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Register Your Personal NGO in Nigeria Fast / How To Register A Peronal NGO in Nigeria

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Register Your Personal  NGO in Nigeria Fast. This How To Register A Personal NGO in Nigeria. As a matter of fact, this is how to Register Your Personal NGO in Nigeria Fast. In fact,  how to start an NGO, a church and register a foundation in Nigeria with sample NGO constitution. Others are  the cost of registering an NGO in Nigeria. Therefore, here is how to Register Your Personal  NGO in Nigeria Fast
Furthermore, before You Register NGO, Club, Churches, Town Meetings, Parties In Nigeria fast you have to test the waters by starting on the right footing, that is,  by taking care of all the start-up processes which include clarifying your goals, Making an action plan, Making a website, Getting  in the know-hows, Assessing  your NGO’s financial needs and Networking, networking, and networking. Read more here
As a matter of fact, if you must incorporate any personal NGO, you must take up these steps.
  • Initial readiness – Get the organisation started, do the start-up surveys and analysis and get the desired name and logo.
  • Contact Complete Full Marks Consultants for the registration procedures, beginning with Name Search and Reservation, and Incorporation/registration  on-line
  • Identification and group the board of trustee
  • Newspaper publications – to last for 28 days
  • Draft the constitutions/byelaws and other documents
Register Your Personal  NGO in Nigeria Fast / How To Register A Peronal NGO in Nigeria

 How To Register A Peronal NGO in Nigeria

That means you have to get two of such names ready for name search and reservation. If none of the two is accepted by CAC you start initializing two names again. So, it’s better you get two good names. Names that are unique and not similar to an already existing organisation. It must not also be one of the government restricted names. If they are among those names that you will need clearance from government to use, this permit must be gotten.
Furthermore, after the name is sourced and reserved you have to supply us with the following documents/information  for the  registration process.
  • Evidence of name Availability
  • Application form
  • A formal letter of application
  • The original newspaper publications
  • 2 copies of Applicant’s constitution
  • Minutes of the meeting whereat the trustees were appointed, signed by Chairman and Secretary of the Board
  • Minutes of the meeting where the special clause rules was adopted; signed by Secretary and Chairman
  • Scanned IDs of each trustee
  • Trustee’s personal information – residence address, email, phone number etc.
  • The impression of the common seal on the appropriate page of the form
  • Two copies of the application form duly signed by Secretary and Chairman of the Board
Today, things are getting better. The incorporations are now being done online. We would require you to provide us with your personal data and your signatures only; we will provide the other documents for you. This is to avoid  your delays in obtaining the documents and paying more for them.
Contact us if you have need of us, via,
Phone: +234 8034347851, +234 8097900795

 How To Register A Peronal NGO in Nigeria


Th following NGOs are included. Get your NGO enlisted.
  • Abibimman Foundation
  • Abraham Adesanya Foundation
  • Then, Abraham’s Children Foundation (ACF)
  • Abraham Omuya Foundation
  • Abia North Industrial Development Initiative
  • Able Reading Group
  • Abuja Children and Youth International Association of Nigeria (ACYIAN)
  • Abuja Metro Junior Chamber
  • Academic Associate Peace Work
  • Academic Associates
  • Then, Access Community Health and Development Organisation (ACHDO) – Formerly Mother and Child
  • Ace Development Initiatives
  • Achievers Development Centre
  • Arms of Comfort
  • Anambra State Women’s Association
  • Ane Osiobe International Foundation (AneOsiobe)
  • Anglican Communion Women’s Organisation
  • Anglican Diocesan Development Services (ADDS)
  • And then, Anitah and Delights
  • Back to Self Rehabilitation Initiative (BTS)
  • Badawa Community Partners for Health
  • Balga United Women Association (BUWA)
  • Banaa (Mothers) Development Association
  • Bank to School Foundation (BSF)
  • Baobab for Women’s Human Rights (BWHR)
  • Beachland Feminine Club
  • Beacon of Hope Outreach Ministry
  • Bengore Association Ltd
  • Berahah Foundation
  • Best Foundation Community Child Education
  • Best Konsult (Operation Drug Alert)
  • Bethesda Home for the Blind (BHB)
  • Better Life Foundation
  • And, Better Life World Foundation
  • Better Living Foundation
  • Betty Anyanwu-Akeredolu Foundation

Register Your Personal  NGO in Nigeria Fast / How To Register A Peronal NGO in Nigeria Call +234 8034347851 for registration. Thank you.


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