Technical & Financial Certificates: This is how they win the FG Contracts

Technical & Financial Certificates: This is how they win the FG Contracts

Technical & Financial Certificates: This is how they win the FG Contracts – This defines the technical and financial capacity of an organization to handle federal government contracts. As a matter of fact, details of these are always published in the federal tenders journal periodically. It actually details the requirements for government contracts. How do I meet up with these requirements? This could be your question now. This post and our other posts in this series has the solutions to your questions.

In our previous publications we have done articles on how PENCOM Compliance Certificate wins Contracts in Nigeria. And, then, on Tax Clearance Certificate for contract bidding and Verification of NSITF Compliance Certificate. Others are how NSITF Certificate works, BPP Interim Registration Report (IRR) and ITF compliances certificate. You should do yourself a big favor by clicking on each highlighted article to read the full write-up. We do these as part of social responsibility program to enrich public knowledge on these issues. So, please, read on.

Businesses and Compliance Certificates:

As you go through this post you will find out that these compliance certificates promote your businesses. By experience we have seen that these certificates help businesses. In fact, those who are upto date with these documents do better businesses. Do you know that one single government contract can bring a lasting turn around for your business? That is why I implore you to show more seriousness in registering for these certificates and to update them yearly. In fact, if you make it a regulary annual thing, the cost will not be so much.

Other Necessary documents that must accompany a Bid:

In addition to all of the compliance certificates, there are also other essential documents must be attached. These are Technical & Financial Certificates that wins FG Contracts. In fact, they include;

  • Pictures of projects executed within the last 5 years. They must be those that has earned them the trust that they have the experience and capacity to execute the present bid project. To be included here are the Letter of award, valuation certificates or job completion certificate.
  • Evidence of registration with professional bodies and curriculum Vitae of key staff of the company;

In this connection, for the purpose of submission of the bid, potential bidders have to make certain that the Technical Documents are enclosed. Therefore, all documents which comprise of all relevant documents listed above as well as the Technical Capacity to handle the job are enclosed. These must be in a separate envelop (marked Technical). Then, the Financial bid which is the valuation of the entire project in the bid inclusive of VAT must be enclosed in another envelop (marked Financial). Again, the two separate envelops shall be enclosed in one sealed outer envelope marked “INVITATION FOR TENDER” stating the “Lot No”, Company name, RC No., “project title”.

These are the fundamental processes and procedures which most Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies must adopt. In fact, this is so that they will not be in breach of the Public Procurement Act 2007 in the process of implementing projects appropriated in the MDA’s Budget.

Technical & Financial Certificates: This is how they win the FG Contracts

Summing-up On Technical & Financial Certificates: This is how they win the FG Contracts

This post and its related links has proved that it’s imperative that Technical & Financial Certificates must be attached to wins the FG Contracts. In addition to highlighting all the compliance certificates involved, the tendering processes are also detailed above.


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