How You May Win CBN Agribusiness Loan 2019

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How You May Win CBN Agribusiness Loan 2019

How to win CBN Agribusiness Loan 2019. This is also called Empowerment CBN Loan 2019. In fact it’s CBN empowerment loan without collateral. Therefore, this post sets out to answer some of your questions like; what re documents required for agricultural loan? And, how much do I have to put down on a farm loan? The answer to these questions are critical to your winning this agribusiness and other such empowerment loans. It also give insight into your query as to how you can get a loan from Bank of Agriculture. As a matter of fact, we proffer solutions to this in this post. How You May Win CBN Agribusiness Loan 2019 is the key.

In fact, this post gives one and only one solution to this challenge. However, before you get at the solution, there are other background solutions you need to have.  These are definitional issues to cover for good understanding of this article. One of them is; what is Nigeria’s Agricultural Credit Guarantee Scheme Fund?

Questions Answered:

A good understanding of this matters here. To answer that, Nigeria’s Agricultural Credit Guarantee Scheme Fund (ACGSF) is a policy instrument of Federal Government of Nigeria on Agricultural Credit. It’s meant to provide guarantee on loans granted by banks to farmers for agricultural and agro-allied purposes. This is for farm produce production and processing.

The other questions to take care of is, how do I get an agricultural loan? In fact, this is part of our solution. Therefore, we ask you to ensure you find out what the basic requirements are. Therefrom, see if you qualify for such targeted loans.  And then, make sure you meet the requirements. In addition, apply for a direct operating loan to fund purchases. Therefore, ask for a direct farm ownership loan to purchase or expand your farm. Such loans are not meant for your overhead expenses. And if you are a smaller farm, be frank, go for a microloan.

How You May Win CBN Agribusiness Loan 2019 – Our Solution:

The solutions lies on your ability to get a bankable supportive business plan from us. Our business plan will address all the challenges you may be encountering in winning an agribusiness loan. In fact, our business plan will define the scope of your operation and give you a good standing to qualify for the loan. Our business development experts will look into your business operation with a business plan questionnaire to ascertain your capacity to qualify for such loans.

Furthermore, we will generate a realisable feasibility analysis for your business that will promote your standing for the loan. In fact, our breakeven analysis and pay-back analysis will be one that no financier will overlook. Finally, our financial analysis will be there to speak for you.

How You May Win CBN Agribusiness Loan 2019


These services are available for you at any time from our office or online services. Look, you may fall into any of the following categories.


Here we generate several business ideas you can embark on for life. In fact, they are for full time and part time businesses. They are good for sole proprietorship and for partnership businesses. Again, you can start any one on a small scale or large scale as a limited liability company.

Furthermore, for any one you are interested in, our business development service experts will help you with suitable business plans, export licence, mining and other licences like NAFDAC licence to start off your business. In fact, we’ll help you register a business name or company @ Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in Nigeria.


In addition, for ongoing businesses, we will structure your internal control system. And then, review your business plan, process your tax clearance, PENCOM, ITF and NSITF compliance certificates to qualify you do some businesses with the federal government of Nigeria. Contact on +234 8034347851 or


Overall, this website – – provides you with enough business ideas for any government youth or special class of individual’s empowerment programmes. Think of Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme (P-Yes), the CBN Small and Medium Enterprises Credit Guarantee Scheme (SMECGS) – for promoting access to credit by SMEs in Nigeria, SMEDEN & BOI credit schemes, etc. For these, we will support your grant application with a business plan.


Lastly, Complete Full Marks Consultants Limited, floats an entrepreneurship empowerment centre. The Complete Entrepreneurship Empowerment Centre (CEEC) offers training packages for would-be and existing entrepreneurs to empower them do their businesses better. Admission is FREE. Click here for further information.

No doubt, you now have the solutions to the challenges you have in obtaining any government or NGO sponsored loan scheme for one programme or the other.

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Deacon Anekperechi Nworgu, a seasoned economist who transitioned into a chartered accountant, auditor, tax practitioner, and business consultant, brings with him a wealth of industry expertise spanning over 37 years.

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