You are currently viewing Currently On-Going 2018 Scholarship Schemes In Nigeria

Currently On-Going 2018 Scholarship Schemes In Nigeria

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Currently On-Going 2018 Scholarship Schemes In Nigeria – Currently, there are these scholarship programmes on-going for Nigerians. These are both local and international scholarship schemes. Give yourself a first lift educationally by accessing one of these scholarships. You can’t imagine what such educational uplift can do to your career and personal status in the modern world.

Therefore, if you are such a person with a desire to improve educationally, this post is for you. In this post, Currently On-Going 2018 Scholarship Schemes In Nigeria, are current scholarship schemes from Niger Delta Development Commission, Daily Trust Foundation, Surrey University UK, PTDF scholarships for 2018/2019, UNICAF Online Degree programmes, and Pennsylvania State University, USA.

There are also here, Currently On-Going 2018 Scholarship Schemes In Nigeria, details of the required/recommended  universities, admission criteria, interview and scholarship award processes procedures. Try your best to read through this post, you will be happier in the end. Click the link of your choice for details.
Currently On-Going 2018 Scholarship Schemes In Nigeria


NNDC – Niger Delta Development Commission scholarship is ongoing now. Get the requirements and how to apply from this link.
(2)   Criteria for Daily Trust Foundation Scholarships & How to Apply

Daily Trust Foundation scholarship is another good one. Just get this scholarship to enhance your well-being. Click this link for details.

(3)  University of Surrey UK Admission in Abuja & Lagos

Every information about this university is given here first hand. Just click the link for details.

Currently On-Going 2018 Scholarship Schemes In Nigeria

(4)   Apply for UNICAF Online Degrees

UNICAF online university scholarship offer as much as 75% tuition fees. Click here for details and other appreciations for the programme.

(5)  PTDF Scholarship 2018/2019 Application Form

You know what PTDF is all about.  Get  scholarship from PTDF and you are through for life. Click here for how to apply, requirements and programme contents.

(6)  How to Apply for  Pennsylvania State University  Graduate Scholarships

This is a two-scheme-in-one programme. You will enjoy it. Click the link for how to apply and other details.

Currently On-Going 2018 Scholarship Schemes In Nigeria

In conclusion, can you please try zny of these programmes? Do you wonder why your colleague is shortlisted for promotion and you are not. Don’t serve your juniors my dear. Do something about your education and career recruitment related matters today. This decision can change things for better. Good Luck.

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