You are currently viewing How To Apply For Poverty Alleviation Program For Widows In Nigeria/Business Plan For Poverty Alleviation Program Grants In Nigeria

How To Apply For Poverty Alleviation Program For Widows In Nigeria/Business Plan For Poverty Alleviation Program Grants In Nigeria

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How To Apply For Poverty Alleviation Program For Widows In Nigeria/Business Plan For Poverty Alleviation Program Grants In Nigeria – Most recent among these poverty alleviation programs are National Poverty Eradication Program (NAPEP) , Youth Empowerment Scheme (YES), Rural Infrastructures Development Scheme (RIDS), Social Welfare Services Scheme (SOWESS), the National Resources Development and Conservation Scheme (NRDCS), Youwin and N-Power.

Associated with these are Free government money, housing grants, small business grants, government grant agencies, small business start-up loan and  grant funding. In fact, this post is all about  various suitable business plan, and business plan qustionnaire, grant application templates, grant proposals and other related issues.

Availalble  Business Plan Templates:

Therefore, as professional business plan writers, we are pleased to inform you that  business plan samples and templates for government grants, business grant proposal sample, business grant proposal sample letter, how to write a grant proposal for a small business  in pdf, free sample grant proposal template, how to write a proposal & Business plan for funding from government, are now available.
In fact, available also are World Bank FADAMA grant business plan model, Youwin Business plan, Tony Elumelu Foundation grants, Special Federal Government Grants for agriculture, youth empowerment and poverty alleviation programme-types of business plans. Others are Bank of Industry (BOI) soft loans and grants, Dangote/BOI soft loans/revolving loans and grants and SMADEN sponsored entrepreneurship programmes.

How To Apply For Poverty Alleviation Program For Widows In Nigeria –  PROGRAMME RELATED QUESTIONNAIRES

As a matter of fact, these are questions you must answer to qualify for such grants. The grants sponsors/donors would want you to tell them why you need the grant.

Illustrative Questions:

In addition, there are always two segments of this question and answers. The first is your biodata showing details of who you are, businss name, location, personalities involved etc.

The second segment takes the following format. Therefore, there will be need for facts and figures here, illustrated in tabls, graphs etc. But let’s take up these few sample questions for illustrative purpose.

1. How big is the current market served by  your business? Please explain in detail (150words)
Answer: State the size of the industry market and how much market share you have now and or wish to generate within the period.
2. What is your current base. Supply their total number and list a few of them ( 150 words)
Answer: State your current business market share.  Give list of your market segmentation and how you manage them.
3. Through which channels ( direct sales, online distribution etc) do you reach out to your current and future customer segment (100 words)
Answer: Define your marketing strategies here. Define also your target market.
4. What value will you deliver to your customer that would retain with you and attract new customer? (100 words)

Answer: Define the brand of your products and define your customer loyalty. Stipulate that over 80% of your customers are repeat customers. You will support this with some data.
5. What type of products/ service would you offer your current and potential customer to satisfy their needs. (  150 words)

Answer: Define what product/service you have now and how to innovatively improve/add value to them to satisfy your customers. Add their pictures here with illustrative tags.
6. What are the main production activities required in your proposed business? ( 150 words)
Answer: Define your production processes that will generate the required products/services. Give details of your fixed capital assets and their location in the factory/production process, if you have their pictures, show them here. An illustrative chart could also be helpful.
In addition,
7. Who are your current and potential supplies and which raw material resources/ items would you require from them? (100 words)

Answer: Explain what raw materials  are needed for the production processes as explained above, and give details of how you get your raw materials. Give some details of your supplies. Remember to make a confidence statement trusting that your source of supply is always there for you.

How To Apply For Poverty Alleviation Program For Widows In Nigeria  –  SPECIAL ATTENTION:

As a matter of fact, Widows’ issues are sensitive matters, It’s actually an entirely humanitarian venture.
However, the two general types of grants-in-aid may be applicable to them in some cases, especially where results are greatly needed
  1.   Block grants: Money given for a fairly broad purpose with few strings attached.
  2.  Categorical grants: Money given for a specific purpose that comes with restrictions concerning how the money should be spent.


How does a government/donor  grant work? Are federal grants free? Most free government money take the first options, while donor agency’s result oriented grants take the second option. Here monitoring and  feedbacks are very essential.
Consequently,  grants, whether Government grants or donor agnecy grant,  are in various types.
  •     There are revolving funds,
  •     Those not expected to be repaid
  •     Those that include technical assistance and those without technical assistance
  •     Others are loans or loan guarantee with interest rate subsidy,
  •     And Others.

How To Apply For Poverty Alleviation Program For Widows In Nigeria/Business Plan For Poverty Alleviation Program Grants In Nigeria


Widows could access any of these programme funds in Nigeria. Therefore, what type of grants do you want? Clcik here

In Nigeria there are grants that relate to:
  •  Federal Government Grants For Women
  •  State Government Grants For Women
  •    State Government Grants For Widows
  •    UNESCO Small Grants Programme On Poverty Eradication

In addition,

  •     Women’s Business Centres Grants
  •     Small Business Development Centres Grants
  •     World Bank Assisted Programmes
  •     World Bank Grants For Fisheries
  •     Furthermore, are World Bank FADAMA Programme
  •     Apply for Unemployment Benefits.
  •     Food Stamps (SNAP Food Benefits)
  •     Welfare or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
  •     Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)
  •     And many others


Don’t lose opportunities. That is what this post is all about. On the other hand, the technicalities involved in the special business plan templates/formats associatd with these various grants may pose serious challenge for you. Can we help you out?

Business Plan For Poverty Alleviation Program Grants In Nigeria – A HOMEWORK FOR YOU

I wish you will take your time to go through these questions, and give yourself an honest answer.
  •     Are there free government grants?
  •     How can you get free grant money?
  •     Do you have to pay for a grant?
  •     What is a personal grant?
  •     What are the different types of grants?
  •   In addition,  what is the difference between a grant and a scholarship?
  •     Can you get a small business loan without collateral?
  •     What do you need to apply for a small business loan?
  •     How long does it take to get a grant from the government?
  •     How Long Does It Take to Get a Grant Proposal Approved?
  •     Do I qualify for any government assistance?
Furthermore, are –
Finally, I know that you enjoyed this post, How To Apply For Poverty Alleviation Program For Widows In Nigeria/Business Plan For Poverty Alleviation Program Grants In Nigeria. Well, every question raised above must be answered by you before you qualify for any Government Grant or Donor Agencies grants in Nigeria. However, the good news we are sharing is that Complete Full Marks Consultants Limited is ready to answer these questions for you and write a winning business plan for you. In fact,  as professionals, with professional’s marks, no such agencies resists our model of business plan in line with their structured business plan models.
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