How Do I Plan & Organize  Big Events?

How Do I Plan & Organize  Big Events?

How do I plan & organize big events? No matter the type of event you are planning, here’re the event planning tips. As a matter of fact, the event may be your Birth Day celebration, Child’s Birthday celebration, End of year Celebration, Wedding feasts, Wedding anniversary celebration, NGO activities, Cultural events, Office parties etc. Here’re how to plan event step by step which is also the event planning checklist. Therefore, here re how to plan an event successfully.

Complete Full Marks Consultants Limited was planning the annual meeting of her clients – Overview of Annual Performance Appraisal. Volunteers were sought for and gotten. Therefore, there were people to set up chairs for the various sessions, audio-visual presentations, people walking around receiving guests and getting them sited properly.

How Do I Plan & Organize  Big Events?

But the only problem was that no one knew where to be and when at the different sessions. In the middle of one session there was an emergency. There was no First-Aid boxes provided for such emergencies. An old man was involved. Both the staff and the attendees panicked. Fortunately, there was an experiences Nurse in the audience.

Then, we learnt that an event has many moving parts that should be taken care of. Every session needs to be set up. A/V needs to be arranged, a speaker must be booked, and so on. Participants would want a schedule of the events they’re in, but organizers need different schedules altogether for proper monitoring. The room planner needs schedule of rooms and who’s doing the setup, while speaker organizer needs schedule of all speakers. Yet, there is need for a coordinator.

How Do I Plan & Organize  Big Events?

How Do I Plan & Organize  Big Events?

To Avoid Discomfort:

Make plans months ahead. Define the event’s purpose. Having a sentence or two in your head will help you lead the event in the right direction.

In addition, let there be clear division of labour.

And, a coordinator to be in place. Then, do the followings:

Set goals Define what you want to achieve and itemise approaches for achieving them.
Gather volunteers – Get volunteers ready ahead of time, whether they re volunteers or hired waiters and waitresses.

Prepare a budget – Get your budget in order. It doesn’t matter whether it’s own party or commercially assigned/contracted event management service, make your budgets.

Decide on time and place – In addition, ensure time and venue are certain ahead of time. Remember how expensive it’s to change venue suddenly.

What about logistics – Define the logistics involved. Articulate them and put cost on them too.
Furthermore, think about marketing and advertising – How do you publicize this activity to attract the targeted audience. In addition too, add cost elements to these.

Lastly, may be lastly, there could be other things….think. Then Organize yourself.

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How Do I Plan & Organize  Big Events?

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How Do I Plan & Organize  Big Events?

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