When Start-up Questionnaire for Wholesale Business Plan in Nigeria is needed. Business Plan Questionnaire for Wholesale Business in Nigeria sets it going. Business plan questionnaire for start-ups or business plan survey helps build up business plan templates. Therefore, business start up survey  or questionnaire for start up businesses are questions to ask potential customers. This must come before starting a business.  Especially important is  market survey questionnaire for starting a new small business. In fact, all form part of business plan questionnaire.
As a matter of fact, raising questionnaires that suite your business is very important.  As business management consulting firm, Completfmc, short for complete Full Marks Consultants Limited raises business plan questionnaires for every business plan it writes for you.
In fact, as career management consultants, we present here a well structured wholesale business plan questionnaire. It’s really  for those of you who intend starting a wholesale business. Because of the nature/peculiarity of  the businesses, the structure of this questionnaire is going to cover the initial capital, and your inspiration. Then the  business legal form, initial fixed and current assets, and business location. When you contact us for your business plan, we will then build in your business peculiarities into your business plan questionnaire.

Start-up Questionnaire for Wholesale Business Plan in Nigeria –   SAMPLE START-UP BUSINESS QUESTIONNAIRE

Try to give honest answers to these questions.
  • What is inspiring you into this business?
  • Is it that you have seen others do it and succeed?
  • Any special talent to drive the business?
  • Any past experience in the line of business?
  • In fact, who do you know in the business?
  • Who are the competitions in this business?
  • So, can you match with the competitors?
  • Do you have enough network to drive this business?


  • What is the name of your business
  • Give detail information about your company/business: Business Address, Phone number, Fax and Email details
  • Is your business registered? If yes, when, and what is the RC No. and FIRS TIN
  • If not registered, when are you planning for the registration, and where?

(3) THE LEGAL FORM @ Start-up Questionnaire for Wholesale Business Plan in Nigeria:

  • Who and who are the registered directors, partners of shareholders?
  • In addition, what is their share holding?
  • What is the form of your business – Registered Business name as sole trader, partnership or venture business, private limited  or unlimited or public limited liability company, or Incorporated trustees (NGOs, political parties, churches and other social organisations etc.


  • What are your funding sources? – Personal savings, fund from relations, investors, partners and type (Loan, Investment, Grant).
  • In addition, what is the capital budget?
  • How much do you wish to realise from each source?

Start-up Questionnaire for Wholesale Business Plan in Nigeria  –  (5) FINANCIAL PLAN:

  • How will you use your funds?
  • Give details of the initial expenses and amount per each class of expenditure
  • On this; give details of your initial fixed assets, current assets, and capitalised expenses to be amortised over some years.
  • Furthermore, give details of your initial personnel expenditure at monthly, and yearly basis.
  • Give details of your initial overhead expenses including utility bills.


  • Define your management team structure, defining the organogram/scalar chain in the operation.
  • Give details of shared responsibilities for each team member.
  • In addition, give details of the would be team members’ profile
  • Who will make up your staff?
  • Can you supply – Employee Name, Title, profile and scope of responsibilities, Hours/Week of duty and Wage/Salary
Start-up Questionnaire for Wholesale Business Plan in Nigeria/Business Plan Questionnaire for Wholesale Business in Nigeria


  • Now, what is your target demographic? –  your business segmentation or target customers may be in Age Range, Ethnicity, Education, Income Tier and Geographic Location.
  • What advertisement materials will you use and how much will you spend on each? These could be – Print Advertising, TV Advertising, Radio Advertising, Internet Advertising, On-Site Advertising, Outdoor Advertising ,Telemarketing and Brochure/Mail.
  • And, with these can you define the per cent-age of market share expected?


  • Where do you want to source your wares from?
  • What are the terms of the purchases? –  any negotiated wholesale discount, method  and terms of payment.
  • What quantity can you buy in a week, or month.
  • How do you want to build your turnover?
  • What is your mark-up price?
  • What quantity can you sale in a week or month.


Finally, you may be surprised to find out that with all these questions well answered  your business plan will be ready in a mattr of days. Therefore, you are required at this juncture to contact Complete Full Marks consultants Limited at +234 8034347851 or cfmclimited@gmail.co for the formal research and feasibility studies and writing of the business plan.
In fact, we do fresh business plan for every project. Don’t buy ready-made ones.  They are not tailored to suite your activities, environment and capacities.  On the other hand, with suitable business plan questionnaires we work with you to produce your business plan.
Finally, Complete Full Marks Consultants Limited as an accounting, auditing, taxation and business consulting firm, assists clients with business information; incorporate clients companies  and name registration at CAC Nigeria, prepares clients business plans, tax clearance certificates, and assist clients obtain mining licences.