N-Power Poultry Farm Business Plan: How to Apply for N-Power Poultry Farm Loan in Nigeria

Apply for N-Power Loan Facilities: Get the Approved Business Plan Templates Here

N-Power Poultry Farm Business Plan: How to Apply for N-Power Poultry Farm Loan in Nigeria N-Power Poultry Farm Business Plan is all about getting a free poultry farming business plan in Nigeria. In fact, it’s all centred around getting a free financial plan for poultry farming. As a matter of fact, a business plan for a poultry farm investment with an excellent executive summary. Therefore, this sample business plan for N-Power program poultry farming in Nigeria is what you need.

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The focus of this post is to bring to you knowledge all about N-Power Poultry Farm Business Plan: How to Apply for N-Power Poultry Farm Loan in Nigeria. To this effect, we have here a sample poultry business plan to fits into this program starting from the strategy implementation competitive edge, marketing and sales strategy and other relevant parts. And to do justice to this article, we have linked most of the concepts and elements of the plan to other of our articles in this site and other and other friendly sites. You simple duty is to click on the highlighted items to read comprehensively. In fact, you are free to bookmark the page and to copy contents for your use.

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N-Power Poultry Farm Business Plan: How to Apply for N-Power Poultry Farm Loan in Nigeria

Strategy and Implementation Summary:

Complete Poultry Farm will leverage their competitive edge in order to gain significant market share. Their competitive edge is their ability to consistently produce Broilers of high Kilogram and quality as well as a high ratio of healthy birds.

The marketing strategy will have the objective of raising awareness and visibility of our poultry farm. The strategy will communicate the fact that our broilers will yield a significantly higher amount of quality meat measured per kilogram.

Furthermore, the sales strategy, in addition to reinforcing the competitive edge, will seek to qualify leads by concentrating on Complete Poultry farm’s ability to perform reliably on long-term contracts. In other words, becoming a stable supplier to the larger companies that need a steady supply stream.

N-Power Poultry Farm Business Plan: How to Apply for N-Power Poultry Farm Loan in Nigeria

Competitive Edge:

Complete Poultry Farm has a dual competitive edge:

Healthy Birds:

The healthier the birds, the faster it will grow, the more meat that can be extracted from it. This means an increase in production efficiency due to a larger percentage of birds that are sellable. Other characteristics of healthy birds which are important on the production side is: lower infection counts, more established vaccine structures, and low mortality rate.

High Concentration of Active Birds:

As a matter of fact, this is beneficial to the purchaser because they are buying the birds precisely for the quality of meat. High concentration levels are valuable to us because they increase the amount of birds and meat. That also means increasing the production capacity of a given farm, thereby increasing their return on investment and increasing the attractiveness of Complete Poultry Farm relative to the competition.

Marketing Strategy:

The marketing strategy will be based on generating awareness and visibility of Complete Poultry Farm and her ability to produce the highest percentages of birds and meat. By this strategy we will rely on several different forms of communication. Our main approach is to participation in the numerous trade shows for the industry. The trade shows are where everyone from the industry gathers to meet and transact business. In fact, this is a wonderful place to network as well as learn about new developments in the industry.

Furthermore, our second form of communication will be the use of advertisements. And our favored venues for advertisements will be the industry trade magazines. The trade magazines are good for this. This is because it’s a good read source of information that buyers and sellers refer to for many different transactions.

Sales Strategy:

Complete Poultry Farm’s sales strategy efforts will focus on identifying qualified leads and turning them into paying customers. The main sales effort that Complete Poultry Farm will undertake is the reinforcement of the fact that Complete Poultry Farm have the industry’s highest percentage of broiler birds This will be quite appealing to the buyers as this is exactly what they want. In addition to selling the buyers on Complete Poultry Farm’s competitive edge of potent consumers, there will be an emphasis on Complete Poultry Farm’s ability to perform on long-term contracts.

As a matter of fact, Complete Poultry Farm recognizes that the transactions should not be thought of as individual sales, but as long-term relationships. This is a reasonable assumption based on the fact that the customers are in the business of utilizing broiler meat. That is, they will continually have the need for the meat. Again, that it’s far less expensive to establish a relationship with one vendor than to continually have to find new vendors that can meet their needs.

Sales Forecast:

We have been able to put our sales forecast together. In fact, it shows that growth will be slow but steady. It’s noted that growth will be slow because of the time and effort needed to develop the customers. As a matter of fact, production is not the slowing element as Complete Poultry Farm has been in production for a couple of years. Granted they were not producing at the same level, or for that matter with the same goal of business efficiency, but nonetheless they will be able to reasonably raise production to meet the sales needs.

Watch our sales forecast as shown below.

N-Power Poultry Farm Business Plan: How to Apply for N-Power Poultry Farm Loan in Nigeria

There are a few risks that could have a negative impact on sales. The first is weather. Good and healthy birds are dependent on the weather. For this alone, a poor growing season will have a negative effect on production. This risk is spread amongst all of the producers of the specific region meaning the weather risk is imposed on everyone, generally not a specific farmer.

Another risk that could effect sales is some sort of bacteria that could unexpectedly negatively effect the births. By procuring high quality day old chicks and choosing them based on their heartiness relative to the growing climate, Complete Poultry Farm is able to minimize these risks as much as possible.

N-Power Poultry Farm Business Plan: How to Apply for N-Power Poultry Farm Loan in Nigeria

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