Free Cooking Gas Refilling Plant Business Plan for Nigerians

Free Cooking Gas Refilling Plant Business Plan for Nigerians

Free Cooking Gas Refilling Plant Business Plan for Nigerians – If you have some fund set aside for a start up business, then this Free Cooking Gas Refilling Plant business plan will help you. Among what you require to know about this business includes the cost of setting up a mini or small or medium size gas plant in Nigeria and how to start the gas refilling business. Then you need to have a cooking gas refill business plan in pdf or MS-Word, and the lpg plant design, skid sizes and construction in Nigeria.

We have previously published articles on cooking gas business plan in Nigeria, cooking gas retail and distribution businesses. All of our write-up carry a feasibility report. Other related articles include – Turn your small land to a very profitable cooking gas business and Building A Cooking Gas/LPG Skid Plant Anywhere In Nigeria. Just make up your mind and we will assist you achieve your dreams.

Free Cooking Gas Refilling Plant Business Plan for Nigerians

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What is Cooking Gas Refilling Plant?

Cooking gas refilling plant is a refill station where cooking gas cylinders are refilled. That is why if you want to buy cooking gas, you go to an LPG/cooking gas plant or a retailer or distributor. Refilling a gas cylinder is done through the main valve. So, refilling is done by weight or LPG gas bottle refill by decanting until it starts to vent gas.

Furthermore, refilling the LPG gas bottle (propane tank) by weight involves inputting the tare weight (empty weight) and the desired amount of gas to be filled using a digital scale to determine the quantity filled. while the ‘decanting’ method is typically done at service stations. By decanting, a small vent screw is opened which allows gas to vent when the gas inside the bottle reaches the full refill level.

Free Cooking Gas Refilling Plant Business Plan for Nigerians

Cooking Gas refilling plant associated equipment:

The following consist of cooking gas refilling station equipment. Your research and financial analysis must include their quantity and prices. This will play a great role in determining your initial investment requirement. The other component of your initial investment will be derived from you working capital analysis. If you need to determine this for your business kindly contact us. Now, the list;

  • Mobile Skid – LPG Gas Station
  • Cooking Gas Storage Tank
  • Cooking Gas Cylinders – may be for resal or exchange with customers or for sampling
  • Valves – the system requires so many valves
  • Valve Screwing/Unscrewing Machine
  • Orifice Set
  • Chain Conveyor & Filling Carrousel
  • Cooking Gas Filling Machines
  • Cylinder Filling Scale (digital)
  • Wireless GasTank Gauge (Tankloq)
  • Rotagauge (Tank Level Indicator)
  • LPG Meter
  • Gas Compressor
  • LPG Cylinder Filling Heads
  • Hydraulic Valves & Casing
  • Hydraulic Operator
  • Liquid LPG Gas Pumps
  • Filter
  • LPG Evaporator
  • Nozzles, Flanges & Pipe Attachments
  • LPG Transfer Hoses & Accessories
  • LPG Gas Dispenser

Other required tools and equipment include;

  • Office building
  • Fire resistant fence
  • Plinth construction
  • Fire proof Filling shed
  • General flooring
  • Water borehole
  • Electrical works
  • Anything else as required by DPR regulation

Free Cooking Gas Refilling Plant Business Plan for Nigerians

Anekivine Cooking Gas Refilling Plant Ltd Business Plan:


Anekivine Cooking Gas Refilling Plant Ltd is intended to be the major cooking gas refilling plant in Obama. As such, it will consist of a gas refilling plant, a convenience store, restaurant, and amenities/accessories store for the cooking gas business.

Anekivine Cooking Gas Refilling Plant Ltd management philosophy is based on responsibility and mutual respect. We have therefore factored into our planning a state of environment and structure that encourages productivity and respect for customers and fellow employees.

Anekivine Cooking Gas Refilling Plant Ltd is organized into four main functional areas: the refilling plan, convenience store, restaurant and cooking gas accessories. And, so, each of these will have its own on-site management. Ane, King and Devine are the founders and co-presidents of the establishment. They will head the operation. In this respect, they will be concentrating on product sourcing, sales, marketing, finance, and overall administration. Therefore, each area will have a manager responsible for daily operations who will report to the Anekivines.

