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Consequently, we are advocating for multiple streams of income for men. It is the best thing that can happen to man. It is therefore necessary that one starts businesses that will attract people and can pay family bills adequately. Naturally, there has always been businesses that exist which may be exclusively for women,  but this is now in the past.

Men so much excel in such activities in this modern world. We advise that the first thing to do is to do away with such feelings that a particular business is for men or women. That is one of the ideas that will make you benefit from our write-up.



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In fact, if you are looking for a business to start,such that will guarantee good returns on your investment with no much time wasted, then we advise that you take very seriously the business ideas that would be reeled out to you as you read along.

What are the objectives of these articles?

As you can see,these articles are aimed at highlighting business opportunities available within your environments. They aim at showing such business opportunities that do not involve much capital. This is the second part in the series.

Complete Full Marks Limited accepts enquires as to availability, location, capital requirements, and would always provide the start-up coaching services required. Contact us for your Business plans, feasibility studies, business registration, accounting and auditing services; and we will also handle your Tax matters if you so desire. We will ensure you succeed.

Now put on your thinking cap!

We implore you to read on carefully with good reasoning as you read on. Therefore we say,don’t just be a man, be a bread winner, support your family, this year 2017.
As in our first article, there are 6 cardinal points we are striving to address. These are:
– How to Make more money,
– How not to be idle.
– Then, on how to make investments,
– How not to see capital as a barrier to investment,
– How to get a multiple stream of income,
– Why you should be actively involved in money making this year.


Wise Quotes Inspires!

Again we want you to consider the following wise quotes:
  • “Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life–think of it, dream of it, live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success.” –Swami Vivekananda
  •  “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” –Walt Disney

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What do I do with these business Ideas?

Below are a whole lot of business ideas that you can start- whether you are a stay at home man, or the working class that needs extra income, Make your choices out of the following 50 profit assured business ideas that men can engage in.

What do I do to start-up?

Some of them will require you registering your business name, or incorporating a business. They may also require you getting some more business coaching, business plan, and feasibility studies, market surveys, and to raise more Capital or loan from banks, Complete Full Marks Consultants Limited (CFMC LTD ) is a consultancy firm that specialises in these activities. CFMC Ltd will also help you get your Federal Inland Revenue Service registrations for your TIN, VAT registration numbers, and Tax Clearance Certificates (TCC) which are necessary for better business deal in Nigeria today.
In continuation with those business ideas we listed in the part one of this article, here are more business ideas to help:
Brick and Mortar Fashion Store
This is yet another business that any stay at home dad could possibly engage in. This is not a very expensive business to start, as you can start with some minimal amount of wares. There is no skill needed here, all that is needed is a good business skills. If you think that you lack good business skills, then you may want to attend a business school, or ask an expert to mentor you.
Also, there is the need for you to find a good supply source from where you can get a good competitive price of wares. Some of the things that you may want to consider include; male and female fashion accessories like; bags, earrings, bracelets, belts, shoes, and of course clothes.


Voice over Artiste
You can work and still be in this trade, because all that may be required of you would be to send samples of your recorded voice. You can on the other hand run a full-fledged office, where you can train other people who are interested in becoming voice over artistes. Here you need to be naturally talented and have developed such talent or have learnt it professionally.
Bag Making Business
Bag is a fashion item for women, and for some men too. Crafts business like this is one form of business that never goes extinct. This may be one of the reasons why the industry rather than plummet, continues to increase. This also requires skill and passion to drive the business. Look around you and see if there are vocational schools that offer such skills. Some of the bags that you can make include; hand bags, hand luggage, carrier bags, and what have you.
Dance School
If you are fit, and full of strength, then you may want to start a dance school. One of the reasons why many folks enrol in dance school is so that they can keep fit. It is for this reason that you can start one.
Requirement are:
  • You have to be skilled here or you hired one
  • Good instructor
  • Good passion for it
  • Take off Capital to buy some equipment,
  • Good location.
  • Certain level of publicity,
  • And others
Cleaning Business:
We all know that cleanliness is next to godliness; however, there are times when the need to want to make a living hinders one from paying close attention to those things that needs to be clean. This is where the cleaning business come in to bridges the gap.
If you love to clean stuff, or like to see things spic and span, then you can look at starting a cleaning company. There will always be the need to clean the houses, offices, schools, churches or environments of people. You may not require a formal training for the art, but you may require some business skills.

Types of businesses


Graphic Artistry:
If you have always loved digital graphics, then you may want to engage in the graphic artists business. This is one business that is good for stay at home dads, since it is one business that needs attention, time and details. You may as well go into the training of budding entrepreneurs who would wants to know what it takes to be in the trade.

