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How You May Submit Article

How You May Submit Article is all about how you could contribute to our success for mutual benefits. Every article you write and submit must be t your credit. So, why not build your career writing article for completefmc.

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How You May Submit Article

Dear Colloquies/Friends/Readers/Authors,

Thank you for considering COMPLETEFMC as the right place for your article. You re welcome!

Submitting Your Article

Undoubtedly, the full text of every researched article published in COMPLETEFMC is immediately accessible on COMPLETEFMC.COM for everyone as long as you play by Google’s rules.

Fortunately, COMPLETEFMC is committed to keeping researched articles with Creative Commons licences and deposit of the full text content in COMPLETEFMC BOX.
On the other hand, COMPLETEFMC has a waiver policy for up coming authors who cannot pay for the next 6 month.
However, consideration of research articles is not related to ability to pay the fee, and we ask authors not to discuss with editors any issues concerning payment at any stage of the peer review process. Any communications related to fees re handled by administrative staff not involved in decisions about manuscripts.

At all times, please ensure that anything you submit to COMPLETEFMC conforms to the International standard of  GOOGLE

Finally, if you have decided to submit any article, send the manuscript  as MS attachment to cfmclimited@gmail.com

Best Regards,
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How You May Submit Article

As a matter of fact, Articles must be relevant to our services.



How You May Submit Article

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