, the entrepreneur or society will gain its own legal personality. The registration of the individual entrepreneur and of the companies will occur at any CAC office throughout the federation unit.

Negative consequences on Current Changes on Company Registration for CAC 2020 CAMA

In fact, there are several negative consequences for entrepreneurs who do not comply with this legal requirement.  As a matter of fact, the irregular company loses several benefits. Check out these:

  • The partners of the company will have unlimited liability for the company’s obligations;
  • The entrepreneur may not participate in public bidding,
  • You cannot file for bankruptcy of another entrepreneur,
  • It will not have active legitimacy to request recovery of companies,
  • The irregular entrepreneur will not be able to have his business books authenticated for any legal purpose.

Thus, it appears that the irregular entrepreneur will have great difficulty in conducting his business, making it even more difficult to grow and even more costly in the face of eventual setbacks. So the suggestion is simple: if you are going to undertake, make the appropriate business registration and act within the law.

Did you come across the following public announcement from CAC too?

Following the deployment of a new registration application that includes an interface for post-registration filing and electronic search, customers are advised to confirm the current information on their registered entities on using the paid service interface. Any feedback on the status should be forwarded to This will enable the Commission to do the necessary update required.



January 11, 2021

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Current Changes on Company Registration for CAC 2020 CAMA

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Current Changes on Company Registration for CAC 2020 CAMA:




Current Changes on Company Registration for CAC 2020 CAMA:

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