You are currently viewing 4-Bedroom Detached Duplex with BQ (500sqm) Available in Abuja

4-Bedroom Detached Duplex with BQ (500sqm) Available in Abuja

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4-Bedroom Detached Duplex with BQ (500sqm) Available in Abuja – Luxury living awaits in this exquisite 4-bedroom detached duplex with a BQ on a spacious 500sqm plot in beautiful Abuja. Your dream home is here!

Definition and Features: 4-Bedroom Detached Duplex with BQ (500sqm) Available in Abuja


A 4-bedroom detached duplex with Boys’ Quarters (BQ) is a standalone residential building with four bedrooms and additional living spaces. The “detached” aspect means the property is not attached to any other buildings, providing privacy and ample space. The Boys’ Quarters (BQ) is a separate living area typically used for domestic staff or as an additional guest suite. The property spans 500 square meters (sqm), offering spacious accommodation and outdoor space.

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4-Bedroom Detached Duplex with BQ (500sqm) Available in Abuja


  1. Size and Layout:
    • Plot Size: 500 sqm.
    • Building Size: Varies but typically includes ample indoor living space and outdoor areas such as gardens or parking spaces.
  2. Bedrooms:
    • Four Bedrooms: Each bedroom is spacious, with one typically being a master suite.
    • Master Suite: Includes an en-suite bathroom, walk-in closet, and sometimes a private balcony.
    • Guest Bedrooms: The remaining three bedrooms may also have en-suite bathrooms or shared facilities.
  3. Bathrooms:
    • En-suite Bathrooms: Attached to each bedroom for convenience and privacy.
    • Guest Bathroom: Usually located on the ground floor for visitors.
  4. Living Areas:
    • Living Room: A large, open-plan area ideal for family gatherings and entertainment.
    • Dining Room: Adjacent to the kitchen, designed for family meals and entertaining guests.
    • Family Lounge: Often found on the upper floor, providing a secondary living space for relaxation.
  5. Kitchen:
    • Modern Kitchen: Equipped with high-quality appliances, ample storage, and a pantry.
    • Utility Room: Often included for laundry and additional storage.
  6. Study/Office:
    • Home Office: A dedicated space for work or study, becoming increasingly important with the rise of remote working.
  7. Outdoor Spaces:
    • Garden/Yard: Ample space for gardening, recreation, or children’s play areas.
    • Parking: Secure parking space for multiple vehicles.
  8. Boys’ Quarters (BQ):
    • Separate Living Area: Includes at least one bedroom, a bathroom, and sometimes a small living space and kitchenette.
    • Purpose: Ideal for domestic staff, guests, or rental purposes.
  9. Security Features:
    • Fenced and Gated: Ensures privacy and security.
    • Security Systems: These may include CCTV, alarm systems, and security personnel.
  10. Additional Features:
    • Balconies: Offering views of the surroundings and outdoor relaxation spaces.
    • Modern Amenities: Such as air conditioning, high-speed internet, and cable TV readiness.
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  1. Privacy and Space:
    • The detached nature of the duplex ensures privacy and a quiet living environment.
    • Spacious rooms and outdoor areas enhance the quality of life.
  2. Versatility:
    • The BQ can be used for various purposes, adding value to the property.
    • The study/home office supports remote working lifestyles.
  3. Modern Living:
    • Equipped with contemporary amenities and designed for modern living standards.
    • High-quality finishes and materials are used throughout.
  4. Location:
    • Located in Abuja, offering access to urban amenities, schools, hospitals, and recreational facilities.
    • Situated in desirable neighborhoods, enhancing investment value.

As you can see, A 4-bedroom detached duplex with BQ on a 500 sqm plot in Abuja represents an excellent investment for families seeking a spacious, private, and versatile living space. With modern amenities and ample room for both living and recreational activities, it provides a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle. For more information, availability, and viewing appointments, please, contact us today.

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4-Bedroom Detached Duplex with BQ (500sqm) Available in Abuja

Luxurious Abuja Living Space Available Here:

Experience Unmatched Luxury and Comfort:

  • Spacious: Enjoy ample room to live and entertain, with generous living areas and bedrooms.
  • Modern: Equipped with state-of-the-art amenities and contemporary design elements.
  • Elegant: Sophisticated finishes and high-quality materials throughout the property.
  • Exclusive: Located in one of Abuja’s most sought-after neighborhoods, offering privacy and prestige.
  • Servant Quarters Included: Additional living space for domestic staff or guests, ensuring convenience and flexibility.
4-Bedroom Detached Duplex with BQ (500sqm) Available in Abuja

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