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5 Page Business Plan: A personal Approach

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5 Page Business Plan: A Personal Approach – This is being expressed in several ways. 5 page business plan template, quick business plan, simple business plan template free, start-up business plan template, Business Plan Simplified. Then a lot of related questions: How do you write a business plan? How do I write a business plan for a small business? What is a simple business plan?, and that is to ask – How do you write a one page essay? This post will answer all of these questions. Just read on.

What is A Business Plan?

As a matter of fact, a business plan is a researched business project with several  analysis of the business variables. Therefore, there are elaborate analysis of issues relating to the business markets, competitors, pricing, marketing strategies, risks, financial projections for  three to five years into the future. This kind of a plan, takes  management  months to produce and or hires a consultant to do it for them. A comprehensive business plan like this is still the ultimate.
But to a small retailer, wholesaler, distributor, what he/she wants is a simple breakdown of his activities in a few pages. One he/she will always turn to and see how far he/she has gone in the business. Some times it’s a plan for a particular business variable like, total sales, Particular segment of the customers, or a set profit target. The question then is, do these require conventional business plan approach? I think few pages of paper can do this, and the business man can do it by himself ?
This is what this topic tends to promote. How you can do it by yourself.
5 Page Business Plan: A Personal Approach. Earlier on I had written some articles on this which I would like you to turn to now for relevant case by case approach.
5 Page Business Plan: A personal Approach

5 Page Business Plan: A personal Approach

Why this approach now?

5 Page Business Plan: A Personal Approach
  • This approach is simple;
  • It’s personalised
  • It can be segmented – variable by variable, i.e. you could plan for sales, marketing or any other variable alone.
  • It will not require hiring a consultant.
  • 5 pages/6pages or at most 10 pages will do for it.
  • It’s however meant for management use mainly.

5 Page Business Plan: A personal Approach

How to go about it:

A case by case approach is highlighted in the previous write-ups listed above.
  • First, ensure you have good knowledge of your business
  • Know and mark out the variables to work on, say sales, production units etc.
  • Do the necessary calculations on it, in your working paper.
  • Do all the earmarked variables like this.
  • Do the compilation. Let 5 to 10 pages be used.

5 Page Business Plan: A personal Approach

What You have achieved:

Look back, and assess what you have done.  See if you have achieved your plan. If you have achieved it, then, you are done. But if not, get more help.
If you contact me, I will help you, but this time not very free. A little cost and you will be happy. Send your requests to


Deacon Anekperechi Nworgu, a seasoned economist who transitioned into a chartered accountant, auditor, tax practitioner, and business consultant, brings with him a wealth of industry expertise spanning over 37 years.

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