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Children Toy Business Plan/Modern Technology Children Toy Plan

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Children Toy Business Plan/Modern Technology Children Toy Plan – This business plan revolves about toy marketing plan, children’s educational toys business plan sample, toy store business plan in pdf, toy company business plan, starting a toy store business, toys business ideas, and target market for children’s toys. You will consider also how Technology is changing the way Children play – How technology is changing childhood giving rise to the future of smart toys and the battle for digital children, therefore get Children Toy Business Plan/Modern Technology Children Toy Plan
As a matter of fact, for a good smart toy market, Children Toy Business Plan/Modern Technology Children Toy Plan, you have to take into consideration what are smart toys, what constitute future toys and gadgets, technology in the toy industry, and digital toy definition to be able to generate future toy ideas.
Children Toy Business Plan/Modern Technology Children Toy Plan

Children Toy Business Plan/Modern Technology Children Toy Plan

For instance, Wikipedia gave out some categories of toys like Toy animals‎, Art and craft toys,‎ Construction toys, Designer toys, Educational toys‎, Electronic toys‎, Mechanical toys,‎ Optical toys‎, Physical activity and dexterity toys‎ , Powered toys‎, Practical joke devices, Puzzles,‎ Toy instruments and noisemakers, Toy robots,‎ Toy weapons,‎ Transforming toys‎, Toys based on works, Toy vehicles and Water toys. There are also toy movies.

Who Needs These!

What I have done above is to generate so many business ideas for you. Therefore, this post is good for toy retailers and wholesalers, toy manufacturers and technologists. Others are technology students, child parenting organisations, NGOs, working parents, and amusement park operators.
What you now need to do it to put on your business thinking cap and select the type of business you want to get into – manufacturing, distributing, wholesaling or retailing. For those organisations and individuals who make use of these toys, you now have a base/list to choose from.

Now Your Business Plan:

Having gotten the particular or combinations of business ideas to invest in, you can now get your business plan –  Children Toy Business Plan/Modern Technology Children Toy Plan – ready.

What would this business plan do for you?

First, it will give you details of the fixed assets you need in the various segments of the business. This is true, just take a sheet of paper and Biro and list out all the fixed assets you need for this business and put on their prices along each one. You may make researches on this – types, models, technology and their prices.
Secondly, it will detail you how much working capital you need to start-up. So sit down again and list out all the running costs, segment by segment – initial wares/stock, raw materials for a manufacturer, factory variables, office running expenses etc. Remember to add a lump sum that will take care of other things you may not now remember.
Thirdly, add up this first and second lists. That’s is your initial start-up capital requirement.
Fourthly, begin to consider the sources of this fund. Can you provide all? Would your family members help you? How about friends and colleagues? Can you form a partnership? Would you borrow and from where? Is there an Angel Investor you know?

Children Toy Business Plan/Modern Technology Children Toy Plan

Before we continue, I would want you to watch out these business plan guides:

Investment policies, investment portfolio management, dividend policy, industrial outputs, Wage determinations, Workforce man hour determination, synergy building and production/business chain values.  Others are Equity holding, share values, multiple entity concepts, holding company, subsidiaries, related party transactions and associate company. Then are also, recapitalisation issues, business combination/corporate structure, virtual company, divestment sell-off, spin off, management buy-out, takeovers and others.

If you have knowledge of all these, you will be able to know and plan better how to source your business capital. If they are too much for you, I will help you out. Just call me for business coaching, three to four hours will be good for you. Call +234 8034347851 or e-mail
The fifth thing I would want you to do is to take your chair again and begin to work on your financial forecast – here you have to forecast your turnover, cost of sales/production, and management costs. Work out the depreciation for those fixed assets you listed above.  Now use these figures to do your Break-even analysis. This will let you know how to go about this business.
The next thing to do is to prepare your financial analysis. Here you have to prepare your forecaste Profit or loss/Income statement, balance sheet and others.
Thanks for getting up to this level. You will do something now.
Keep these your estimates aside for a while and start to write your business plan formerly.
Create your Title page,  your content page ( you may leave this open for now), then your Executive summary, business overview, your management team,  product and services, marketing strategies, Your SWOT Analysis. And now begin to present all of those your estimates one after the other to drive your message home.
I can see that you need more details. Click the appropriate topic on the list that follows to get more details.

Children Toy Business Plan/Modern Technology Children Toy Plan


But before we go, here is a sample of Executive Summary you can adjust to suite your business.

Take your time and go through this sample Executive Summary, you may adjust it to fit into your business idea.

This project is to develop a palm fruit plantation and palm oil processing mill (Planting of palm trees’, harvesting of palm fruit bunches, processing of palm fruits to produce edible and consumable Crude Palm Oil (PO), cracking of Palm Kernel Nuts (PKN) for production of Crude Palm Kernel Oil (CPKO) and Palm Kernel Cake (PKC) using a 5tons/day mechanized machines/equipment, in Epe, Ogun state, Nigeria. This project includes investing on Tenera-type hybrid palm seedlings, planted in 9.5 acres of land to approximately grow a total of 550 palm trees for 3-4 years at 48 trees per acre. These trees are expected to start yielding from the 3rd year after planting. Because palm tree peeks in production from year 5 to 18, it is expected that production will graduate  in tones from year three  to six at 6, 9, 12,and 12 respectively annually. This will generate  gross income of N4,049,280, N6,073,920, N8,098,560 and N8,098,560 in the years 3 to 6 respectively.

The next paragraph is to introduce other business segments and what they can offer in term of activities and revenue,

Children Toy Business Plan/Modern Technology Children Toy Plan

Revenue will also be generated from sales of Palm Kernel Nuts (PKN),Kernel Oil and cake, Palm Kernel Shells (PKS)  and other by-products which could be used for generation of electricity and heat. It is expected that this will yield an average income of N1,197,00 annually.
This Palm plantation will be housing four bore holes that will be generating water for every of the farms activities, including watering the plants, serving the life-stocks, providing water for the fish ponds and for the oil processing mill.

You have to explain what other segments that will be involved in this business.

This Palm plantation will be housing three fish ponds to be managed commercially. It is expected that the first pond will be constructed in the first quarter of year one and test run immediately with 400 number juvenile fishes, while the other two ponds will be ready for use from the second quarter of the same first year. The construction of these ponds are  expected to cost N100,000 each. The first (test running) of this fish pond is expected to host 400 fish juveniles estimated to cost N50.00 per one and would cost about N350,000 to care for each in 3 months, and would be sold at N800 each .Total revenue expected from the three ponds in the years are N7,520,000, N9,600,000,N11,520,000, 11,520,000 and N11,520,000 in the years one to six respectively Losses are fathomed into our calculations.

In general, tell your audience, what your business holds for the society.

Considering the production value chain of this farm, both on the demand side and supply side, it is expected that this farm will generate an average of one hundred employment even though on casual basis. This is in addition to multiplier and spread out effect it will have in the general economy of the community, state and the federal government of Nigeria.

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Children Toy Business Plan/Modern Technology Children Toy Plan


It’s time to conclude this business plan. So make your conclusions and recommendations here.

For Further information:

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