Profitable Small Processing & Manufacturing Business Opportunities in Nigeria

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Profitable Small Processing & Manufacturing Business Opportunities in Nigeria

Two important questions you may be asking are; what can I process or manufacture? Which manufacturing or processing business is most profitable? In fact, here are Top Profitable Small Processing & Manufacturing Business Opportunities in Nigeria listed and explained below. Top Profitable Small Processing & Manufacturing Business Opportunities in Nigeria will take you there.

As a matter of fact, some of the most lucrative products are those from paper, food processing, rubber, leather, furniture, household items, chemical, agrochemical and other factories and industries. If you read in-between the lines of this article, you will get over 300 business ideas. In fact, when you combine them you get more. Now, read on.

Business Ideas

 Aluminium Fabrication: Door, Window & other accessories. With aluminium sheets you can fabricate anything. You can make doors and windows. In fact you can fabricate other home and building accessories from any location. This business has extended into home decoration fittings and many more. The diversified nature of this business has made it one of the most profitable small business manufacturing opportunities. In fact, you can start this business with small start-up capital. You can also make it big.

Aluminium Roofing Sheets – This is associated with aluminium fabrication discussed above. But considering the nature of business we’re considering you can’t run the two together. This one is a bit capital intensive. However, you may not need your own equipment. What you could do is to buy the materials and then patronise those who have the equipment for the formwork. In fact, there are some formations you can do with manual platform in front of your office.

For any of these aluminium-based processing business opportunities, there is a bankable business plan for it. So, if you are asking, how can I start my own manufacture or processing business, our business plan will do that for you.

In addition are;

Confectionery Business – This is a composite name for all fried and baked floor-related businesses. Therefore, you can start a bakery business for bread (assorted), cakes, chim chim, biscuit and many more.

Confectionary business is one of the most profitable food processing business opportunity you can start easily. Just take a niche out of the multiple sphere of confectionery business and build on it. As it is, selecting the right product and proper marketing strategy would be a major deciding factor in getting success in the business. We have a ready-made business plan for this. Click here to read the online version.


Banana/Plantain Wafer Making – Banana or plantain wafers are made from under-ripped bananas or plantain that are cut into slice dipped in syrup solution. Then, dried under the sun or in the oven. Thereafter, fried and eaten as snack food or dessert. You sell this both in the local and export markets. So, you can initiate this business on a small-scale basis.

Blouse Hook Making – Blouse hook is an essential item for garment industry. It’s used generally in women’s wear. Every such cloth as blouses, churidars, tops, frocks, and etc. must have it.  Therefore, any individual with low start-up capital investment can start.  This venture will earn you handsome money. In fact, you will need to service both wholesaler and retailers, garment manufacturing companies, tailor, fashion designers and all others. From all of these, how now,  do you see the market?

Candle Making: Just get the moulds ready with some quantities of wax and you are done. As a matter of fact, candle making business can be initiated on a small-scale and on part-time basis. People use candle for both religious and domestic purpose. In fact, it’s being used as a decor item. That is why, aside from the traditional long white candle, the demand for scented and decorative candles are also growing.

Profitable Small Processing & Manufacturing Business Opportunities in Nigeria

Carton-Crates Manufacturing – Actually, cartons are widely used for bulk packaging. Crates re specialty packaging boxes generally used in custom and export-oriented markets. In B2B, this is considered as one of the most profitable small business manufacturing ideas. So, if you are in any of our factory and manufacturing cities, this is a good business idea for you.

Cashew Processing – This process involves cell cooking, cutting, kernel drying, peeling, grading and packing. On the other hand, you can start cashew nut processing as a small export-oriented plan. We have a well-structured business plan for this. Click here to get the online version yet.

Yet are;

Chalk Making – Chalk is still used for writing on blackboards in schools. Apart from schools, educations, and training institutions, chalks are used by tailors, furniture makers, and construction workers and by many industries.

