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How To Be A Ginger Exporter From Nigeria

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How to be a Ginger Exporter from Nigeria – You have to know – How to contact foreign buyers of Nigerian ginger, ginger export price, ginger importing countries, buyers of ginger in Europe, ginger buyers in Canada, buyers of ginger in Nigeria, details of export market for ginger and price of ginger in international market. How to be a Ginger Exporter from Nigeria

This Post on Ginger Exportation:

Consequently, How to be a Ginger Exporter from Nigeria. This is what this post is all about. Complete Full Marks Consultants Limited is a firm of chartered accountants, auditors, taxation and business consultants registered and based in Nigeria. As professionals we assure you every information you require to kick-off your ginger export business – produce sourcing, marketing, and international connections,  and the entire value chain information.

How To Be A Ginger Exporter From Nigeria

The International Market:

How to be a Ginger Exporter from Nigeria.  Europe is an interesting market for exporters of fresh and dried ginger. The demand is high already and is  expected to grow more in the coming years and prices are rising too. China is the main supplier of both whole and ground ginger to Europe, and it is your main competitor on the European market.
In addition to Nigeria and China, other countries where Ginger roots is grown and exported largely are Brazil, India, Jamaica, Australia and Sierra Leone.
The demand for Ginger ( fresh and dried)  in the international market has gone up significantly because the root is now being used as raw material in various manufacturing processes. How to be a Ginger Exporter from Nigeria
How To Be A Ginger Exporter From Nigeria

How To Be A Ginger Exporter From Nigeria

The  Produce description

As a matter of facts, the plant is cultivated in the tropics and the main producing countries are China, India, Nigeria and Peru. Ginger has high medicinal and food value, and it’s cultivated in large quantities by many farmers in Nigeria especially in the northern part.
Ginger oil extract is used as raw material in the pharmaceutical industry , foods and confectioneries by companies in America, Canada, Japan, Morocco  and some countries in Europe and these constitute the major importers of Ginger.

The Business Opportunity before You Now:

How to be a Ginger Exporter from Nigeria.  In the international market Ginger is very highly demanded and as such there exist opportunities  for new comers who want to start Ginger export business.
You can also start ginger oil extracting firm now for export. In fact, some small scale industries have sprung up in the northern parts of Nigeria where Ginger root is now been processed into oil for export. Local food companies in Nigeria are also patronising them to produce foods/drinks like ginger drinks, ginger biscuits, ginger sweets etc.

How To Be A Ginger Exporter From Nigeria

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How To Be A Ginger Exporter From Nigeria

NOTES ON: How to be a Ginger Exporter from Nigeria.

(1) The price of Ginger in the local market vary from time to time.
You can get it cheaper if you deal with us. As at today a bag of  dried ginger goes for about $120.00 per bag and sells internationally for $240.00 per bag. A ton is 1,000 kg. Therefore if your bag is 40kg you will need 25 of them to make a ton, so you buy 25 bags at $3,000 and sell at $6000 or more internationally. That gives you a gross profit of $3,000.00, so if your OPEX ( operating expenses)takes 30% of this, you will still make a net profit of – $3,000 less $3,000 x 30% or $3,000 x 0.70 – $2,100.00.
On fresh ginger you buy a bag at (N19,500), $64.00 and sell at $200.00 per bag. A ton is $64.00 x 25 = $1,600.00 buying and $200.00 x 25 bags/ton = $5,000.00. You can calculate the profit making provisions for your OPEX.
The exchange rate used here is N306.00: $1.00
(2) I believe the export of Ginger root and Ginger oil from Nigeria is a profitable business.
(3) You can start off today. At least contacting us for initial discussions.
(4)You Need us for the following on:
  • How to Contact foreign buyers of Nigerian Ginger.
  • How to get them to sign export contract with you.
  •  Where to source for cheap Ginger in Nigeria.
  • How to contact other  local exporters in Nigeria – you need to build synergy.
  • How to make money from export brokerage business right in your room without capital.
  • Method of payment recognized in export business.
  • Export business documentation.
How to be a Ginger Exporter from Nigeria. These and many more information we will supply you as soon as you contact to negotiate with us.
You have to  make up your mind fast to become an exporter of Ginger and other agricultural produce from Nigeria because others have already started making their millions by exporting  ginger and agricultural produce from Nigeria to the international market.

Immediate Actions Required of You:

As you can see, we can go on and on, but what is important is putting them into action. Complete Full Marks Consultants Limited will help you with every information you need on ginger business. We will connect you to the sources of ginger in Nigeria.
Call us on +234 8034347851 or email for further information and to negotiate for our services. You will have every information at a minimal cost.
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