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How to Make More Money While You Work

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How to Make more money while you work – Understanding how to make money on the side from home, several ways to make money on the side with a full time job, creative ways to make money, how to make extra money fast, good side jobs to make extra money while keeping a full time job, and ways to make extra money online.

In this website, we have  a policy of giving you complete and full top business information all the time. The sole aim is to give out free business tutorials that will enhance your business or your academic standing. We therefore, encourage you to always  read the posts in this website because they will help you a lot. Consider this article topic ‘ How to  Make more money while you work.

In fact, this article is important to you. In it you will learn what and how to go about making more money while you work. The Global economy is changing, the value of our money is going down steadily, salaries are fixed and are hardly reviewed, needs continue to multiply, plus a lot of other things that affect your income and wellbeing. If you want to take care of all these challenges this article is a must read for you.


Why must you continue to work for money?

Working for money; this is what nearly everybody knows. It actually involves humans’ physical and mental efforts to generate goods and services to make money. So all that earn income by earning salaries, wages, honorarium, allowances, fees, etc are all working for money.

How to Make More Money While You Work

How to Make More Money While You Work

The other side of the equation; money working for you to make money is what many  of you don’t know. In this article I wish to highlight other ways of earning income, making the money work for you. These types of incomes do not want you to be involved. They are ready to work for you. They are called passive income or portable income. All they need is for you to use your head, set your goals, and organise your spending. This is how you can  make  extra money while you sleep?


We want you to consider the following ideas to earn more money while you work.Business decisions are hard decisions, and after reading through you should be able to take some actions to make more money for yourself while you work. The idea is that you should not let any money lie idle at any time.

If you have more questions after reading, ask your questions or make comments through the comment platform, and you will be attended to. We could arrange a coaching session for you also if need be. Fill the Follow by email platform or click any of the social media button by the top right corner of this page to like us and to follow us for regular mails through your boxes.

The list presented here is not exhaustive, there are still more business ideas you can get at, but let’s start from these ones.

Approaches for making more money while you work:

You can take up more than one approach at a time. Now read on:

1. Join a Lending Club.

This is a web-based peer-to-peer lending platform where both investors and loan seekers meet whether on- line or physically. It gives higher returns than Treasury bills , and bank deposit certificates. Though it is more risky than Treasury bills, because some can turn bad, it is advised that as an investor you spread out your investment in more than one club.

2. Write an e-book.

This requires so much hard work, but once the e-book is created and marketed it provides stream of income for many years ahead. This You can either sell on your own website or by arranging with other website owners. CFMC Ltd will be glad to use this blog to promote your publications.

3. Market your own products on-line.
Create and market your products such as software, DVD’s, academic and moral videos. These you can market through your own website or blog or through arrangements with website and blog owners. CFMC Ltd will do this for you free for the first three months.

4. Invest in real estate.
If you have an investment property that is well established and fully rented, what you require are just professionals to manage it for you at minimal fees. And then your income flows in without you losing any sleep.

How to Make More Money While You Work

5. Make YouTube videos.
This is a venture that is growing rapidly. Just create compelling videos in any area that you like – music, tutorials, opinions, comedy, movies – in anything at all. . . then put them on YouTube. Get Google Ad-sense for the videos, then attract traffic to this, and you will make your money. Once the videos are created, you will be sure of your income for a long time.

6. Own a blog.

You can buy an existing but an abandoned blog with some traffic as well as some history of income.
You can also create your own blog. And can make some money either way! I advice that you don’t waste time on this. Start today. If you call me through +234 8034347851, I will educate you on how to go about it free of charge.

7. Pay off those debts:
You may think that this is not an investment income, but when you realise that by paying off the credits or reduce them you no longer spend such interest expenses as you use to, you will understand that the saved interest is an income. As financial experts, CFMC Ltd will  help you renegotiate with your creditors for debt payment reschedule or restructuring.

How to Make More Money While You Work

8. Write a book and collect royalties. 

It may require some efforts to write a book but once it is done, you are sure of steady inflows of income. Especially if the right is sold to an honourable publisher.
You can also write a book and sell it by yourself. Here you will need to create market for it. Explore channels of distribution so that you will sell enough.