One good thing about chalk production is that the raw materials are 100% locally generated. You can start this at your home with any other of our business ideas in this article. Our Complete Entrepreneurship Empowerment Centre (CEEC) offers training packages for would-be and existing entrepreneurs to empower them do their businesses better. Admission is FREE.

Cheesecake Making – This is associated with the confectionery business discussed above. The ingredients required for cheesecakes production re cheese, sugar, strawberries, wheat flour, egg, maize, vegetable oil, starch, salt, preservative, colour, and essence. Cheesecake is an additive for other products.  In fact, it works well with a wide variety of flavours ranging from lemon and chocolate to pumpkin. Cheesecake making business can be started on a small-scale basis.

In addition;

Chocolate Making: This is also another associate of confectionery business. I have tried to separate them for reason of emphasis. As matter of fact, the production process of chocolate may vary according to the different quality of chocolate. Based on the availability of raw material you can decide the taste and ingredients for chocolate production. In fact, chocolate making is a profitable food processing business. You can create a chocolate brand with repute within your operational area. That’s a good business. Isn’t it?

Coconut Milk Powder Production – Coconut milk powder has a good market potential in various countries. Furthermore, coconut milk powder has several advantages. Advantages include long shelf life, fewer storage space requirement and lower cost of packing. Coconut milk powder is a trending small business manufacturing idea we recommend for new entrepreneurs.

And more are;

Coconut Oil Manufacturing – Coconut oil is an important cooking ingredient. In addition, coconut oil has various industrial applications. It’s used for production of toilet soaps and laundry soaps. It serves as surface active agent and detergent, hair tonics, hair oils, cosmetics and etc.

However, one important feature in this business is that localization matters. Industry must be located near raw material. Note that the two cocoa nut associated products can serve as bi-product of the other.

Concrete Block Manufacturing – Processing cement, sand and water together gives you the quality of cement block you need. As a matter of fact, concrete blocks and tiles are precast solid cement concrete products. These re commonly used for flooring, pavements, wall, garden path, etc. Once you can procure a simple machinery, with locally available raw materials, you can start this manufacturing business.

Condensed Milk Production – This is a Sweetened condensed milk. It has both domestic and export sector market opportunities. In fact, the only main raw material you need is good quality milk. As at now, condensed milk production is one of the most profitable food processing business any individual can initiate.

Top Profitable Small Processing & Manufacturing Business Opportunities in Nigeria

Cotton Buds Making: If you are looking for a small processing business to do, this is ok. In fact, cotton buds or cotton swabs making business can be initiated on a small scale basis. This is a short spindle with one or both ends coated with an absorbent cotton padding. If you must know, these buds have long been used for various cosmetic and personal hygiene tasks. It’s particularly good for cleaning the ear. Cotton buds design has advanced significantly.

Custard Powder Production: Where there are raw materials and medium size tools, you can start. For this, you require raw materials such as corn-flour, arrowroot starch, food colours, and essence. As you can see, these raw material are easily available. In fact, that’s what makes this business lucrative and profitable. Again, a small scale unit can also be established with some simple machinery.

Designer Lace Making: This can be home-based business. In fact, it’s one of comparatively low start-up capital business you can venture into easily. As a matter of fact, Lace is a craft material used in garment designing. With modern lace machines you can produce this and in large quantities. In fact, several machines are available to make lace through machines. In addition, the increasing demand for fashion garment has increased the demand for designer lace.

Added are:

Detergent Powder, Liquide & Solid Soap Manufacturing – The manufacturing process of detergent powder or liquid is simple. In fact, it only involves the mixing process with the right formula. Body cream, liquid soap, Izal, Dettol and other disinfectants production business can apply.

On the other hand, Soap Manufacturing is related to this. As a matter of fact, there re varieties of soap used widely by rural and urban people. Consequently, in many cities in Nigeria, commercial soap making is one of the most profitable small business manufacturing ideas.

As a matter of fact, the good thing is that you can start the manufacturing unit on a small scale with small capital investment.

