Poultry Farming Broiler Vaccination & Medication For Today’s Farmer

This post, Poultry Farming Broiler Vaccination & Medication For Today’s Farmer  include vaccination schedule for broilers.  In addition, Others re broiler medication guide, growth medicine and broiler chicken medicine chart. And then re cost of raising broilers in Nigeria and best breed of broiler in Nigeria.

When you  read our articles and appreciate us, you motivate us to do more. This post is in appreciation of those of you who call and send mails for business enquiry information. In today’s Nigeria economy poultry farming is one of the ongoing businesses that you require information on.  Therefore, based on recent business information enquiries we have been receiving, we offer here some essential information you require to manage your poultry business.

Poultry Farming Broiler Vaccination & Medication For Today’s Farmer

As a matter of fact, these information are useful when preparing your business plan.  In addition, they are good for fellow professional consultants who deal on this subject matter as business plan writers, freelance business writers, young and start-up entrepreneurs, student & business feasibility researchers and those for other national economic interests.

Poultry Farming Broiler Vaccination & Medication For Today’s Farmer

Poultry Farming Broiler Vaccination & Medication For Today’s Farmer – Broiler Vaccination & Medication Assessment Questions:

You could assess yourself with these questions before you continue.

  • How can we prevent diseases in poultry farm?
  • How do you raise day old broilers?
  • And, how to Raise Broiler Chicks?
  • How long does it take for a broiler to reach market weight?
  • And again, how do you increase broiler growth?
  • How much food do broiler chickens eat?

Guide for Broiler Vaccination and routine medications:

This chart/schedule is very essential and yet subject to your Vet instructions.

1 Antibiotic + Vitamin + Glucose 1 – 5   Oral
2 Gomboro Vaccine 7 1 Oral
3 Anticoccidis 9 – 11    
4 Lasota Vaccine + Vitamin 14 2 Oral
5 Anticoccidia 16    
6 Gumboro 21 3 Oral
7 Lasota 27 4  
8 Lasota 34 5  
9 Deworming 42 6 Oral
1 Lasota 49 7 Beyond 80kg

Poultry Farming Broiler Vaccination & Medication For Today’s Farmer – ESSENTIAL  NOTE:

  1. While you  give multivitamins –   2 days before and after every vaccination
  2. You must not give antibiotic a week before and after fowl typhoid vaccine
  3. Again, don’t give antibiotics a week before and after cholera vaccine
  4. This guide is subject to your Vet advice.

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Important poultry diseases to watch out are:

  • New castle,
  • Gumboro disease,
  • Bronchitis,
  • Mareks disease,
  • Salmanellosis,
  • Coryza,
  • Fowl Pox


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