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Home Teachers Tutorial Services Business Plan in Nigeria

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Home Teachers Tutorial Services Business Plan in Nigeria – Available are Tutoring Service Business Plan In Pdf and Marketing Plan For Tutoring Business. Furthermore,  Sample Business Plan Educational Services, Science Courses Home Tutors Business Plan and Math & English Tutoring Business Plan. Others are,  Marketing Plan For Tutoring Business In Pdf, Business Plan For Tuition Centre In Pdf, Home Tutoring Business Ideas. Home Teachers Needed.
As a matter of fact, if you have decided to start a Home tutorial Coaching Service Business in Nigeria, there is no need of delaying in the start-ups. That is what Home Teachers Tutorial Services Business Plan in Nigeria is all about.

Special Business Plan:

As a matter of fact, this type of special business plan is what you need. In fact, the need for this plan is taken into consideration here. Therefore, this my special type of business plan offers/incorporates a business coaching model which will always help you find your way out immediately. This is for Home Teachers Tutorial Services Business Plan in Nigeria.

Home Teachers Tutorial Services Business Plan in Nigeria – Professional Business Plan

Furthermore, check out what my type of business plan will help you achieve. As a matter of fact, this is our standard as professionals.  So, it will help you to:
  • Articulate what to do;
  • Make capital budget; and
  • Materials budget;
  • Make personnel budget; and
  • Turnover budget;
  • Make your service delivery/marketing assessment;
  • Talk to somebody about the business – a friend, family member, partner, investor, collaborator, competition etc.
  • Plan for expansion

Further Items:

  • Chart a management pathway – as a management road map
  • Get a business coach or consultant to help you;
  • Belong to a trade association;
  • Ask for & get government/donor/NGO’s help;
  • Get Bank loan, investors and partners
  • Go for Bank of Industry Small Scale Entrepreneurship loan

More Hints

  • Get Bank of Industry-Dangoted Sponsored Entrepreneurs’ loan
  • In addition, get NAFDAC Registration, and
  • Ministry of Trade and Investment Accreditation/Trade marks
  • Then, get Nigeria Export promotion council accreditation/registration
Don’t die in silence. You need to talk to somebody about this your dream. Armed with this business plan you can introduce yourself to your friends and family members, and appeal for help. They may want to know who your target audience is, then let them ee the next paragraph.
Home Teachers Tutorial Services Business Plan in Nigeria

Home Teachers Tutorial Services Business Plan in Nigeria –  Segmentation/Target Market:

Home Teachers Tutorial Services Business Plan in Nigeria – These are indeed various types of tutorial business ideas you can get into.
  • Adult Education
  • Foreign languages, French, English,Spanish, etc.)
  • Music & Dance classes
  • Professional examinations like your ICAN, CITN, ICPM, CCNA, etc.
  • Computer appreciation/application tutoring (Microsoft Packages, programming languages, etc.)
  • Cooking Classes
  • Event Management training
  • And lots more
This is to let you make up your mind of who your student will be.  Then do the followings.

START-UP PROCESSES @ Home Teachers Tutorial Services Business Plan in Nigeria

Do your start-up processes – Home Teachers Tutorial Services Business Plan in Nigeria.
  • Do a feasibility study – Ask around, get to those who are already in the business. In your research/survey decide on the age group of the students you will tutor – primary school kids, secondary school kids or older people. Make a list of the subjects your tutoring business will offer. Research on various teaching techniques and settle on a few you’re good at and then decide on where to teach your clients – your home, your student’s homes or a hired place. By the time you are through with all of these you would have gathered much information about this business, then Visit and click the  Business Plan and Feasibility label to get variety of business plan templates that can guide you do your business plan yourself.
  • Get a business plan – But to do a professional business plan – to do your business analysis, financial plan and financial feasibility analysis – contact for this.
  • Register your business name with CAC Nigeria – call +234 8034347851 for this.
  • Finance –  Plan for Initial/start-up capital – for Fixed assets and working capital. The business plan could tell you how much you need for the business, or the business plan is tailored to suite the amount of money you have in hand.


  • Gain some working or home teacher tutorial experience;
  • Location –  Must be in the clients provided locations.
  • Approval – Get necessary permit from concerned homes, discuss with the concerned home on the modalities of the lessons and use of the premises.
  • Equipment –  Fixed Assets – If this involves you moving from one home to the other, you have to make arrangement for mobility – a car or motor bike.
  • Working Tools – your working capital/consumables –  Purchase tutoring supplies. Such as text books, study guides, lesson/ lecture notes, papers/pens etc. Miscellaneous expenses, & left-over cash in hand.


  • Marketing:  Advertise your services in places where parents or clients frequent – primary school kids at school gates  and  seek for school administrators collaborations.
  • Personnel – For this home tutorials, you can do alone. Remember   good  qualification,  teaching experience, and excellent emotional competencies –  patience, enthusiasm, humility and self-restraint, reliability and  availability.
These milestones will be achieved by this business plan!


You are required at this juncture to contact Complete Full Marks consultants Limited at +234 8034347851 or for your business plan.
Complete Full Marks Consultants Limited as an accounting, auditing, taxation and business consulting firm assists clients with business information; incorporate clients companies  and name registration at CAC Nigeria, prepares clients business plans, tax clearance certificates, and assist clients obtain mining licences.

Your Business Plan content:

  • Executive Summary
  • Enterprise Description.
  • Product or Service Description.
  • Industry Analysis.
  • Competition Analysis.
  • Swot Analysis.
  • Marketing Sub-Plan.
  • Operations Sub-Plan.


Deacon Anekperechi Nworgu, a seasoned economist who transitioned into a chartered accountant, auditor, tax practitioner, and business consultant, brings with him a wealth of industry expertise spanning over 37 years.

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