In addition are;

 Drinking Straw Making: People drink a lot, especially in the public places. This is where this comes in. As a matter of fact, drinking straw making business is considered a micro-manufacturing opportunity. So, with small capital, the manufacturing unit can be established.

Energy Drink Production – Energy drink is a very popular option for stress relief nowadays. Moreover, energy drink production is one profitable and trending small business manufacturing ideas in the current world. However, initiating an energy drink manufacturing business is cost intensive. It will also requires a strong product promotion strategy. Production licence will also be required.

Get more here too;

Envelope Making – This is a common one these days. In fact, because paper envelopes are daily necessity items for the household, educational organizations, and offices, loads of people got into it recently. You can join them. The market is still large to accommodate new comers as the demand is found to be huge and it’s ever increasing. You can do this through establishing either a manual or automatic machine. So, you can initiate this business as small-scale one.

Business Combinations: Whether in drink or other processing outfits, you may need to combine two or more products. You may also wish to have by-products of the major item. To get you on you need a business plan to structure this business in a functional state. Email us at for further details.

Top Profitable Small Processing & Manufacturing Business Opportunities in Nigeria

And more here, too;

Eraser Making: Where there are papers, pencils and other related writing materials, paper rubber eraser become necessary. Rubber eraser is generally made from natural rubber. In fact, a large section of people use this. These include students, artists, bookkeepers, typist, and others to correct mistakes. Eraser making project is profitable. Again, there is demand for it in both the domestic and export market.

Exercise Book Manufacturing – This process is simple. In fact, so simple that any individual can initiate this business with comparatively low start-up capital. You can do this from your home if you wish. As an office stationery and schooling item, the demand is ever soaring.  And, in accordance to the demand, several different types of machinery are also available.

Top Profitable Small Processing & Manufacturing Business Opportunities in Nigeria

File Manufacturing – This is also related to the exercise book and eraser business hinted about above. Files by their nature, are essential educational and office stationery item. The paper type are in models. So, you can make it a flat file with no strap or cover file with strap.  Both the paper flat and polymer models are in vogue currently. In fact, with simple machinery, you can initiate file manufacturing business in small-scale.

Staple Pin Making: Staple pin making process is simple. Furthermore, you can start the business as home-based small-scale basis. Staple pin is produced from the white galvanized iron wire. Using good quality iron wire will assure the production of good quality and long lasting staple pins. However, it’s a business you can start with a small budget and low infrastructure.

Gem Clip Making – Is associated with all the stationeries discussed above. Gem clip or paper clip is an essential education and office stationery item.  The process of producing this is simple. Again, this business can be operated as a part-time or full-time basis.

More as follows;

Handmade Paper Making – Handmade papermaking is a craft idea. Its manufacturing process is also simple. In fact, students can use this handmade paper for project work for the school and for different craft making. With it, you can produce certain specialized varieties of paper, for example, watermark, filter paper, and drawing sheets, etc.

Flour Production: This processing business can be small or large. In fact, there are export need of milled cereals all over the world. Flour is simply produced by milling food grains. In addition, there are varieties. Different varieties or types of flour are used to prepare different foods. You can choose from Wheat flour, brown flour, whole wheat flour, wholemeal flour, etc. The milling process is simple. So you can initiate this on a small-scale basis with simple machinery. Everything milling require a milling business plan. Get one from us today.

In addition are;

Garment Manufacturing – This is a business that require some basic experience in garment related activity. If you have this, starting a garment manufacturing business is a profitable business. Just look for small machines to start on a small scale. However, because it fall into fashion business the market is competitive. As such, selecting the right product segment is critical in making a successful garment manufacturing business. Making Ankara accessories, beads and wireworks are associated with this.

As a matter of fact, the business plan we do for you will set you on a good footing. Click here for contact.

Fruit Bar – There’re assorted fruit in the tropical countries. Nigeria in particular has a lot of them. So, why not start Mango, pineapple fruit bars. The making process is simple. If you can install a simple machinery, a small-scale unit can be initiated even from home also.

