A Sample Travel Agency Services Proposal for All

A Sample Travel Agency Services Proposal for All – This proposal is an all-inclusive Travel Agency business proposal. I have deliberately decided to make it like that so that a beginner in this business could also know how to go about  the business. This is because since you have shown  interest in starting your own traveling agency, it is good also you  have a good grasp of what traveling agency does and how they make their money.
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A Sample Travel Agency Services Proposal for All

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A Sample Travel Agency Services Proposal for All

In fact, the assumptions in this article is that you have your travel agency business registered ( incorporated ) and running. Base on this, I also assume that you have a business location – office – or you are operating from your home. I also assume that you are an independent travel agent or a franchised travel agent. These assumptions are to clear the fact that a freelance travel agent may not have a registered business name, incorporation number, business registered address, and so may not be legally right to make a binding business proposal for a binding business contract.

The attached Introductory letter: A Sample Travel Agency Services Proposal for All

It is with great pleasure that we write to introduce our company Waka About Travels Ltd to you and at the same time make proposals for Travel Agency Services.
Waka About Travels Ltd  is wholly a Nigerian company incorporated in Nigeria, as a limited liability company, under the Companies and Allied Matters Act (CAMA) CAP C20 LFN, 2004.
One of our services is rendering of series of travel agency services to organisations in the private and public sector of the economy.
We parade experienced staff as resource persons capable of meeting client’s travel/tourism needs.
We promise to give you the best services.
Attached is our business proposal for your management consideration. We will be very grateful to hear from you at your earliest convenient time.
Yours Faithfully,
NOTE: Let this letter be formally closed please.
Now get ready as we work together to produce a sample Travel Agency Services Proposal for all. It’s actually a proposal for all, in that it could be adapted for any type of travel agency activities and related services. In fact, the format is good for every services and consultancy businesses.

A Sample Travel Agency Services Proposal for All

The Business Proposal:

Company Overview:
Waka About Travels Ltd  is wholly a Nigerian company incorporated in Nigeria, as a limited liability company, under the Companies and Allied Matters Act (CAMA) CAP C20 LFN, 2004.

COMPANY PROFILE: A Sample Travel Agency Services Proposal for All

Waka About Travels Ltd  is a firm with great potential for higher growth and development. Mr. Anywhere Yougo, the Chief Executive Officer of the firm was a former worker of Now And Then Travel Agency Ltd based in Abuja with several branches all over the country.
Mr. Anywhere Yougo was in charge of the Abuja office for five years. Within these five years he garnered a lot of working experiences to enable him succeed in this his new endeavor. In the past two years he has been working on his own and has been able to penetrate into certain fora and platforms in this business which he never was aware of, and which are great assets for this firm now.

A Sample Travel Agency Services Proposal for All


The major objective of Waka About Travels Ltd is to provide air ticketing and visa delivery services and other ancillary tourism related services to the members of the public. It is our belief that providing efficient service delivery to the travelling/touring members of the public will in the end enhance the prosperity of Waka About Travels Ltd.
As amatter of fact, this objective when achieved will enable Waka About Travels Ltd provide employment for some of the unemployed youth of this country. That alone will enhance the wellbeing of those concerned, and checkmate social vices that has engulfed the populace due to high level of unemployment and poverty.


A Sample Travel Agency Services Proposal for All. Our services are various and not limited to the following, but are so structured to effectively address every class of client and needs.
  • Making travel arrangements for clients
  • Travel ticket booking and reservations.
  • Hotel booking and reservations.
  • Providing visa assistance
  •  Liaising with the airlines on behalf of clients
  • Check-in and Baoding Pass available to client
  • Providing counselling and travel advisory services to clients.
  • Structuring  travel itineraries  for clients according to  interests.
  • Monitoring the return journey  of the clients,
  • Hunting/searching for the best prices on  all services.
  • Event management services –  event tickets, participations etc.
  • Provision of ground transportation –  car hire service
  • Arrangements with Car leasing  companies for clients during their stay in foreign countries.
  • Arranging special tours for people on vacations.
  • Arranging for travel insurance for  clients.
  • Providing any form of service or assistance that would improve the travel experience of clients.

A Sample Travel Agency Services Proposal for All


Our targeted market is the general public, which includes the public and private sector. Corporate booking is very essential for the business to survive. Therefore, our targeted market are as follows:
  • Corporate Private ( companies)  sector of the economy,
  • The public sector: Government agencies and parastatals,
  • Civil Society organizations.
  • Local and foreign NGOs
  • Families,
  • Social, and professional organizations.


The Management Team is made up of the following:
  • Mr. Mr. Anywhere Yougo – Chief Executive Officer
  • Mrs. Go Andcome – Director.
  • Travellers Consultants Ltd – Auditor, financial and business consultants.
  • GT Bank  –  Banker.

A Sample Travel Agency Services Proposal for All


Our policy on ticket fare is to give our clients cheap and affordable tickets. Therefore our clients  on international travels are charged airline  online ticket fares.
However it should be noted that all ticket fares are based on availability. What this means is that Ticket fares are subject to change.
Local tickets are equally based on the system fares plus 10% per issued ticket as service charge.
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A Sample Travel Agency Services Proposal for All