Business Plan Template for NIRSAL Bank Loan Agro Produce

Business Plan Template for NIRSAL Bank Loan Agro Produce

This is a Business Plan Template for NIRSAL Bank Loan Agro Produce. In fact, it’s a sample of agricultural business plan in Nigeria. It’s one that follows NIRSAL and CBN business plan format. As a matter of fact, NIRSAL loan application portal and AGSMEIS training centres adopt this format. Therefore, you can now ask for Business Plan Template for NIRSAL Bank Loan Agro Produce.

In fact, if your question is, how do I write a farming business plan? Here is the solution. In fact, whenever you are applying for AGSMEIS loan, Anchor Borrowers programme, or any other institutional related agro produce business loan, this post must be handy. We promise to assist you generate your business plan faster at any time if we are contacted.


This is a modern agro produce processing firm that is automated. In fact, we leverage on this to mass produce all our products.

In fact, Rice is one of the major staple foods in Nigeria. However, only about 57% of the 6.7million metric tonnes consumed in Nigeria annually is locally produced, leading to a supply deficit of about 3 million tonnes. For us this is problem worth solving.

Therefore, our solution to this is anchored on our processing plant designed to mass produce several kilograms of processed rice and other products daily. This is an objective of Complete Agro Produce Enterprise to fill some of the gap in the rice production deficit in Nigeria. This our effort will also support local farmers in their paddy and other produce production efforts.

Executive Summary For Business Plan Template for NIRSAL Bank Loan Agro Produce

The restriction on importation of rice into Nigeria is causing a lot of scarcity of this commodity. On the other hand, this is becoming an economic challenge for citizens and national economy. In fact, this is the problem we are ready to find solution to by establishing this rice milling factory. Because this factory is going to be located in Lokoja which is a town accessible to both south and northern Nigeria, our business will surely thrive here. On the other hand, we are determined to sell at the cheapest price compared to other locally milled rice. This is also because, our location will assist us get our inputs easily. In fact, the capacity of our factory is one that will facilitate mass production which will result into low per kg price.

Solution We Offer:

Fortunately, our factory is a medium size rice milling factory. One of the largest within our locality. Therefore, we are sure of large scale economies such as low cost of production. In other words our products will be cheapest around. Furthermore, our processed rice offers delicious, inexpensive favorite rice.  

SALES AND MARKETING:  Sales channels:

Furthermore, we are going to use every possible marketing strategy to deliver our products to customers. We have assembled a formidable sales team to manage our intermediaries — distributors, dealers, resellers and others.

Marketing activities

Therefore, our marketing strategies are going to emphasis on Cause Marketing, Relationship Marketing. Scarcity Marketing and Undercover Marketing. In fact, these are going to centre on business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) marketing.

 Milestones Table:

A a matter of fact, setting up of our milestone has been very easy. This is becaue we have enough capital outlay to carry out our projections as at when due. The centure capital rquired from NIRSAL micro finance bank will simply facilitate this. In fact, the activities of the enterprise lined up to make for its smooth take off is as contained this table.

Milestone Due Date Who’s Responsible Details
Milling Plant Erection August 03, 2020 CEO The installation of the entire facility to make ready for operations
Office Made Ready August 11, 2020 Director Admin This will ensure all furniture and office equipment are ready for operation take off.
Plant Test Running August 31, 2020 Director Technical This is to ensure that all components are effectively fitted and working.
Opening Ceremony September 01, 2020 CEO & All Staff A grand opening ceremony
Business Plan Template for NIRSAL Bank Loan Agro Produce

Financial Plan Forecast for Business Plan Template for NIRSAL Bank Loan Agro Produce

Our Key assumptions

The forecast key assumptions in relation to the input, outputs , cost of production and processing procedures are in the Appendix.

Projected Cash Flow Statement:

Furthermore, we are happy to announce that our projection shows a buoyant liquidity position at ll times. In fact, it shows how our funds are well managed. The following cash flow statement speaks for us.

  FY2021 FY2022 FY2023
Net Cash Flow from Operations      
Net Profit N191,999,297 N141,787,417 N140,021,866
Depreciation & Amortization N4,170,474 N2,670,474 N2,670,474
Change in Accounts Receivable (N733,000) N242,925 (N47,225)
Change in Inventory      
Change in Accounts Payable N2,240 N0 N0
Change in Income Tax Payable N33,882,229 (N8,860,920) (N311,568)
Change in Sales Tax Payable N0 N0 N0
Change in Prepaid Revenue      
Net Cash Flow from Operations N229,321,240 N135,839,896 N142,333,546
Investing & Financing      
Assets Purchased or Sold (N14,742,650)    
Net Cash from Investing (N14,742,650)    
Investments Received N12,000,000    
Dividends & Distributions (N500,000) (N500,000) (N600,000)
Change in Short-Term Debt      
Change in Long-Term Debt      
Net Cash from Financing N11,500,000 (N500,000) (N600,000)
Cash at Beginning of Period N0 N226,078,590 N361,418,486
Net Change in Cash N226,078,590 N135,339,896 N141,733,546
Cash at End of Period N226,078,590 N361,418,486 N503,152,032

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Agro Produce Financial Model:

Furthermore, if you must be in agro related business then you must be sure of how to always generate your financial model. Especially, when you are looking for loan from CBN or NIRSAL micro finance bank.

Business Plan Template for NIRSAL Bank Loan Agro Produce

In fact, as a firm of chartered accountants, we promise you that your financial model will be accurate. A professionals, we produce bankable reports in this respect. You may wish to contact us through +234 8034347851 or

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