Fruit Juice Production – In fact, this is a sub-set of the fruit bar discussed above. Fruit juice is a ready to serve item. Another popular product is squash. As you know, these re very popular throughout the year, especially in summer. You can initiate one on a small-scale basis. Then, you have to choose your product according to the availability of raw materials in your locality. This business is good for full-time house wives.

In addition;

Grape Wine Making – Is another fruit related product you can get into.  Grape wine making involves fermenting the grape juice. The major raw material required in this process is grapes. However, Grape wine-making is capital intensive and requires proper operational and marketing strategy.

Ginger Garlic Paste Processing: It’s important to note that instant mixes and spices are becoming more popular. That’s why the demand for ginger garlic paste is also increasing. In fact, Ginger and Garlic Paste is mainly used as condiment in various food preparation. It also serves as a carminative and gastric stimulant in many medicinal preparations. So, you are in a good business if you start now. In fact, the product has an immense export market opportunity.


Export Businesses: If you have followed us duly in this article, you would have noticed the export business tendencies of many of the products as business ideas. If this is your own idea, we will help you with a winning bankable business plan. We will also incorporate your business at CAC and get you an export licence. Again, we will help you with foreign buyers.

Ginger Oil Production – This product is applied in the confectionery, beverages and baked products. So, Ginger oil production is a profitable small business manufacturing idea. Furthermore, this business can be started as small or medium scale.

Yet more are;

Groundnut Oil Processing – In Nigeria, this is common in the Northern part. But it’s produced here manually. In fact, Groundnut oil production in Nigeria is financially a profitable venture with huge export potential. However, initiating a groundnut oil production business requires a business plan and feasibility study preparation which we can do for you. Just call +234 8034347851. The business plan will highlight all production value chain and marketing requirements.

Hair Band Making – Hair bands re popular hair accessories for girls and boys. So, hairband making is one of the lucrative small business manufacturing ideas. In fact, you can start this business on a small scale basis. Currently, the trend in fashion upgrade and changes, call for different types of fashionable colourful hair band that are now becoming very popular.

Yet are more, like;

Honey Processing – To process honey, you have to remove the wax and other foreign unwanted particles from the natural honey.  The two systems to be used include the manual or electric driven system. So, the production process is simple. You can start on a small scale.

Hospital Rubber Goods Consumable – Hospital or diagnostic rubber consumable item manufacturing business is a profitable business idea. However, it’s important to select the right product. In fact, several different types of pipes, bags, gloves and many other rubber products make up the consumables hugely used in the hospital industry. Open your eyes here to see so much opportunities that slip away from you, even now.

Get more here;

Ice Block Manufacturing – Ice block is of multiple purposes. In fact, they’re essential for transportation and preservation of frozen food. Frozen drinks and water are all by ice block especially during the heat time. This is why your ice block unit must be suitable to local demands.

Iron Fabrication: May be you thing, this is not a manufacturing business. Just visit any of the iron welders around you. As a matter of fact, the ice block manufacturing business narrated above uses fabricated ice block making machines produced by this unit. I tell you, there are other fabricatable production units you can produce as a welder.

Ice Cream Cone Making – This is an accessory in ice cream business. Ice cream cones come in different shapes for many varieties of flavours and forms. Of course, there is a demand for this product throughout the year. In fact, its demand increases year after year. So, with continuous increase in sale of ice-creams, demand for the cones will continue increasing.

Ice Cream Making – As you can see from above, the manufacture of ice cream could be different from those of the ice cream cone. In fact, the production of the cones can be outsourced. In the main, ice cream making is a profitable small business idea.  This is a frozen blend of a sweetened cream mixture and air, with added flavourings. A wide variety of ingredients are applied to produce ice cream.

Top Profitable Small Processing & Manufacturing Business Opportunities in Nigeria

In addition are;

Invitation Card Making – This could be artistic. So, you can initiate an invitation card making business with some simple machinery. The process is very simple. It does not require so much personnel to be paid for. That qualifies it as a profitable business idea. Currently, invitation card industry is booming. In fact, the demand is increasing day-by-day.

