NSITF Certificate: Get the current year certificate here

NSITF Certificate: Get the current year certificate here

NSITF Certificate: Get the current year certificate here – This is how to get the current year NSITF certificate through portal. Here are also how to verify NSITF registration number via NSITF login portal. So, are you one of the Federal Government contractors? Do you need to bid for the next contract coming your way? Here are how to get the current year NSITF certificate without any form of hassle.

As a matter of fact, the National Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF) Compliance certificate is one of the major document you require as contractors or supplier in handling the Federal government of Nigeria contracts.

National Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF):

This scheme is a Social Insurance Scheme designed to provide compensation to employees who suffer loss from occupational diseases. It also cover those who sustain injuries or disability by an accident at the workplace. This must be in the course of employment, whether at the usual place of work or outside it. This also ensures compensation to the employee next-of-kin in case of death while at work.

NSITF Contribution Calculation:

This calculation must be carried out for you to pay the adequate fee for the sceme. So, it’s a physical assessment of your employees’ wages by NSITF. This will enable the office to ascertain the amount you will pay per month multiply by 12 months and multiplied by the number of staff on the payroll. We would like you to follow the guidelines below to commence your application.

The Application Procedure: NSITF Certificate: Get the current year certificate here

Following this procedure requires you to do the followings;


  • Get a Scanned Copy of Official Logo/Seal ready
  • A Scanned Copy of all relevant Signatures ready in GIF, JPEG or PNG Format(Size: 200kb/200 x 200px)
  • Then, get the Employees’ Records typed in Microsoft Excel and saved in CSV (Comma Delimited) format for Windows and Windows CSV format for Mac users.
  • upload.

Employer Registration Code:

Now to start the registration as the first timer. You have to Visit NSITF website – to generate the employer code. Then, Click on Employer’s Registration to Fill in the following;

  • The business Particulars,
  • Total Staff Emolument/salaries.
  • Business Sector Category.
  • Employer details and Company’s Contact Person.
  • Then, Upload the relevant Signatures and Company Logo in the right file format and size.
  • Now, Click Complete so as to Submit the Registration.

The Application Proper for NSITF Certificate: Get the current year certificate here

Furthermore, as the first stage is completed a Confirmation email will be sent to you. So now check your email box. This email will include the Transaction code, ECS code, Login password and the information filled in the registration process.
Then, Click on the RED inscription by the Left hand of the page. Or go back to NSITF Home page and click on Employer’s login. This will require you typing the ECS Code as the Username and the login Password as Password. These are the information from the confirmation email received earlier on. Then, Log in.

Employee Registration:

Furthermore, on this Employee Registration Page, perform the following functions:

  • Choose the file to select the already prepared Employees’ document and Click Upload
  • Or Click on the CSV document Highlighted in RED to download a sample of the document prepared in excel.
  • Now, fill in all the required Employee details, leaving the NSITF Employee Number Column blank.
  • Then, Click Choose File to select the document. After that, Click Upload and then Log Out if you are done.

The next stage:

Yes, an email from will be sent to your mail. This message will give you details of the invoice number, and the 1% calculation of the Total staff emolument for one year. Total payment will be calculated dependent upon your year of Company registration beginning from 30th June 2011. June 30th 2011 is the Startup Period for ECS Scheme. So, your payment obligations will be calculated from June 30th 2011 till date. The calculation is simplified as 1% of the total emolument multiplied by the number of years since 2011.

Fee Payment: NSITF Certificate: Get the current year certificate here

Proceed to any of these BANKS to make deposit or pay online via REMITA to complete the Registration. The renerataed RRRR is you code for the payment. You can also find the list of designted Banks. For this, click on Resource Documents link on the Main menu of the Homepage, then Click on ECS Bank Collection Accounts on the left-hand corner of the page.

NSITF Certificate: Get the current year certificate here

The Final Stage:

Then proceed to any NSITF branch offices close to you with the duplicate of your Deposit slip
Print out of the registration and other supporting documents like your Incorporation/ Registration Certificate, Tax Receipt and Tax Clearance certificate where applicable for validation and processing of NSITF Receipt/NSITF Certificate.

To Avoid Difficulties for NSITF Certificate: Get the current year certificate here

Finally, it may be that you don’t have the time. Or that these procedure is too cumbersome for you, then you may need to contact us. As professionals, we will handle the entire things for you. Contact us on 08034347851 or 09053130518 of
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