You will need a set of computer, some relevant software, skill, passion,time, some publicity and others.
School Business
Children are born every day and so there will always be the need to care and educate them. This is why schools must always be there, especially as population increases. As such, if you have the knack for teaching, or have been in the profession before,or passion for a money making venture, and have the fund, you can decide to start a school.

It is pertinent to state that starting a school might not be too easy; however, in the long run, you are sure to smile to the bank, since it is a flourishing business.

All other factors being held constant, if you have the fund you have to determine whether it is going to be primary, secondary, or other forms of schools. Remember that various states in Nigeria regulates school establishment and its practices.

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Tailoring Business:
In the stone age time, there was no much need for clothes.In our modern world over clothing is no longer just for coverage. It is the epitome of fashion these days for both men and women.
To note is that:
  • It is global – it has foreign exchange earning implications,
  • The demand is always high,
  • The equipment are available and are of long lasting nature
  • Skill and passion drives it,
  • It is also non-seasonal for some class of people. etc. etc.
  • You can specialise for male or female or both
  • You can do it alone or make it bigger.


Bar Business:
Men and women alike love to relax and have great and unfilled time. Socialisation promotes this business.. It would entail that you equip and furnish your bar with a great taste of excellence, so that you can attract even the high and mighty in the society.
Localising this business, will entail it is located where patronage will be high due to proximity to certain existing economic outfits .
Supermarket as  among 50 small and medium scale businesses  men  can do with low capital- updated
In starting this business, you have got to spell out from the outset the things you plan to deal in. Things like; beverages, skin care products, amongst others have to be considered. Do note that the idea of having a supermarket is to have it located in a place where there is human traffic as well as vehicular traffic. This is to attract and maintain patronage.
Super markets are various…small, big and very big. Depending on which one you desire, you need coaching, business registration, business plan, feasibility studies, fund, management team. CFMC Ltd could come in here to help at minimal cost.
Toy Store
There are several types of toys,some are for fun,while others are educational. So, if you are looking to start a toy shop, then you will need to conduct your market research so that you arrive at what will be the best option for you. You may also consider asking those who already have similar businesses how they were able to cut their teeth.

Good Toy store business will require all business-start-up processes which we can do for you. So do well to contact us.
Fruits and Vegetable Store:
The market for fruits and Vegetables is wide which is why you can start one too. One thing that must be take into account is that there will always been the need to get fresh supplies at all times.Preservation is always a challenge in this business. This means that you have to identify farmers or wholesale fruit markets from whom you can get the fresh supplies.


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Events Decorator
There will always be the need to embellish a showground when an event is coming up. This is why you have got to come into this type business with the right skills. There are event management school litter every where in the big town these days for good skill acquisition.

On the other hand you can do the training online.. There are a thousand and one event decor academies online. This of course goes for a fee; so you will need to be financially buoyant.

Bakery  Business:
The bakery business, more than ever have continued to thrive and attract a lot of investors making the industry so competitive, as such you will need to bring the best to the table. You may look at going to a bakery school to garner the knowledge. This is so that you can have an edge over others.
This business needs our Business start-up procedure package.. contact us for this especially for your business plan, registration and others.
Hat Making Business
The hat making is one business that guarantees good wealth. You can start this business from home.Your production will lead you into training others.
Home Tutors Business
In a human dispensation where teachers are not doing enough, students have a lot of distractions from their studies, parents don’t have time for the children, children write one examination ore than two times before qualifying, home tutors come in to make the difference.
This then can be a good business for you, especially, the teachers, and the unemployed youth,But you have to be good academically to make the difference.
So you see that this can be your one cool way to make clean money. For you to get noticed, you may consider making call cards and brochures, and handing them to all that you come in contact with. This is so that you can be known by all.
Make more arrangements during the holidays.


Cooking Training Business
In an era where married young women buy soup and stew from super markets, the older ones, even men can start this business. You will be surprised the number of young married women that will be your student.
If you are a wonderful cook then you may consider making some cool cash by training others. You can consider using your home as a rallying point for people to come and learn the art of cooking good meals. Plan to make a variety of it, even intercontinental dishes.
We will continue this discussion, 50 small and medium scale businesses  men  can do with low capital- updated in our next write up. As you go through, remember to call on us for your start-up processes.
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Finally, on 50 small and medium scale businesses  men  can do with low capital- updated,  are you a small business owner or entrepreneur, Complete Full Marks has business information to help you take your next steps. This is because we are a comprehensive one-stop shop for all your business start-up needs. Therefore, explore this opportunity provided here to make your business work well. Call +234 8034347851 or get more information here


Deacon Anekperechi Nworgu, a seasoned economist who transitioned into a chartered accountant, auditor, tax practitioner, and business consultant, brings with him a wealth of industry expertise spanning over 37 years.

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