Get Your Business Plan Financial Feasibility Analysis from Here

This is where to Get Your Business Plan Financial Feasibility Analysis from So, are you writing a business plan but require the financial analysis to cap up? Do you need a financial feasibility template to support your investment proposals? And, sometimes it’s the financial feasibility analysis methods that is the challenges?  Yea! Here is the answer to these your challenges. It’s a single solution for many challenges. In fact, Start-ups and existing entrepreneurs need financial feasibility checks from time to time.

This is for you!

Therefore, are you interested in learning how to write a feasibility study for a small business? Or just how to write the financial section of your Startup Business plan? This content is for you.  We are putting in place here what we have physically on the ground for you. So, I implore you to read on for your business good.


As a matter of fact, working on the figures gathered is one thing but gathering the figures is the preliminary thing. So, how do you do a financial feasibility analysis? In this regard, we advise you take the following steps when conducting a feasibility study;

  • Make a Preliminary Analysis – simple observations may be ok to spur you into action.
  • Conduct a Market Survey, or Perform Market Research.
  • Plan Business Organization and Operations – indicating actions required and cost
  • Prepare the Opening Day Balance Sheet.
  • Review and Analyze All Data gathered
  • Generate turnover and cost of sales
  • Add value to the functions involved.  These are needed in the next line of action;
  • Generate a Projected Income Statement.

Importance or Usage of Financial Analytics:

Are you doing all of the above for nothing?  No!  You are doing them to evaluate your business performance.  So, it will help you;

  • Understand and follow up the performance of your organization.
  • Ascertain, measure and manage the value of your organization’s tangible and intangible assets.
  • Appraise and manage the investments of your company especially at the business planning level.
  • Forecast and adjust for variations coming up from the market.
  • Increase the functionalities of your business information systems.

Are your Questions Answered?

Furthermore. I know that we have taking care of such questions as;

What is the purpose of financial analysis? Or why do we do financial statement analysis? We have also taken care of the objectives of financial analysis especially as it concerns your business planning. What you need now is an example of financial analysis

Business Planning and budgeting:

As a matter of fact, financial analysis is a very useful process for you to leverage your company, attracting more customers and investors. We have come to know that how to generate this analysis while developing your business plan I a big issue.  That is why we are taking this stand.

Our stand is simple. Generate your business plan assumptions and allow us to generate the financial analysis for you. Are you interested in this?  Then, keep reading and learn how we can work together to generate your business planning financial analysis and how it can help you tidy up your planning.

The Business Plan Financial analysis concept:

In addition, financial analysis, also known as economic analysis, is the study of a company’s/project’s profit-generating capacity. In fact, this is a way of measuring business operational development. This is how it became applicable to measuring the performance of a budget like in business planning.

Thus, the performance indicators generated are used to measure the company’s ability to generate profit for the planned project or business. That is how they help us know whether the company’s finances will be positive or negative. In this regard, they also help us make short, medium and long-term planning and decisions.

Get Your Business Plan Financial Feasibility Analysis from Here

The importance of Business Plan financial analysis:

In summary, to be a good planning entrepreneur, it is essential that you make projections for your financial plans.  In fact, it will help you monitor your business operations when making decisions in a short period of time.

Thus, with the financial analysis, you can see the strengths and weaknesses of the project being appraised. For existing bonuses, you now have the opportunity to develop methods to grow your business. As a matter of fact, a well generated and presented business plan financial analysis promotes your business image. In fact, it starts to attract investors. You may need these investors to ensure the financial health of your business or project.

Do you know about us?

In conclusion, we feel you should know something about us. Thus, this content on Get Your Business Plan Financial Feasibility Analysis from Here; is the handiwork of our business planning team. These are   professionals @ Complete Full Marks Consultants Ltd. that specializes on business support services. This content is in fact, in response to a lot of calls and mails seeking for our financial analysis to support their business plans.

CBN/NIRSAL MFB/BOI loan scheme

In the recent time, we’re involved in the CBN/NIRSAL MFB/BOI loan scheme trainings and the subsequent preparation of the business plans. In fact, by this we have been able to help several businesses structure and present their business plan for loan applications. Many others call either for full and comprehensive business plan or just the financial analysis segment to cap their business plans. This we always are willing to do with minimal cost. Do you have such need? We present you a solution now.

Our entrepreneurship development and support services:

Furthermore, we wish to state here too that our other entrepreneurship development and support services  include taking care of your business start-up processes including generation of business ideas, business planning and feasibility analysis and entrepreneurship trainings. Our Accounting and Auditing services are also available. We are Chartered Accountants.


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