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Learn how to make efficient export plan

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Learn how to make efficient export plan – You have an opportunity to learn how to make  efficient export plan in this article. In fact, the export plan must be among the priorities of the managers involved in international transactions. That’s why you need to learn how to develop it. You have to Learn how to make efficient export plan here.

In general, the document works like a map: all the steps to make the sale of goods available are duly summarized in the archive. If you still do not know the details of the planning and therefore have doubts about the relevance of the method, it is time to dive into the subject and then enjoy the benefits of this practice.

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As a matter of fact, this article will help you plan for your agricultural produce and product exports. It will also help you plan for the export of your processed and manufactured products. And for service offerings, this is mandatory for you. But, do you know we can help you structure these? This is how to Learn how to make efficient export plan

Therefore, in this post, you will understand the concept and the importance of the export plan in the logistics routine. In addition, you will have access to a set of tips to formulate yours, adding predictability and consistency to foreign trade operations. Enjoy reading and good insights!

What is and what is the importance of the export plan?

As a matter of fact, the international market is volatile and challenging. It is no exaggeration to say that, in order to be successful and yield significant profits to the exporting agent, negotiations between companies of different nationalities require a good deal of planning – in addition, of course, a lot of willingness and knowledge. Learn how to make efficient export plan here.

The export plan is, therefore. a clear reflection of this demand. The document works as a kind of strategic mapping, responsible for relating the necessary structure to export cargo. From production to delivery of goods, through legal and modal transportation authorizations, it is necessary to consider and detail the entire logistical journey of the products sold.


In practice, the export plan is similar to a business plan – as it must list, for example, the physical, human and financial resources available, as well as the objective of each programmed action. The application, in turn, is also analogous: both have the mission of guiding the healthy development of processes, businesses and companies.

Given this, it is easy to understand the importance of betting on the export plan to guide international transactions: without it, the company runs unnecessary risks and is more susceptible to errors. In an increasingly competitive market, focus on structuring a lean operation and optimizing resources. Your cash flow thanks you!

How to carry out an export plan?

In fact, there is no secret: the elaboration of a good export plan has well-defined steps. First, it is necessary to maintain a broad view and, thus, allow the evaluation of factors external to the company’s operation.

The exchange rate, for example, can be an opportunity or a threat, depending on the terms of the trade – and all variables must be included in the scope of the work. Legal obligations, in turn, also have an impact on international transactions and should be carefully considered.

Does it look too complex? Take a deep breath: to help you structure an efficient export plan, we separate fundamental aspects of commercial planning. Check out! Learn how to make efficient export plan

Know the regulations (and taxes)

Foreign trade managers are used to facing a series of peculiarities. Considering that each country establishes its own rules, it is common to find deep divergences between one negotiation and another. You must be prepared to adjust whatever is necessary – from documents to logistics modes.

To minimize the incidence of errors, the ideal is to master the dynamics of the country of origin and consult the regulations of the destination. It is possible, for example, to take advantage of tax exemptions and benefits, amortizing the tax burden. This is important for how to Learn how to make efficient export plan

Still, keep in mind that tax rules are a critical issue and you should confirm what are the mandatory fees (national and international) and what taxes must be paid at the time of the transaction. In practice, this type of concern avoids losses, acting as a catalyst for globalized businesses. Worth the effort!

Raise internal resources

Furthermore, the export is a viable alternative to domestic producers. According to the Ministry of Economy, from January to May 2020, the Brazilian trade balance presented a positive balance (surplus) of more than US $ 16 billion, which makes the excellent potential for trade abroad even more evident.

Faced with an attractive market, it is natural for managers to consider the possibility of transporting goods to other countries. The first step, therefore, is to find out which domestic resources will be indispensable to the international movement. Learn how to make efficient export plan

In the case of a significant increase in sales, for example, you should analyze the factory’s ability to double (or even triple) production. By knowing the limitations of your company, you gain security and effectiveness to explore the potential of the operation – inside and outside Brazil.

Structure the logistics

In addition, it would not be an exaggeration to say that logistics is the heart of exports. The sector is directly affected by significant increases in demand for outflow – and, to ensure the efficiency of transactions, it must be prepared to absorb larger and more complex demands.

Transport modes, for example, can vary widely. Depending on the destination and the type of agreement entered into with the client, it is possible to take advantage of land, sea, or air networks, countering the costs (including particular legal requirements) and the benefits of each option. Learn how to make efficient export plan

Another relevant factor, although generally neglected, concerns the choice of suitable packaging. For cargo sent over long distances, it is most convenient to invest in extra protection in order to preserve the integrity of the product until it reaches the customer’s hands. Therefore, the best thing to do is to include the information in the planning and thus ensure that the boxes are available at the right time. So, Learn how to make efficient export plan


Organize a Marketing and Sales plan

As a matter of fact, the export plan must list the product’s commercial strategies for each destination country. Remember that different regions have different traditions and respect for local traditions can guarantee massive sales and significant profits.

Dedicate yourself to studying the particularities of each nation and model sales tactics from a strongly cultural perspective. In the East, for example, be reserved; in America, allow yourself to be more expansive. The subtleties of each person must guide the Marketing plan.

Also, be wary of excesses: you are certainly more likely to succeed when you know the customer’s profile in depth. Learn how to make efficient export plan

At this point, it is clear that the export plan emerges as an essential document for excellent commercial performance abroad. If you are still unsure, don’t worry: we have firms with more than 30 years of experience in logistics integration and offer complete solutions for those who wish to explore the international market with prudence, security, and excellent returns.


For LEARN HOW TO MAKE EFFICIENT EXPORT PLAN – Need help with planning?

Get in touch with us and learn how we can help you break new horizons and maximize your sales. Success and see you soon!

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