Free Strategic & Tactical Business plan for an Existing company

Free Sample Operational Business Plans for Existing Businesses

Free Strategic & Tactical Business plan for an Existing company. A free Business Plan for an Existing Company. A Sample Strategic & Tactical model. Do you need one for your business? Here is a free example.

As a matter of fact, Strategic planning lays out the long-term, broad goals that a business or individual wants to achieve. While a tactical planning outlines the short-term steps and actions that should be taken to achieve the goals described in the strategic plan.

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The focus of this article are various. The definition and difference between strategic and tactical plan is one. Then are the related topics, strategic planning process and the benefits of strategic planning. As a matter of fact, here are also our contact details and several links for your references. Linked references are so important in our writing to enable you get at other articles we may not be able to bring along on this post.

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Free Strategic & Tactical Business plan for an Existing company

Typical steps in the strategic planning and management process:

As a matter of fact, from experience and research works, these are very important procedures and elements of most strategic plan, You are free to make adjustments here and there to give you what you want.

  • Define your mission and vision – Start with this
  • Conduct a comprehensive assessment – SWOT Analysis
  • Forecast – Do this for all segments
  • Set the organizational direction of the business.
  • Create strategic objectives.
  • Alignment – cross-functional workforce will do better
  • Strategy mapping – cause-effect mapping
  • Strategic initiatives – stipulated actions to reach the objectives.
  • Performance measures and analysis
  • Performance evaluation

Benefits of Strategic & Tactical Planning:

Furthermore, a strategic plan is like getting the house together. Therefore such a team work enable;

  • Organization and people get set up to succeed
  • Increased likelihood of staying on track
  • Decreased likelihood of being distracted or derailed
  • Progress through the plan as communicated throughout the organization
  • Metrics facilitate course correction
  • Budgets enterprise-wide are based on strategy
  • Cross-organization alignment
  • Robust employee performance and compensation plans
  • Commitment to learning and training
  • A robust strategic planning process gets everyone involved and invested in the organizations
  • Employees inform management about what’s working or not working at the operational level
  • Innovation is encouraged and rewarded
  • Increased productivity

Can you add any more benefits to these?

Free Strategic & Tactical Business plan for an Existing company

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Free Strategic & Tactical Business plan for an Existing company:

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