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Interior Design Services Marketing Plan Model That Works

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Support your business with this Interior Design Services Marketing Plan Model That Works You are great at creating functional and beautiful spaces, but do you feel that when it comes to organizing your business and attracting customers you still have a lot to improve? That’s not news. This is about the Interior Design Services Marketing Plan Model That Works.

Creating a robust marketing plan for architects that brings expressive results is still a difficulty for this market. Therefore, we created this content and divided it into two main steps: first, we will explain how you can structure your marketing plan, from the definition of audience, budget, schedule and etc; secondly, we will give you tips and suggestions for actions and strategies for you to implement in your business for now.

Come on? Interior Design Services Marketing Plan Model That Works

I) Structure your marketing plan

1 – Find your target audience

The first step in marketing planning, whether for architects or any other area, is to define why and for whom your business exists. Focusing on a specific audience will help to define all the other pillars of the plan. For example, if your office focuses on creating projects for restaurants, the focus of your actions will be more focused on the B2B audience than on an individual customer.

Probably in your college days and due to your experiences, you already have in mind which area you want to work in. But there are some ways to define your audience even more clearly in order to know exactly who you want to reach. See this.

Interior Design Services Marketing Plan Model That Works

One way is to do research with your current and potential customers. Understanding what they work with, their hobbies, social class, gender, and even the region where they live are some of the common questions in market research to identify your target audience. In fact,  knowing the Golden Circle methodology can help you! Check out our Interior Design Services Marketing Plan Model That Works.

Other tools also help you understand your market a little better and how your audience behaves, such as Facebook’s Audience Insights. When inserting some information about your audience, this tool returns you with other complementary information, such as level of education, profession, age, marital status, etc.

There are other ways to study and define your target audience, each one brings valuable insights that will help in defining your business persona.

It is super important to have this step defined, before moving on to the next ones, only then will you be able to align the right strategies for the right audience.

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2 – Define the objectives and actions

Your target audience is defined, now it’s time to define the actions you will take. A marketing plan for architects can be of any duration. Our suggestion is that you follow the methodology of OKRs, which are plans with a duration of one year, divided into periods of three months (called Quarters, from the English that in translation means every quarter of the year).

As a matter of fact, this methodology is currently being widely used for helping to define goals and actions in the short term, being easier to follow and review. Most traditional planning methodologies take more than a year to have a review. Imagine waiting all this time to see what worked and what didn’t. This is the Interior Design Services Marketing Plan Model That Works

The idea is to define the annual goal and divide it into Quarters (every three months), that is, if with the marketing plan for your architecture firm you intend to reach 100 clients in one year, you can divide this amount into submissions for each quarter until the end of the year reaches the target of 100.

Interior Design Services Marketing Plan Model That Works

Likewise, you must define what will be done each quarter to achieve the goal. It will be marketing actions, such as creating an ad campaign on Google AdWords for your company or supporting an event that your audience will be attending.

We will give more information about marketing actions in the second stage of the content, for now, what matters is you define where your company wants to reach the end of a year and what will be done to achieve this goal in each month.

Does your goal have financial aspects? Learn how to set financial goals – and how to achieve them!

Every company should be in control of how much it is investing and also of the return on that investment (ROI – Return of Investment).

How much can you invest in marketing? Interior Design Services Marketing Plan Model That Works

Furthermore, in a marketing plan, one of the main steps is to define how much your business is willing to invest and how much is expected to return on sales. The bill is simple, the amount invested divided by how much in service was returned.

Let’s take an example to make it more practical, you want to invest R $ 1000.00 in an ad campaign on Instagram Brazil and for each project sold the profit is R $ 2000.00, that is, to make your campaign worthwhile on Instagram, you must sell at least one project.

Keep your investments saved in a spreadsheet and also always keep track of where your customers are coming from to keep this investment and results analysis up to date. Doing so is a great way to avoid falling profitability in architectural firms. This is the Interior Design Services Marketing Plan Model That Works

4 – Analysis of Results

marketing plan architects: metrics

The last step in a marketing plan for Architects is the analysis of results. Monitoring the metrics of digital or offline marketing actions is essential to be in a continuous cycle of improvement. If at the end of the first quarter, your goals did not even reach 80% of what was expected, it is time to review the actions and understand what did not work.

Keep in the habit of seeing the results of the strategies that have been implemented, only then will it be possible to improve what worked and avoid that action that does not bring any results for your company.

Just be careful to be critical when defining whether or not an action works for your business so you don’t risk leaving the gold mine for your office.