Company Ownership:

Anekivine Cooking Gas Refilling Plant Ltd is solely owned by Anekivine family. In fact, there is no anticipation for additional shareholders in the foreseeable future. The N20,000,000.000 required to float this business is being provided 100% by the family.

The Executive summary:

This business plan is for Anekivine Cooking Gas Refilling Plant Ltd. It’s a 10-year business projection. A total sum of N20,000,000.00 is required for the take-off of this investment by Anekivine family the sole proprietors.
The operational propositions and projections are shown in this plan. A total turnover of N450,000,000 is projected in the first year with a growth rate of 15% in the second and the third year. This gives a gross margin value of N12,000,000 in the first year and a net profit margin of N7,000,000.00 also in the first year. We have conservatively maintained a fixed growth rate over these initial three years. Therefore, the gross margin rate and net profit rate will grow as aforementioned at 15% per annum.

The location of Anekivine Cooking Gas Refilling Plant Ltd is very interesting. It has an outstanding location in Obama town main town along the express road. That is to say that access to the filling plant will be through these major highway. We have considered the following advantages before sitting this plan here.

  • Visibility of this site is considered excellent.
  • Competition at and around this location is low.
  • Therefore, quantity of competition is classified as limited.
  • And accessibility to the factory/plant is excellent.
  • Urbanization growth in this location is excellent
  • Availability of so many associated businesses that uses cooking gas as input
  • Demographics at this location are excellent.
  • Growth of area around this site is fair.

Free Cooking Gas Refilling Plant Business Plan for Nigerians

Our Mission

The mission of Anekivine Cooking Gas Refilling Plant Ltd is to start a new Cooking gas refilling plant which will service the cooking gas need of cooking gas retailers and distributorship business in this town, at the same time serving the need of the households in this locality.

Suceess Factors:

Our success factors hinges on the following;

  • For Marketing: dealing with barriers to entry. And again in partnering with local retailers and distributors and environmental groups,
  • Product quality- ensuring that we deliver excellent quality of cooking gas with good measurement. Making products available in various sizes all the year round.
  • Pricing – To ensure we maintain a competitive price such that will not throw the market open for new investors.
  • Component Businesses – Proper management of the other components of this business in the same environment.
  • Management: products delivered on time, costs controlled, marketing budgets managed.
  • Regulatory Agent – ensuring that we keep to the rules of the regulators.


Our objectives for this first five years of operation include:

  • To create a cooking gas refilling company with a respectable gross margin in a most environmentally-friendly atmosphere
  • To develop a discerning and informed consumer base in new cooking gas dealers and users throughout the surrounding metropolis who will exercise their buying power to support a 100% yearly sales growth of cooking gas with greater cooking gas efficiency standards and lower rates of eccident.
  • To achieve N450,000,000.00 in sales of cooking gas and its associated accessories in year one.
  • To stabilize the efficient cooking gas market by increasing the market share by 25% after five years.
Free Cooking Gas Refilling Plant Business Plan for Nigerians

Free Cooking Gas Refilling Plant Business Plan for Nigerians


These are going to be:

  • Refilling trucks for major distributors
  • Refilling of cylinders for major retailers
  • And, Refilling of cylinder for individuals and households for;
  • 50kg refilled cylinders
  • 25kg fefilled cylinder
  • 12kg refilled cylinders
  • 6kg refilled cylinders
  • Cooking gas accessories
  • Empty cylinders of all sizes.

These products and services are going to be based on;

  • Multiple Gas Pump Dispensers
  • TV monitors and credit/ATM card acceptance.
  • Filling lanes for large trucks/quantity
  • Single filling lane for smaller vehicles/quantity
  • High speed pumps at dual filling lanes.
  • Air, water, and window cleaning equipment at filling bays
  • Charge/pay systems associated with the trucking industry.
  • Truck/refilling cylinders parking capabilities/quantity.


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