Why You Need Business Plan Financial Templates for Nigerian Entrepreneurs

Why You Need Business Plan Financial Templates for Nigerian Entrepreneurs

Here is why You Need Business Plan Financial Templates for Nigerian Entrepreneurs – Do you know we have what you need to write your business plan? Available are several business plan financial plan templates. Do you need any? This makes the writing of a business plan very interesting. The financial analysis tells the investor how and when his investment gets rewarding. That is why we insist you must get a business plan financial plan template from us today. Do you also know that your banker looks at these tables and parameters to make decision for or against you?

For those of you contracted to write business plan for others, this post is for you. In fact, these templates are good for existing and start-up entrepreneurs in Nigeria.

The Content:

What does this section of the business plan contain? Yes, the financial analysis section of your business plan contain the data for financing your business for the present, what will be needed for future growth, and an estimation of your operating expenses. More importantly are the tables, ratios and charts produced.

As a matter of fact, the financial analysis section of your business plan may be the most challenging for you to complete on your own. That is why we offer you this opportunity of generating your financial templates for you. You need them. Why? A good presented financial analysis could be the deal-maker or deal-breaker when you are searching for funding.

This section is a highly technically structured segment of your plan. In fact, because of the in-depth financial data required for this section, you should consult us the accountants. As trusted qualified financial professionals, we will give you the best.

Financial Analysis for Business Planning:

For newly established or intending entrepreneurs this section should be based on estimates. However, existing businesses should use their recent data.

 These elements should be included.

Balance sheet:

These are your projected or anticipated business financials. Balance sheet is a statement of the business standing at a particular date. So, listed under here are the assets, liabilities, and equity.

Cash-flow analysis:

This is the estimated flow of income and expenditure of the business. These figures most likely come from your sales forecasts. In summary, it looks like turnover estimation minus the anticipated cash expenses for running the business.

Profit-and-loss analysis:

This is the income statement. Formula-wise, it looks like subtracting the costs of running the business from the earnings over a specific period of time, say one year.

Break-even analysis:

This table or chart shows the point where the cost of doing business is fully covered by sales. In fact, any more from this point should show profit; while any less away from this shows serious loss.

Personnel-expense forecast:

Your management summary section gives details of your staff. But coming to the financial plan section, you have to put value on each of them.  So, this is the expenses on your management team summed together.

Start-up Businesses make assumptions:

To be frank, these aren’t guesses. You have to make detailed research to gather your figures for this section.  For beginners, it’s time to add value to all the assumptions you have grammatically presented at the other sections of the plan. So, go back there and pick them one after the other. You may need a spreadsheet here. It’s utmost important that the data in the financial analysis section is consistent with the assumptions made in other sections of your plan.

Get Help:

This is said to be the most challenging part of the business plan. This is because the assumptions, forecasting, and specific numbers to be used can be complicating especially if you don’t have an accounting background. So, this is the part of your business plan you mostly need help. Remember, this section contains the financial information which your audience is looking for.

The truth of the matter is that you can avoid all these stress and uncertainties by getting help from us. In fact, you need to know the ground rules.

Know the Ground Rules:

All the elements of the financial analysis section must certainly follow the generally accepted accounting principles – GAP.  That is why you need to have basic idea of what each element should include. You should know where the data comes from, and what the numbers mean. In fact, you need this even to explain and expound on the financial data in face-to-face situations with your audience.

Use Graphs and Charts:

These are illustrative visuals. Data, numbers, statistics, and trends are sometimes better illustrated with these visuals.  So, put the most important visuals in the financial analysis segment.

Check Your Calculations:

Your figures must add-up, relevant, current and accurate. This is to avoid losing the attention of a potential investor. Tables and graphs with flawed calculations puts investors off quickly. So, double read and triple check all of your calculations and figures. If possible have a peer reviewer to go through again. You can call for help!

Why You Need Business Plan Financial Templates for Nigerian Entrepreneurs

We can help On Why You Need Business Plan Financial Templates for Nigerian Entrepreneurs

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