Enjoy and see our Instagram tooltips to keep up with your metrics!

Interior Design Services Marketing Plan Model That Works

II) Strategies for a marketing plan for Architects

Now that you have understood the structure of a marketing plan for Architects, let’s briefly outline some suggestions for marketing actions for you to start the first quarter of your plan

1 – Paid Media

marketing plan for architects: paid media

At first, it can be difficult to leave all the gears of the Marketing area working perfectly and bringing results. Therefore, our first tip is to invest in generating qualified leads and traffic through paid media campaigns.

The paid media strategy is nothing more than advertising your company on Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube, etc.

The tools offer dozens of ad formats and options, each with its advantages and disadvantages. The budget is also very flexible and allows you to create campaigns from R $ 5 per day. Of course, the bigger the investment, the more results, but it is a good strategy to get the ball rolling. Get ur Interior Design Services Marketing Plan Model That Works

Before creating any content, make sure that what you want to advertise is in accordance with your brand positioning. Think: Will my audience like this? If you don’t feel confident creating a 0 campaign, you can count on a team that specializes in paid media to help with that strategy.

2 – Content Marketing and SEO

marketing plan architects: content marketing

The consumer is increasingly connected and using the internet as his main source of information. Therefore, a strategy that helps to increase the reach and relevance of the company is the creation of content, preferably optimized for search engines, what we call SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This is a strategy that has more results in the long term, but that should not be left aside, since when done well, it can bring free and constant traffic to your blog and website, generating a recurring sales flow

3 – Social Networks for Interior Design Services Marketing Plan Model That Works

marketing plan architects: social networks

Within a marketing plan, we must not forget the strategies of social networks. Each social network has its function and different audience, aligning the language of the content for each is what will make you create a base of loyal and engaged followers.

Take care to have a posting schedule and keep your networks up to date. Here are some tips for the main social networks:

LinkedIn: it is a professional network, but there is space for architectural offices. You can share information and create posts that talk about how functional spaces help employee productivity, for example. Check out our tips and learn how to use LinkedIn for business. Check out our Interior Design Services Marketing Plan Model That Works

Interior Design Services Marketing Plan Model That Works

Instagram: this network has a strong visual appeal, feed your profile with beautiful photos of your own projects and even inspirations. Use the #hashtags of decoration and architecture to have a greater reach. Discover how to gain followers on Instagram with your work.

Furthermore, Facebook: one of the strongest social networks cannot be left out. Create posts that engage users, such as questions, funny videos, or creative images. This will help increase the organic reach of Facebook posts.

Pinterest: is the social network that Internet users use as their main source of inspiration. Very strong for decoration, it is a great strategy to keep your office profile updated there. Learn how to use Pinterest and inspire your audience!

4 – Have a Portfolio at least incredible

In fact, one of the main strategies in a marketing plan for architects is to win potential customers through visual appeal. Therefore, having an updated, organized, and well-presented portfolio is essential for the success of the plan.

Some ideas for creating your architecture portfolio:

  • You can create a modern online website according to the visual identity of your architectural firm.
  • You can keep a blog updated with the latest projects and other information (you can create a category just for the latest works, for example)
  • Your portfolio can even be an account on Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook, well structured and updated.
  • You can leave your portfolio exposed on a specialized website, such as Viva Decora, where more than 1.7 million people interested in architecture and decoration travel every month.
  • Interior Design Services Marketing Plan Model That Works

Another option that can work in conjunction with digital options is to have a portfolio printed with professional photos of the projects. It can be a beautiful book or a folder. It will certainly add a lot of value when presenting your business proposal to a new customer.

Use your creativity and most importantly, value quality and beauty when presenting your projects. It will be your calling card for many customers. There is no point in investing in various marketing strategies in a robust plan to present your work to more people if the information is disorganized and careless when it arrives on your website or blog.

5 – Invest in professional photos

As a matter of fact, selling an architectural project is more difficult than it looks. Your customers will rely on photos of what you’ve done and recommendations from others. That is why having high-quality photos that clearly show the final result of your work is essential to convince your customers to invest in your service.

Get in touch with a professional photographer who can do small jobs for you. Thus, whenever you finish a project, you will be able to save the photos to include in your portfolio later.

Interior Design Services Marketing Plan Model That Works
Marketing Matters

Conclusions: Interior Design Services Marketing Plan Model That Works

There, you’re ready to create the marketing plan that your architectural firm needs. Any questions? Did you do anything different that worked for your business? Comment down here!

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