You are currently viewing Fresh Guidelines on CAC On-line Company Name Availability Search

Fresh Guidelines on CAC On-line Company Name Availability Search

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Fresh Guidelines on CAC On-line Company Name Availability Search–Full details on, public search , and services cac gov ng group customer name search for corporate affairs commission forms for name search, company incorporation and name reservation.

Fresh guidelines

These fresh guidelines are necessary for you. Therefore, if you are an intending company director, CAC Nigeria official/accredited  agent, related professional students and member of the public, this post will benefit you. It will teach you how to make these name search by yourself or using a consultant; at least you will learn how to relate with the consultant registering your business for you.
This is part of my article on business tips emphasising on business start-up processes. For you to start your business well you need a business plan which will among other things highlight all your start-up steps for a successful business kick-of.

Where  do you start from? 

Look at this diagram.

Fresh Guidelines on CAC On-line Company Name Availability Search

Fresh Guidelines on CAC On-line Company Name Availability Search

Step One: Make a name search.   You are to search for two names. So you must have these two names  handy for this. Type in the names in the search tab, and you will be informed if the name is in use by another company or is reserved by other directors who intend using it. If your name is free this is the one you will then proceed to reserve.

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Fresh Guidelines on CAC On-line Company Name Availability Search

Fresh Guidelines on CAC On-line Company Name Availability Search

Name Reservation Procedure:
If you are an accredited agent of the CAC, that is, you are a registered consultant with it, you have to fill in the details as shown on the platform above.

But if you are a member of the public who want to take the trouble of doing it by yourself, you also need to create an account for yourself as you can see above on the CAC log-in platform to be able to make your name reservations.

The third step comes up when you want to incorporate the company. I will discuss that with you in my next article.

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What type of companies can you search for on this portal?

The type of companies you can search for must be one of the following;

  • Private Company Limited by Shares
  • Company Limited by Guarantee
  • Public Limited Company
  • Unlimited Company
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Now Remember These: And  Consider how they affect your name search.
There are two categories of names you must watch. The first are the prohibited ones. These ones you must not use. They are:
  • Names that are identical or closely similar to names already registered or reserved.
  • Names that are capable of misleading as to nature or extent of the activities of the company.
  • And names that are undesirable, offensive or otherwise contrary to public policy.
  • Names that would violate any existing trade mark or business name except with the written consent of the owner of the trade mark or business name addressed to the Commission together with a copy of its certificate.

Fresh Guidelines on CAC On-line Company Name Availability Search

The second category are just restricted names. You can use them but you have to get appropriate approval. They are:
  • Names that require prior consent of the Commission before application for name reservation is submitted.
  • Names that contain the words ‘Chamber of Commerce’ which must only be registered as a Company Limited by Guarantee.
  • All proposed names to be registered as Companies Limited by Guarantee.
  • Names that contain any of the following words: National, Federal, State, Government, Municipal, Chartered, Corporate Society, Building Society.
  • Any other word that suggests that the company enjoys the patronage of Government or any of its Ministries, Departments or Agencies.
  • Names that contains the word ‘Group’, ‘Holding’ or ‘Consortium’

How do I get consent to use the restricted names?

Application for Consent for restricted name should be addressed to the Registrar-General and submitted at the Head office or through any of the State offices together with evidence of payment of consent fee.  Please see Companies Regulation 2012 for requirements for consent. See this here.

Fresh Guidelines on CAC On-line Company Name Availability Search

Make your Name submission:
This attracts a fee  per request.  Officers of the Commission will determine from the database whether your proposed name is available before approval.   A decision on your request will be made within a maximum of 12 hours.  Please check the status of your request on the portal after 12 hours of submission.
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