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Jamb 2022 Questions and Answers / Chemistry Trending Questions – The relevance of this is in your understanding the pattern of JAMB past questions and answers on Commerce, mathematics and Biology, JAMB syllabus for maths 2021/2022, English JAMB question, JAMB commerce question 2021/2022, JAMB past question on economics and commerce 2021/2022, WAEC past questions and answers on Accounting & Commerce and JAMB government question.
Jamb 2022 Questions and Answers / Chemistry Trending Questions. Many a times, it’s not the IQ, but reading wisely. Exam questions have trend, and that is what I want you to discover today. Understanding the JAMB’s exam trend and pattern of questions  will make you an undergraduate in the university of your choice by September, 2022.

2021/2022 JAMB Trending Questions:

For Jamb 2022 Questions and Answers / Chemistry Trending Questions, and others, I’m going extra miles to bring success to you and chart your future curve of lifelines. This is a painstaking tracking of trends that will help you pass your exams at once.
Covered in this series are: Mathematics, Accounting, Commerce, Chemistry, Economics, Literature, Agric Science, CRK, Geography, Government, Biology, Physics And others.


Objective Questions

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1. A mixture of iodine and sulphur crystals can be separated by treatment with
A. water of filter off sulphur
B. carbon (1V) sulphide to filter off iodine
C. ethanoic acid to filter off sulphur
D. methanol to filter off iodine
2. Sieving is a technique used to separate mixtures containing solid particles of
A. small sizes
B. large sizes
C. different sizes
D. the same size
3. Which of the compounds is composed of Al, Si, O and H?
A. Epson salt
B. Limestone
C. Clay
D. Urea
4. 50cm3 of carbon (11) oxide was exploded with 150cm3 of air containing 20% oxygen by volume, which of the reactants was in excess?
A. Carbon (11) oxide
B. Carbon (1V) oxide
C. Oxygen
D. Nitrogen
5. How many moles of HCl will be required to react with potassium heptaoxodichromate (V1) to produce 3 moles of chlorine?
A. 14
B. 12
C. 11
D. 10
6. The ratio of the initial to the final pressure of a given mass of gas is 1:1:5. Calculate the final volume of the gas if the initial volume was 300cm3 at the same temperature.
A. 120 cm3
B. 200 cm3
C. 450 cm3
D. 750 cm3
7. The partial pressure of oxygen in a sample of air is 452mm Hg and the total pressure is 780mmHg. What is the mole fraction of oxygen?
A. 0.203
B. 0.579
C. 2.030
D. 5.790
8. The fundamental difference between the three states of matter is the
A. shape of their particles
B. number of particles in each state
C. shape of the container they occupy
D. degree of movement of their particles


9. Which of the following the following statements is correct about the periodic table?
A. Element in the same period have the same number of valence electrons
B. The valence electrons of the elements in the same period increase progressively across
the period
C. Elements in the same group have the number of electron shells
D. The non-metallic properties of the elements tent to decrease across each period
10. The electron configuration of 22X2+ ion is
A. ls2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p6 4s2 3d2
B. ls2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p6 4s2 3d1
C. ls2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p6
D. ls2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p6 4p2
11. Which of the following types of bonding does not involves the formation of new substance?
A. Metallic
B. Covalent
C. Co-ordinate
D. Electrovalent
12. The knowledge of half-life can be used to
A. create an element
B. detect an element
C. split an element
D. irradiate an element
13. The shape of CO2H2O and CH4 respectively are
A. bent linear and tetrahedral
B. bent tetrahedral and linear
C. linear bent and tetrahedral
D. tetrahedral, linear and bent.
14. The distance between the nuclei of chlorine atoms in a chlorine molecule is 0.914 nm. The atomic radius of chlorine atom is
A. 0.097 nm
B. 0.914 nm
C. 2.388 nm
D. 2.388 nm
15. The noble gas, argon, is used for
A. electric are welding
B. welding brass
C. underwater welding
D. steal welding
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16. A side effect of soft water is that
A. it gives offensive taste
B. excess calcium s precipitate
C. it attacks lead contained in pipes
D. it encourages the growth of bacteria
17 Water molecules can be ligands especially when they are bonded to.
A. alkaline earth metals
B. alkali metals
C. transition metals
D. group V11 elements
18. The air pollutant unknown in nature is
19. 10dm3 of distilled water used to wash 2.0 g of a precipitate of AgCl. If the solubility product of AgCl is 2.0 x10-10 moldm-6, what quantity of silver was lost in the process?
A. 2.029 x10-3 mol dm-3
B. 1.414 x 10-3 mol dm-3
C. 2.029 x 10-5 mol dm-3
D. 1.414 x 10-5 mol dm-3
20. Hydration of ions in solution is associated with
A. absorption of heat
B. reduction of heat
C. conduction of heat
D. liberation of heat
21. In which order are the following salts sensitive to light?
A. Agl ›AgCl ›AgBr
B. AgCl ›Agl ›AgBr
C. AgBr ›AgCl ›AgI
D. AgCl ›AgBr ›AgI


23. Thee pOH of a solution of 0.25 mol dm-3 of hydrochloric acid is
A. 12.40
B. 13.40
C. 14.40
D. 14.60
24. For a reaction in equilibrium, the species involved in the equilibrium constant expression are
A. gaseous and solid species
B. liquid and solid species
C. solid and dissolved species
D. gaseous and dissolved species
25. A phenomenon where an element exists in different forms in the same physical state is known as
A. isomerism
B. amorphism
C. allotropy
D. isotropy
26. The substance often used for vulcanization of rubber is
A. chlorine
B. hydrogen peroxide
C. sulphur
D. tetraoxosulphate (V1) acid
27. A gas that is not associated with global warming is
A. CO2
B. SO3
C. CH4
D. H2
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28. The refreshing and characteristics taste of soda water and other soft drinks is as a result of the presence in them of
A. carbon(1V)oxide
B. carbon(11) oxide
C. soda
D. glucose
29. A form of carbon used for absorbing poisonous gases and purification of noble gases is
A. wood charcoal’
B. animal charcoal
C. carbon fibres
D. carbon black.
30. Synthesic gas is a mixture of
A. CH4 and H2O
B. CH4 and H2
C. CO2 and H2
D. CO and H2
Chemistry is an essential course for most science faculties. A clear articulation is very necessary to pass its exams. Past examination trends as we have here will go a long way in helping you achieve your admission goal.
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