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Get A Modern-Day Cell Mobile Phone Business Plan

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Get A Modern-Day Cell Mobile Phone Business Plan – In this connection get a cell phone store business plan, mobile shop business plan in  pdf, cell phone accessories business plan, and learn how to start a cell phone retail business, how to start a cell phone business from home, and in that matter –  a Modern-Day Cell/Mobile Phone Business. Again, Learn how to start your own cell phone business in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, America, Europe, India and other Asian countries with a Modern-Day Cell/Mobile Phone Business Plan.
You have just gone through certain cell/mobile phone business ideas, and good business locations for your good self. Other cell phone based business ideas include – cell phone retail store, mobile phone wholesale store, cell phone distributorship, cell phone repairs, mobile phone accessories, cell phone recycling services. You can also begin to develop unique Apps for smart/android phones, Develop antivirus for phones – smart/android phones inclusive. Import and sell fairly used smart phone and other phone – the type Nigerians calls “Tokumbo phones”. You can equally open a smart phone download shop where you will be downloading music and movie for members of the public; the youth in particular. Why not start a  Smartphone only Shop.
Get A Modern-Day Cell/Mobile Phone Business Plan

Get A Modern-Day Cell/Mobile Phone Business Plan

With all of these you can become a cell phone dealer, a wireless company authorised dealer, mobile phone authorised dealer re-seller, an importer, distributor or retailer of Tokumbo phones and accessories.. These are how to make money in cell/mobile phone business in  a modern-day today’s technology.

How do you go about this?

There are several ways you can achieve these dreams of yours and they are what I can do for you
First of all, register your business today. In Nigeria Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) registers all businesses giving them legal backing to do business in Nigeria.
The next thing is for you to put a business plan in place. Business plan is said to be a road map, a business compass –
  • It will give you details of your fixed Capital need for the business.
  • Again, it will detail you how much working capital you need to run the business.
  • In addition, it will highlight to you the viability of the business through the feasibility studies, financial forecast, trend and break-even analysis, financial analysis, and lots more.
The third thing is that you have to apply as an authorised dealer/re-seller of one or more of the wireless companies. In this, you have to sign a carrier contract with each .
The fourth thing is that you have to find a good location for your business. Know where smart  phones are demanded and the category of individuals that need them. Find a good location for ordinary phones and look for those who patronise fairly  used phones in your locality.

Get A Modern-Day Cell/Mobile Phone Business Plan

What I can do to help you in this business:

There are a lot of things I can do to help you out in your business. As a professional, a financial (accounting/auditing) taxation and management consultant,  I can do a lot for you.
Firstly, I have generated for you several business ideas as you have seen them above. Associated with it are those various coaching/business advises attached to those business ideas above.
The second thing is that I will do a business plan for you. As a member of Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria(ICAN), Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria (CITN), my plan carries official stamps that no investor or loan giver/bank can’t resist.
Again, I will register your business with CAC Nigeria within 5 days – You need this RC number to go forward in business.
In addition, I will get your company Tax identification number in 3 hours, after company incorporation.
Further more, I will give you initial coaching leveraging on the business plan I will do for you, exploiting and exposing your business SWOT – Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and threat.

Your SWOT Analysis:

This is actually a component of your business plan. At any stage of the business, there are evidences of the capacity/strength  or weakness of the business.  There are also evidences of opportunities and threats to survival on the business
SWOT analysis will  help provide professional support in structuring your business. Watching your business strength will help you strategies and go with full strength to realise your goal, while minimising your weaknesses.
Get A Modern-Day Cell/Mobile Phone Business Plan

Get A Modern-Day Cell/Mobile Phone Business Plan

The strength of the business will help it maximise the opportunities available especially within and around the business environment. These will  help your firm withstand the threats in form of competitions and environmental disadvantages. This has to be comprehensive so as to enable you  achieve your goals.
As you can see, these are what experts like our firm can handle. Truly, a layman can’t do this at all. Get in touch with us today right from the beginning of the business, and your future  nightmares will be taken care of today.
If you have gone through the elements of your strength, weakness, opportunity and threat, you have to watch if your management team can handle  them.