Iodized Salt Production – The consumption of sufficient amount of iodine fortified salt helps avoid iodine deficiency in human beings. Because Iodized Salt consumption is directly related to population growth its demand growth is steady. Therefore, any production process will certainly be a profitable one.

Jam Jelly Making – In fact, Jam jelly-making business is lucrative. Furthermore, you can start the business on a small scale with low capital. With proper planning and strategy, which we can provide for you, you can even start from your home. Just think of any petroleum jelly product to design.

Hamper Bag Making:  This is a natural product. The main raw material is available in certain locations of the country. Because it can be made with different fibres, it’s important you carefully choose your type, demand and location.


Lathe Machine Unit – Lathe is defines as a machine for shaping wood, metal, or other material by means of a rotating drive which turns the piece being worked on against changeable cutting tools.  By its nature, therefore, the lathe is one of the most important tools for various several machines. The aluminium roofing sheet producers use one for of manual lathe or the other. Those who fabricate this lathe, iron welders/fabricators are in big business already.  

Leather Bag Making – There are different types of leather bags. It’s another designer’s web. They are very popular among people. So, you can make, Laptop bag, handbag, wallet, ladies purse, folders etc.  The leather bag making process is simple with little sewing knowledge. The main raw material is finished leather.

Top Profitable Small Processing & Manufacturing Business Opportunities in Nigeria

 Livestock Feed Production – In the livestock business there are several livestock feed items. In fact, their demand continues to increase day by day. As a matter of fact, you can produce cattle feed, fish feed, and poultry feed. You can do one or a combination of them. In fact, this is one of the profitable small business manufacturing ideas you can start with moderate capital investment.

Meat Processing: Meat processing uses one form of technology or the other. These are the steps and procedures in the manufacture of processed meat products. Processed meat products undergo one form of physical and/or chemical treatment. On the other hand, you must have the proper distribution and marketing strategy to make this business successful. We can start you off with a winning business plan.

Milling Business – Generally, milling business opportunities in Nigeria involve wide manufacturing operations. Considering the raw material you want to mill, you can initiate different types of mill business as small or medium scale industry.

Top Profitable Small Processing & Manufacturing Business Opportunities in Nigeria

Mini Paper Mill – This is an excellent business idea. In fact, it’s one of the most profitable paper business ideas one can initiate with substantial capital investment. However, one need to be careful in selecting the location. Such factories are usually located near source of raw material.

Noodles Making: This enjoys a boom in the food service sector. Majorly this involves fast food. In fact, the fast food chain has widened the demand potential for Noodles. The two popular types of noodles are the normal and the instant types. The process is quite simple and doesn’t require much-skilled labour.

Nut Bolt Making: This business comes under the light engineering product manufacturing. In fact, nuts and bolts re a type of industrial fasteners. They are used in various products, machines, structures, etc. as fasteners. Therefore, nuts and bolts consist of a major link in the family of industrial fasteners.

Sachet Drinking Water Production: There has been increased awareness of good health generally in the country. This is in connection with the scarcity of getting pure drinking water nowadays. So, these have created immense market demand for packaged/sachet drinking water. The need for this is for both domestic and officially. In initiating packaged drinking water business, it is important to register and undergo NAFDAC inspection in Nigeria. Our business plan will help you here.

Still get more here;

Packaging Box Production: This is an essential item in the packaging system. If you understand that every product requires packaging to go to the market, you then understand what business you are into. So, the demand is huge and steadily increasing. In fact, the manufacturing process is simple. However, certain manually operated machines are required for a small capital investment.

Palm Oil Processing: There are both traditional and mechanised processing. The mechanised processing requires a milling plant. The main raw input is palm fruits. Palm oil is both locally and internationally an important edible oil. This is in addition to its industrial uses. Palm oil processing is profitable and capital intensive. Types of palm oil processing units differ in the level of mechanization of each unit operation and the interconnecting materials transfer mechanisms. Our Palm oil processing business plan will direct your more on what to do.

