66 Academic Staff Job Vacancies @ NOUN

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66 Academic Staff Job Vacancies @ NOUN

66 Academic Staff Job Vacancies @ NOUN – National Open University of Nigeria is recruiting academic staff currently. This is our second part of the NOUN current massive Nationwide Academic Staff recruitment. The first part was for 70 academic staff positions. In this our second part are 66 academic staff vacancies available for grab. All you require to apply are in this post.

The National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) is an Open and Distance Learning (ODL) institution in Nigeria. As a matter of fact, it’s currently the largest public university in West Africa. In terms of spread and number of registered students, it’s number one. Overall, it:s a recognized university in the Nigeria University System.

66 Academic Staff Job Vacancies @ NOUN

Applications re invited from suitably qualified candidates for the following vacant positions:

1.) Lecturer I (Pure & Applied Sciences)
2.) Associate Professor (Peace & Conflict Resolution)
3.) Lecturer II (Environmental Science)
4.) Senior Lecturer (Agric. Extension and Rural Development)
5.) Associate Professor (Political Science)
6.) Lecturer II (Mathematics)
7.) Associate Professor (Tourism)
8.) Lecturer I (Animal Science & Fisheries)
9.) Associate Professor (Mass Communication)
10.) Lecturer I (Crop and Soil Science)
11.) Senior Lecturer (Arts and Social Science)
12.) Lecturer II (Pure & Applied Sciences)
13.) Lecturer I (Agric. Economics and Extension)
14.) Senior Lecturer (Educational Foundation)
15.) Lecturer I (Agric. Extension & Rural Development)
16.) Lecturer II (Animal Science & Fisheries)
17.) Senior Lecturer (Nursing Science)
18.) Lecturer I (Arts and Social Science)
19.) Lecturer II (Agric. Economics and Extension)
20.) Senior Lecturer (Public Health)

66 Academic Staff Job Vacancies @ NOUN

66 Academic Staff Job Vacancies @ NOUN

21.) Lecturer I (Educational Foundation)
22.) Lecturer I (Science Education)
23.) Senior Lecturer (Environmental Health Science)
24.) Lecturer II (Agric. Extension & Rural Development)
25.) Lecturer I (Human Kinetics & Health Education)
26.) Senior Lecturer (Religious Studies)
27.) Lecturer I (Nursing Science)
28.) Senior Lecturer (Philosophy)
29.) Lecturer I (Public Health)
30.) Lecturer I (Environmental Health Science)
31.) Lecturer II (Arts and Social Science)
32.) Lecturer I (Religious Studies)
33.) Senior Lecturer (Business & Public Administration)
34.) Lecturer I (Languages)
35.) Lecturer II (Educational Foundation)
36.) Lecturer I (Philosophy)
37.) Senior Lecturer (Cooperative Management)
38.) Senior Lecturer (Entrepreneurship)
39.) Lecturer II (Science Education)
40.) Lecturer I (Business & Public Administration)
41.) Senior Lecturer (Accounting)
42.) Senior Lecturer (Banking and Finance)

66 Academic Staff Job Vacancies @ NOUN

43.) Lecturer I (Cooperative Management)
44.) Lecturer II (Human Kinetics & Health Education)
45.) Lecturer I (Entrepreneurship)
46.) Lecturer II (Nursing Science)
47.) Lecturer I (Accounting)
48.) Lecturer I (Banking and Finance)
49.) Lecturer II (Public Health)
50.) Lecturer I (Economics)
51.) Senior Lecturer (Hotel Management & Tourism)
52.) Senior Lecturer (Tourism)
53.) Lecturer II (Administration)
54.) Senior Lecturer (Mass Communication)
55.) Lecturer II (Cooperative Management)
56.) Lecturer II (Entrepreneurship)
57.) Lecturer II (Accounting)
58.) Lecturer II (Banking and Finance)
59.) Lecturer II (Economics)

66 Academic Staff Job Vacancies @ NOUN

66 Academic Staff Job Vacancies @ NOUN

60.) Lecturer II (Criminology & Security Studies)
61.) Lecturer II (International Relations)
62.) Lecturer II (Peace & Conflict Resolution)
63.) Lecturer II (Political Science)
64.) Lecturer II (Hotel Management & Tourism)
65.) Lecturer II (Tourism)
66.) Lecturer II (Mass Communication)

66 Academic Staff Job Vacancies @ NOUN – Qualifications and Requirements:

Candidates should be holders of relevant academic qualifications.

66 Academic Staff Job Vacancies @ NOUN – Additional Information on Requirements:

  • Although NOUN encourages young post-doctoral and midcareer aspiring academics, only candidates with PhD degrees will be shortlisted for any of this position. NOUN reserves the right to demand additional qualities from a potential member of the community.
  • Again, NOUN will not appoint and promote at the same time, and will place candidates at a salary scale appropriate to their qualifications and experience.
  • NOUN will not entertain any petition for upgrade of salary or adjustment in rank once a candidate has been appointed and acceptance letter submitted.

66 Academic Staff Job Vacancies @ NOUN – Additions:

  • All appointed staff are required to be physically and actively resident in the respective department either in Lagos, Kaduna or Abuja. NOUN does not have and will not provide staff housing.
  • Further, all applicants are expected to be fully computer literate and comprehensively familiar with internet and online technologies of instruction, particularly as it pertains to Open and Distance Learning.
  • Candidates who have reached retirement age or were retired from another service need not apply.
  • In compliance with Federal Character Commission regulations, NOUN will consider employing applicants from the six Geopolitical Zones in Nigeria and reserves the right to ensure this balance in its shortlisting of potential employees.

66 Academic Staff Job Vacancies @ NOUN – Remuneration

The salary and other conditions of service are similar to what obtains in the Nigeria University System. Candidates will be offered position commensurate with their qualifications and experience.

Application Closing Date
26th March, 2019.

66 Academic Staff Job Vacancies @ NOUN – How to Apply

Interested and qualified candidates are required to submit twenty (20) word processed copies of their Applications and Curriculum Vitae giving information in the following format:

  • Full names with surname in Capital
  • Functional Email and phone contacts
  • Post desired and Department
  • Date of Birth, Town and State of Origin, Geopolitical Zone
  • Nationality
  • Current Postal Address
  • Permanent Home Address (with Telephone No.)
  • Marital Status
  • Names, Number and Ages of Children Name and Address of Spouse
  • Name and Address of Next of Kin
  • Institutions attended with dates
  • Academic/Professional Qualification with dates
  • Work Experience from Date & Status of First Appointment
  • Present Employment, status, salary and employer

66 Academic Staff Job Vacancies @ NOUN – Additions:

  • List of publications in details i.e Books, Journals, Contributions to Books, Papers presented at National /International Conferences. NOUN will not accept letters from editors indicating acceptance for as yet unpublished works. (If Applicable)
  • Extra-curricular activities and any other relevant information
  • Reports from three (3) referees should be independently sent to the Registrar, two (2) of the referees must be authorities in the candidates area of specialization. Candidates whose Referees did not submit their report directly to the Registrar on or before 15th March, 2019 will not be shortlisted for the interview.

All Applications should be sent and addressed to:

The Registrar,

National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN),

91, Cadastral Zone, University Village,

Nnamdi Azikiwe Express Way,

Jabi, Abuja, Nigeria.

66 Academic Staff Job Vacancies @ NOUN – READ ALSO:

66 Academic Staff Job Vacancies @ NOUN – Note

The post applied for and Department are to be indicated at the top-left corner of the sealed envelope containing the application
Only shortlisted candidates would be invited for interview.

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