Plc Companies Render C.A.C. Annual Returns without penalties now: See how

Plc Companies pay C.A.C. Annual Returns without penalties now: See how

This is how Plc Companies Render C.A.C. Annual Returns without penalties now: See how – Plc Companies C.A.C. annual returns payment are made via C.A.C payment portal. So you can make C.A.C annual returns for business name, Limited liability company, NGO and Public limited liability company (PLC). Her also are how to pay C.A.C annual returns online. Covered here also are penalties for late filing of annual return in Nigeria C.A.C. So, read on how Plc Companies render C.A.C. Annual Returns without penalties now.

Public Limited Liability Companies – PLC

A PLC companies ar those that have offered shares of stock to the general public. Public limited company include Fidelity Bank PLC. CADBURY NIGERIA PLC. A.G. LEVENTIS NIGERIA PLC. Rolls-Royce Holdings PLC. LAFARGE AFRICA PLC. DANGOTE CEMENT PLC. ABBEY MORTGAGE BANK PLC. Then are AstraZeneca Plc. Barclays Plc. Cineworld Group Plc. easyJet Plc. GlaxoSmithKline Plc. etc.

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Plc Companies Render C.A.C. Annual Returns without penalties now: See how

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When actually is the Annual Return Due?

If you are Plc Company this is how you pay your C.A.C. Annual Returns without penalties now. As a matter of fact, your annual return must be made every calendar year. That means it’s an annual ritual. But if you are a new company you may need to wait for 18 months for your first annual returns. You know why? This time is given you to sort out your business operations and prepare you annual audited account. It’s expected that 3 months will be enough after end of financial year for the accounts to be audited. And, that another 3 months will be enough for the board of directors to sit and approve the audited account. After this period, you will be faced with penalty charges.

Are you an old existing company? Be note that your annual return is due no later than 42 days after your Annual General Meeting.

Get these relevant C.A.C Forms:

These forms are what you need to file your annual returns.

For Companies:

  • Form CAC 10: Annual Return for a small company
  • Form CAC 10 A: Annual Return for a company having shares other than a small company.

Then, for the other special companies;

  • Form CAC 10B: Annual Return for a company limited by guarantee.
  • Form CAC 10C: Annual Return of exempted foreign companies.

For Incorporated Trustee.

Form CAC/IT 4: Annual Return for Incorporated Trustee.

for Business Name.

Form CAC/BN/7: Annual Return for Business Name.

Plc Companies Render C.A.C. Annual Returns without penalties now: See how

Required documents to attach to the Annual Return:

In processing your annual returns, you must attach the following documents. This is in consonant with Section 375(1)(a)(b) of the Act.

  • Application on the relevant C.A.C. annual return form, with these other attachments,
  • Your company audited account. This must be for the current year of annual return applications. This document must be duly singed by both a director and the secretary of the company. In fact, the audited account must be a complete set of financial statements which include the – balance sheet and profit and loss account with every statutory attachments as laid before the company in a general meeting held in the year to which the returns relate.
  • Other documents evidencing the payment of all necessary fees must also be attached. will always give you essential business tips. It will also help you process your business information needs. Here, we wish to inform you that filing an annual return is necessary as failure to do so may have consequences. In fact, failure to make annual returns as at when due will include additional payments as penalty. Did you get that?

Plc Companies pay C.A.C. Annual Returns without penalties now: See how

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Summing up Plc Companies Render C.A.C. Annual Returns without penalties now:

We took time to do this research for you. It’s just to enable you understand what is in rendering C.A.C annual reports, especially for Public limited liability companies.

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