How to know the basic elements of e-commerce business plan

This is How to know the basic elements of e-commerce. The strategic e-commerce plan must be objective and succinct. In fact, this is to enable those involved with e-commerce in the company to read and monitor. Ensure you keep it within the limit of 10 to 15 pages. As a matter of fact, this post lets you understand How to know the basic elements of e-commerce business plan. In fact, the principle enumerated here is a general one that can be applied in any business start-up plans.

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How to know the basic elements of e-commerce business plan

The basic elements of this plan include:

1. Research & Design:

Furthermore, this section details your research and design methods for your plan.

  •  A brief description of the e-commerce project to be developed – not more than one page.
  • Detailed presentation of the objectives to be achieved through the e-commerce operation. These could be for cost cutting, increasing the customer base, adapting to market demands, etc.
  • Your Market analysis – Define your market audience. Then, describe the opportunities of the e-commerce market for your company. And prepare the profile of the targeted consumers.
  • Competition analysis – indicate who your competitors are. Define their products and prices. Define those which use e-commerce and what are their characteristics.

2. Operation Strategies on How to know the basic elements of e-commerce business plan

As a matter of fact, your operational strategies matter a lot. So, here are what to do.

  •  Your Dissemination strategy – indicate the actions to be taken to publicize the site and attract traffic.  So, indicate whether to use search engines, online advertising, etc.
  • Define your pricing strategy – define your pricing and discount policy. Then, again, define the payment methods, such as bank transfer, credit card and etc.
  • Sales strategy – This is where you explain how orders will be received and processed.
  • Logistics/delivery strategy – Now, it’s time to indicate how the products will be physically delivered to the buyer.
  • After-sales strategy – if your type of product or service sold requires after-sales service, explain how this service will be provided.

For your operational strategies to work well, you must have to press the button. Can you do that now?

How to know the basic elements of e-commerce business plan

3. Back-up Operations:

In addition, are your operational back-ups. Remember, without back-ups you loose trend.

  • Technical aspects – Now, it’s time to describe all technical aspects involved relevant to the decision-making and monitoring of the plan.
  • Establishment of evaluation criteria for your e-commerce operation. These could be number of visits per month, number of non-repeated visits, number of transactions generated, number of orders, etc.
  • A Comprehensive Budget – you have to make a budget that covers the period of installation of the e-commerce operation, the start of operations and the normal start-up of the operation.
  • Other necessary financial analysis – Essential ones include the cash flow projection, break-even analysis, projected income statement and ratio analysis etc.

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4. Recommendations on How to know the basic elements of e-commerce business plan

Finally, it’s recommended that the plan be reviewed periodically. This is because the dynamics of e-commerce is very large. So, it’s necessary to frequently re-evaluate what has been achieved in relation to the proposed objectives and the planned actions.

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