Sample Business Plan For Printing Company In Nigeria/Small Capital Printing Press Business Plan – This post gives a highlight on  Printing Press Business Plan in Nigeria. In addition, are business proposal for a printing press, and printing shop business plan inpdf. Others are, sample business plan for printing company and digital printing business plan in pdf. Overall,  setting up a printing press business and how lucrative is printing business in Nigeria.
Furthermore, get this sample business plan for printing company in Nigeria. Again, Small Capital Printing Press Business Plan is avialble too. They both require the services of a career management consulting firm like Complete Full Marks Consultants Limited (CFMC Limited) to prepare properly. The type of Business Plan CFMC Limited makes is of multiple purpose. Every business plan is made unique to suite every one. With a comprehensive business plan questionnaire your business plan is made to address your peculiar circumstances. CFMC Limited business plan will incorporate the following:


  • Your business Articulation –  what to do;
  • Your Start-up processes/standing – e.g. your business legal status.
  • Capital budget;
  • Materials budget;
  • Your personnel budget;

Further Items:

  • Your turnover budget;
  • Service delivery/marketing assessment;
  • Financing plan
  • Your Financial Projections

Additional Items:

  • Financial Feasibilities – Break-even analysis etc
  • Income Statements, Balance Sheet, and cash flow statement projections.
  • Chart your management pathway – as a management road map

Further Steps:

Consequently, will make you achieve the following too;
  • Talk to somebody about the business – a friend, family member, partner, investor, collaborator, competition etc.
  • Plan for expansion
  • Get a business coach or consultant to help you;
  • Belong to a trade association;

In addition:

  • Ask for & get government/donor/NGO’s help;
  • Get Bank loan, investors and partners
  • Overall, get Bank of Industry Small Scale Entrepreneurship loan
  • And,  Bank of Industry-Dangoted Sponsored Entrepreneurs’ loan

Categories of Small Printing Business

For small capital  printing  businesses, you have to consider any or a combination of these categories of printing businesses/activities.
  • Small shop NO equipment printing business
  • Errand printing business
  • Small shop few equipment printing business
  • Partners/collaborators printing business


This business plan is taking a general approach template. Therefore, it’s suitable for adjustments to suite your type of printing business.

Company Business Overview:

SMALL-SHOP-FEW-EQUIPMENT is a printing press company that provides quality and affordable printing services to the modern Nigeria society. Our  services include the printing of the following:
  • Souvenirs eg: Jotter, Writing pads, Programme booklets for events etc.
  • Publicity Material: Handbills, Posters, etc
  • Educational Material: Exercise Books, Textbooks etc.
  • In addition, are Office document: Receipts, Invoice, Files, Letterheads, business cards etc
  • Flex Banners and Sticker for adverts


What you benefit from using  our products and services are:
You receive the quality of printing you need, with maximum efficiency and reliability.


Objectives of Sample Business Plan For Printing Company In Nigeria. Small Capital Printing Press Business Plan.
This business plan is to articulate our activities so as to:
  • Achieve a constant growth in turnover in 12 months.
  • Generate customer satisfaction so that at least 70% of our customer base is repeat business.
  • Provide quality product at reasonable prices with exceptional services.


The Goals of  Sample Business Plan For Printing Company In Nigeria. And, Small Capital Printing Press Business Plan.
Our goal is to be:
  • One stop-shop for printing activities in Nigeria.
  • A provider of fast and reliable services to  all our clients


The Vision for Sample Business Plan For Printing Company In Nigeria/Small Capital Printing Press Business Plan
To be a one stop-shop for printing solutions at affordable price with exceptional quality in the next 3 years

Sample Business Plan For Printing Company In Nigeria – Success Path.

This success path is anchored on:
  • Good graphics design – With professional proficiency in design, our customer always come looking for us.
  • Modern tools –  modern tools produce modern desired printing outputs, and that brings a lot of customers to us.
  • Quality printing paper and other materials – No cutting corners – Quality  materials I correlated with quality outputs, and our customers know this.
  • Quality printing output – digital separation machine brings the best out of printing works. Output is end product of all printing efforts. This is what we work for.
  •  Time delivery: Time is money both for us and for our customers. Therefore, Jobs  are timely completed and delivered to customers.

Ask For More @Small Capital Printing Press Business Plan Success Path.

As I highlighted above, you will need a complete business plan that will incorporate th following.  Capital budget, materials budget, personnel budget,and turnover budget. Others are,  service delivery/marketing assessment, financing plan, and Financial Projections. Other Financial Feasibilities such as Break-even analysis etc. Then, Income Statements, Balance Sheet, and cash flow statement projections.
As a matter of fact, you are required at this juncture to contact Complete Full Marks consultants Limited at +234 8034347851 or This is for the formal research and feasibility studies and writing of the business plan. We do fresh business plan for every project. Don’t buy ready-made ones. They are not tailored to suite your activities, environment and capacities. With suitable business plan questionnaires we work with you to produce your business plan.
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