Get more here;

Paint Manufacture:  In pain manufacture, you have to understand the application of the four main components in the production. These are the pigment, binder, liquid, and additives. The pigment provides the texture, colour and the hiding properties of the paint.  In this production, you have also to consider the application methods. Your product must be able to be adaptable to applications such as for spray application, brush methods, and electrostatic spraying.

There are a lot of people in this business already. A winning business plan from us will make you stand out differently.

Paper Bag Making – This goes for celebration occasions, shopping and many others. Therefore, paper bag making is one of the most profitable paper business ideas currently. In the countries where plastic carrying bags are no longer welcomed, this business becomes a huge opportunity for investors. In fact, there is a huge market for all types of paper bags, shopping bags and paper gift bags. Others include brown craft paper, and customized gift bags to shopping malls, franchises of companies, and personal showrooms among others.

Additionally are;

Paper Cup Making: This is associated with the paper bag discussed above. In fact, the businesses can be combed as complementary products. Circumstances make paper cup making business one of the most lucrative small business manufacturing ideas in Nigeria. The fact that paper cup is a disposable item makes it profitable.

Plastic Product Manufacturing – Small plastic products re essential household items. The popular ones include plastic balls, mug, bulti, small container, drum, toys, etc. With a simple plastic dye machine, you can start the business.

Potato Chips Making – These are sliced, thin and fried potato chips. They are very popular ready-to-eat snack items. Potato is also cheaply available. Furthermore, the chips making process is also simple.

Get these more;

Potato Powder Making – This is another potato product. Potato powder is in fact an important ingredient for a variety of food preparations. It may be involved in the preparation of snack foods, soups, curries, and other dishes as a thickening agent. However, potato powder manufacturing may require mechanised system which makes it a capital-intensive business project.

Rice Mill: This business has a lot of other business opportunities attached to it. In a processing system like this, you can process paddy to produce edible rice. You can also produce rice bran oil. In fact, the by-products here can launch you into animal feed production. Just define your niche. The mini rice mill which you require consists of a paddy cleaner, sheller, separator and a polisher. You will find out that rice mill of any size is a profitable food processing business. There is a business plan for this. Contact us today. But click here to get the online version.

Rubber Band Manufacturing: Rubber band of any size is sellable. As a matter of fact, the rubber band is a retail and household consumable item. The newspaper industry also uses massive quantities of rubber bands. These they use to keep the individual newspapers rolled or folded together before home delivery. Since the rubber band manufacturing process is very simple, any individual can initiate it with small start-up capital.

Rubber Floor/Foot Mat Making – This is a lucrative business, even at a small scale. The manufacturing process is simple. Rubber floor mats include industrial rubber mat, anti-static mat and anti-vibration mat. Others are; anti-fatigue mat, high school wrestling mats, rubber mats for use at home, house entrance mats, interior mats and so on.

Rubber Gaskets Making – Furthermore, this is another profitable rubber business idea. Several different types of rubber gaskets are generally used by the automobile industry. In fact, other large factories use this too. An individual can initiate this business by establishing a small scale manufacturing unit.

Top Profitable Small Processing & Manufacturing Business Opportunities in Nigeria


Rubber Stamp Making – I see a lot of people doing this. In fact, this is a small scale business you can manage. Indeed, you can start rubber stamp making business as a home-based one. Polymer rubber stamp is now very popular for official use. As it’s now, you can start this business with very small start-up capital. You can also add pre-inked rubber stamp to this normal rubber stamp. All of which have very good market demand. In fact, you can structure this business outfit to produce up-to 10 industrial and domestic items in your mini factory. If you are finding this difficult, contact us; we will help you define your production concept, scope and value chain and what to do with them.

Again, are;

Toys Making – With simple machinery you can initiate toys making project. In fact both the machinery and raw materials are easily available. The production process too isn’t complex. Again, the product has very good demand.