9. Become a referral Agent.

Find out such small businesses that need referral agents. Get customers for them and collect your commission. You can do this with building contractors, Accountants, electricians, plumbers, hotel proprietors, Roofing tile makers and suppliers etc. CFMC Ltd needs collaborators like you. Contact us to day and ask what you can do for us.

10. Add Agency platforms in your business:

If your firm is a service providing firm, while not add certain agency platforms that will make you ear more income. If you install platforms for DSTV , PHCN ,GoTV etc recharge credits, you will make more money.

10. Rent out unused space with Airbnb.

Airbnb is new in the tourist world but it is growing rapidly because it is cheap, convenient, and available too. It is the concept of renting out your unused room to holiday makers. Traditionally what we do in Nigeria is to rent out our extra room to co-tenants or to students, and co-workers. Airbnb is different. But the bottom line is the extra money being made. Now don’t let that your extra room remain idle.


11. Make apps.

With smartphone in nearly every hand, apps become very lucrative. Every day you are on NAIJ.COM, making money for it. Try apps for yourself.

12. Build a website selling product.

This website will be dedicated to selling your products if you have products, otherwise it can be used to sell other peoples products. That is what  Konga and Jumia stores do. What do you think Instagram does?  Or what do you think Vconnect is doing?

How to Make More Money While You Work

13. Be an Angel/ silent partner.

If you have an extra cash and know of a successful business that needs capital for expansion quietly talk to the owners and if the opportunity is granted, you simply become a silent partner? That gives you an equity position in the business. Many had by this taken over some successful businesses.


14. Start an online course.

Everyone has one knowledge or the other. You can create an online course based on this your passions. With a well patterned course outlines, questions and answers, video tutorials etc. an online course can be working for you while you sleep.

15. Create an online guide.

An online guide will sell if you can give people what they want. If you create a guide on university availability in Nigeria and courses offered, a security guide indicating the security nature of states in Nigeria, investment guide in solid minerals etc. you will soon be smiling to the bank regularly. The provision of specific information in a guide-like format will be very attractive. The only thing you could be doing which is important is updating them regularly. Get more information here

15. Outsource some of your business functions.

In this case, you need to lose some money to be able to gain more. If you outsource some of your business functions that tie you down always, you will have more time to do other things that will generate more income for you. Just try this trade-off. By this, you may have turned your existing business into a passive income earner. Contact  CFMC Ltd today for your business internal control management. CfMC is a firm of chartered accountants, auditing, taxation and management consultants, it will take care of you business challenges while you have time to do other thing.


16. Enter into marketing affiliating arrangements.

If you have a website or a blog, this technique will pay you. Remember that google pay you for their adverts in your website or blog. In the same vein, people who advertises in your sites also will pay just like google does. This blog welcomes you if you want to advertise your products.

How to Make More Money While You Work

17. Invest in high dividend stocks.

This offers you high dividends, capital appreciation and bonuses from year to year. It will also give you the opportunity of easy disposal through the stock market.

18. Invest in Agriculture:

Agriculture is the only business civil servants are permitted to do in Nigeria. Why not explore this. Own a fish pond, poultry, Palm or other plantations, etc. you will be surprised how much income you will be adding to your usual salaries or wages.
Farm crops that can give you immediate cash. Farm Cucumber, water melon, garlic, and ginger, if you do , you will soon be a millionaire.

19. A Radical One:

Launch an NGO. You will be surprised how much fund you will generate while doing such humanitarian services. Open a church and run it well. Globally, family churches are doing so well financially. Invest in MMM and the likes. MMM give a return of 30% on your investment per month, some others give more returns. Our advise is that you diversify in these networking products, invest in small bits, because they are risky investments. Every high yielding investment is a risky one.

Finally,  on How to Make More Money While You Work we offer you  free business development supports.  Completefmc provides essential corporate Legal support business services in Nigeria. By this we provide you all business legal documentations to enable you do your business seamlessly in Nigeria. Visit our website today or Mail us at to get in touch with us!


Deacon Anekperechi Nworgu, a seasoned economist who transitioned into a chartered accountant, auditor, tax practitioner, and business consultant, brings with him a wealth of industry expertise spanning over 37 years.

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