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How to Re-register your Public Company as Private Company

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Re-register your Public Company as Private Company – Here are procedures to convert & re-register private company to public company. In addition are, requirements for registering a company in Nigeria at C.A.C. Furthermore, are corporate affairs commission list of registered companies and how to check if a company is registered in Nigeria.
As a matter of fact, the Nigeria’s Corporate Affairs Commission issues guidelines and procedures on how conversions from one type of entity class to other is to be done. In this post, are the requirements and possible approaches on how you can make the conversion smoothly.

How to Re-register your Public Company as Private Company –  C.A.C REQUIREMENTS

These information are very vital.
  • Evidenve of name availability and  reservation
  • Special resolution singed by 2 direcotrs or a direcor and secretary
  • Application for the re-registration singed by  Director and Secretary
  • Duly stamped Memorandum and Article of Assoocation marked altered for this purpose
  • Furthrmore, updated annual return filing
  • Updated section 553 of CAMA where applicable
  • Payment of fees.

Othe Conditions:

  • The special resolution must specify the purpose of the resolution, That must  reflect the subject matter and the alterations on the Memo and Article of Association. All has  to conform with CAMA provisions for private  company.
  • The application shall not be made earlier than 28 days after the passing of the resolution. In which case, there is  no application pending at the court for the cancellation of the resolution
  • futhermore, where such  application is before a court, an application for re-registration will not be effected.  The application before the court must be  withdrawn. Or,  an order is given confirming such resolution. In fact,  such order must  be delivered to CAC.
How to Re-register your Public Company as Private Company

How to Re-register your Public Company as Private Company –  GET HELP HERE

In fact, this is  a help line.  Our approach is simple. If you want to do the conversion, we will require you to send in your personal data only. We will help you generate the other documents. This is to avoid delays in filing this notice of conversion.
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