Slipper Manufacturing – These’re rubber footwear made from different colourful rubber sheet. It’s also a small scale profitable business. Some of these you can start and do from home. Of course, the slipper is a household consumable item. In fact, almost every individual uses this as casual wear. With the size of our country population, the demand for the rubber foot ware increases day-by-day.

Soya chunks processing:  This soya chunks production process involves milling, mixing, extruding and cutting. The major raw materials re soybean meal and peanut meal. In fact, in certain parts of Nigeria, this is one of the most profitable food processing business one can start with moderate capital investment.

More of these are;

Soy Sauce Production – This is another product from soybeans.  In fact, the major raw materials for soy sauce production are soybeans, wheat, and salt. In deed different manufacturing technology models are available to produce different types of soy sauce.

Sugar Candy Manufacturing: This is a sugar confectionery. In fact, sugar candy is a hard-boiled sugar confectionery. The popular flavours you can manufacture include those for orange, pineapple, mango, mint, strawberry etc. Recently, Sugar candy manufacturing has become one of the most popular food processing business ideas.

Sunflower Oil Processing – You need sunflower seed to produce this oil. However, you must be ready to undergo the long way of purifications in oil processing. These stages are mechanical cleaning, hydration, neutralization, bleaching, freezing, deodorization, and nitriding.

Follow us still for more;

Tissue Paper Making: Currently, due to increase in population and urbanization, the demand for household paper products is increasingly high. There are varieties here. So, you can produce assorted items like tissue paper, facial tissues, and paper towels with simple machinery. Because these are consumable item, you can initiate the project by concentrating on one or two peculiar products. That will give you room for future expansion. Household/tissue paper product making is one of the most profitable and trending paper business ideas nowadays. This business may require a business plan which we can do for you.

Tomato Processing: This is another food processing business. In fact, assorted types of processed tomato products are very popular now. The only raw material required is fresh tomatoes which is considerately available throughout the year. Popular among the products are tomato sauce, puree, juice, ketchup etc. In fact, this same processing can also produce tomato pulp for other small-scale industries if you so plan it. After all, the production process is not complex. However, this business requires simple machinery and equipment. A good business plan will help you here.

Woodworking: Woodworking business is a very good and profitable opportunity. It’s good for those individuals who are really looking for a home based manufacturing idea with small start-up capital. You will need some technically upgraded machinery for woodworking. Then, select the right product according to your environment/ local market demand. In any case, you must focus on the right niche to get success in this business.

Profitable Small Processing & Manufacturing Business Opportunities in Nigeria


Business Start-ups:

Here are several manufacturing/processing business ideas you can embark on for life. In fact, many of them you can do on part time basis. They are good for sole proprietorship and for partnership businesses. In fact, many of them you can start on a small scale or large scale as a limited liability company. Again, if you are having problem in combining them, we can come to your aid if you wish.

Furthermore, our business development service experts will help you with suitable business plans, export, mining and other licences like NAFDAC licence to start off your business. As a matter of fact, we will help register a business name or company for you at Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) here in Nigeria.

Existing Businesses:

For ongoing businesses, you will require us to structure your internal control system. Review your business plan, process your tax clearance, PENCOM, ITF and NSITF compliance certificates to qualify you do some business with the federal government of Nigeria. Contact on +234 8034347851 or

Government Empowerment Programme:

This website – – provides you with enough business ideas for any government youth or special class of individuals empowerment programme. Think of Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme (P-Yes), the CBN Small and Medium Enterprises Credit Guarantee Scheme (SMECGS) – for promoting access to credit by SMEs in Nigeria, SMEDEN & BOI credit schemes, etc. All of these require a business plan to get.


Complete Full Marks Consultants Limited, floats an entrepreneurship empowerment centre. The Complete Entrepreneurship Empowerment Centre (CEEC) offers training packages for would-be and existing entrepreneurs to empower them do their businesses better. Admission is FREE. Click here for further information.

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Deacon Anekperechi Nworgu, a seasoned economist who transitioned into a chartered accountant, auditor, tax practitioner, and business consultant, brings with him a wealth of industry expertise spanning over 37 years.

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