Get A Modern-Day Cell/Mobile Phone Business Plan

Management Team:

In this section you will give full details of your management team, their profile and the roles assigned to them in this engagement. Their academic qualifications and work experiences are to be highlighted. Mention peculiar attributes of each especially special training, social competencies and personal skills.
You can start by listing out the component of the management structure you want to be in place like the following:
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Purchasing Manager
  • Shop Attendant
  • Equipment operators
  • Marketing Executive
  • Customer Service Executive
  • Accountants
  • Security Guard
  • Truck Driver
Does this suit your business design. You can design an organisational structure that suites your business.
Attach by every title the relevant required qualifications and working experiences. You could also give schedule of their key responsibilities.

The Product/ Services:

You must give every details of your products here, including every value chain ( inputs demand and supply sides) details. Place the pictures of the products if you can get them. Just use this medium to promote your product.
Remember the type of audience you are going to face.

Market and Marketing:

Give the over view of the market you intend to enter. If you x-ray the market you will get to know the type, make or brand of such goods/products in the market. What market share can you get in this market?
The marketing aspect will highlight how you would want to win the market share in the large market. All the marketing strategies will be exposed here. Remember that what you see here will reflect in your financial forecast and on the feasibility analysis.
I want us to consider the next sub-topic, the Executive Summary.

Get A Modern-Day Cell/Mobile Phone Business Plan

Executive Summary:

This is the first important chapter of the business plan. It contains the summarises of the entire contents of the business plan. It  includes the  purposes of the business plan,  and summary of the operational, marketing and the financial forecasts.  Let’s see an example.

This project is to establish A MODERN-DAY MOBILE PHONE BUSINESS in Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria for ABC GLOBAL CONCEPT LIMITED.    The purpose of this business plan is to raise N5,000,000 for the establishment of the said Cell Phone  Distribution outlet. The major product to be marketed is SMART/ANDROID PHONES.  This business plan will  show the  expected financials and operations over the next three years. The following reports and recommendations relate to the business plan and feasibility study to establish a Phone distribution Shop. This project will need a start-up capital of N9,000,000, which is required to finance both current and non-current assets ABC GLOBAL CONCEPT LIMITED has an authorized and fully issued share capital of N,000,000.The directors have also decided to introduce further N3,000,000 venture capital to augment the N5,000,000 to be borrowed.
ABC GLOBAL CONCEPT LIMITED vision is to become a household name in the distribution of SMART HPNE in Lekki Lagos  Nigeria. This project is envisaged to be situated in Lekki  in order to provide easily accessible PHONES  to the multiple phone users situated in Lekki. The financial projections show that the project will be financially stable as it progresses. By the end of the first year the expected net profit/ earnings from sales before tax  is N11,276,000 while net profit/earning after tax is N9,020,800, giving a 100.2% returns on investment (ROI) and 225.5% return on Equity (ROE). It is also expected to grow by 20% in subsequent years. This is shown by the expected earnings for the second year which gives N14,423,500 profit before tax and N 11,538,800 profit after tax generating 128% ROI and 228.5% ROE
The competitive edge of the business is in its ability to penetrate into the market freely, with the use of marketing strategies that will promote rapid turnover. It has in mind to establish two other depots in Lagos area within the next three years. This project is highly recommendable, because judging from the above profitable measures; it shows that the project offers good investment benefits which is found technically feasible, financially viable and economically desirable

Before we continue, read the following articles to further help you understand how you have a winning business plan for your business.



Milestone /Time Lines:

Now compile benchmarks like what I have here.
These are benchmarks detailing what you plan to achieve and at what time. You could set out time table to achieve the following:
  • CAC Incorporation – completed
  • Raising of Required Capital – Completed/ in May
  • Opening of bank account – Completed
  • FIRS Registrations – Completed
  • NAFDAC and other regulatory bodies registration – In progress
  • Staff employment –  in July
  • Office Leasing – In progress
  • Office furnishing – In July
  • Purchase of capital  fixed assets – tools – In progress
  • Opening Ceremonies – September 25th.
  • Others.
This is just a sample. You can make one that suites your program.
Thanks for reading through;


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