Here is Sample Arts Film Entertainment & Creative Business Planning in Nigeria. In fact, Sample Arts Film Entertainment & Creative Business Planning in Nigeria is synonymise with creativity and innovation. In fact, creativity and innovation, both individual and collective, are recognized as the true wealth of nations in the 21st century. The Creative Economy is one of the fastest growing sectors. He has excelled in income generation, job creation and export earnings. The concept was created to name economic activities and business models originated from knowledge, creativity and intellectual capital.

Who Needs this Plan?

Do you want to garner fame ad be relevant in the 21st century? Do you need a most profitable business in the recent times? Yes, is the answer? So, you need this sample business plan. Creative and entertainment business is part of the untapped businesses in Nigeria. It also qualifies as a fast moving small scale business in Nigeria. So, are you interested in it? This is how to go about its business plan.

The Creative Industry:

Do you know that the creative economy or creative industry comprises four major groups? These are; Heritage, Arts, Media and Functional Creativity. Do you also know that each group encompasses various activities such as architecture, advertising, design, arts and antiques, handicrafts, fashion , cinema and video, television, publishing and publishing, performing arts, software and games? This shows you that we have over 50 business plan templates for this.

In fact, the intellectual and artistic production not only contribute to the cultural and social development of society. But it also promotes reflection on the reality in which we live. Although this market is based on innovative ideas and one of the most promising sectors of the our economy, creative companies need to keep in mind that it takes much more than a good idea to be successful. A business plan is essential.

Sample Arts Film Entertainment & Creative Business Planning in Nigeria

Furthermore, the digitization and dematerialization of content has transformed the creative economy. Technological innovations and the emergence of new tools have affected the pace and process of creation. As a result, entrepreneurs face problems such as the devaluation of the work when the unitary and exclusive sale of an item is replaced by the logic of unlimited subscription or free access to the product.

Sample Arts Film Entertainment & Creative Business Planning in Nigeria

The Sample Arts Film Entertainment & Creative Business Planning in Nigeria

In addition, the multiplicity and speed of disclosures contributes to the trivialization of the creative product, since replication tends to diminish its economic value. To circumvent these issues, the entrepreneur must pay attention to the quality of his product or service and seek to innovate in the area in which he operates. Knowing the market and participating in training to improve the production process are a way to overcome the crisis and properly position your product or service on the market.

To be Successful:

The creative entrepreneur must focus on creativity, imagination and innovation not  only in products, services and technologies, but also in processes, business models and management models.

Trends for creative economy:

  • Luxury strategies based on exclusivity and attractiveness of “premium” content (Netflix).
  • Monetization of free offers with the inclusion of paid services (games and applications).
  • Valuing the consumer experience (creating movie theatres with a high standard of comfort).

Although trends contribute to the creation of targeted products and services, creation does not exist for this purpose. The biggest challenge of the segment is to promote the meeting between a work and its target audience, instead of defining the characteristics of a work according to the expectations of consumers. The work depends more on quality and talent than on the size of the company.

Success Tips

  • Offer a product or service that is relevant in the market.
  • Get your idea off the ground: make a Business Plan.
  • Create a prototype of your product and test it with your audience to improve it before the official launch.
  • Invest in qualitative and quantitative research to offer results to
  • Not always who is creative is a good manager. Empower yourself.

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In summary of Sample Arts Film Entertainment & Creative Business Planning in Nigeria:

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Sample Arts Film Entertainment & Creative Business Planning in Nigeria

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