You are currently viewing Our Post Incorporation Services @ CAC Nigeria: Change of Director

Our Post Incorporation Services @ CAC Nigeria: Change of Director

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Our Post Incorporation Services @ CAC Nigeria: Change of Director are various. Therefore get our CAC services, docupload cac gov ng,  CAC accreditation form,  and corporate affairs commission list of registered companies. Furthermore, are CAC registration fees, CAC certificate of incorporation and change of business name in Nigeria. In fact, our Post Incorporation Services @ CAC Nigeria covers all of these.

Typs of Changes:

Furthermore, various incorporation changes apply. Therefore, there are how do I change the business details with the CAC for a registered business, how we offer Company Registration and Post Incorporation services @ Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). In addition, are  Post-Incorporation File Changes to Your Existing Business, Registration Portal (CRP) of the Corporate Affairs Commission, Federal Republic of Nigeria.
In addition, get post incorporation timelines of  Corporate Affairs Commission and Change of Name. Then,  Conversion, Re-registration and Deed of Release and  All Business Names and Post Incorporated Trustees Applications.
In fact, this post, addresses all of these including answering some important questions that relate to the change of Directorship of your company. That is why, you have to read through. Please, don’t hesitate to let us know where you need our help.

Our Post Incorporation Services @ CAC Nigeria: Change of Director –  Relevant Issues Relating to Change of Company Director

When you know what you want and how to go about it, that is when you begin to solve the problem. This part of the post  will help you find your way out of the incorporation challenges you are having now.

Why do you want to make the Change?

Is your direcotor no longer interested? Is he divesting from the company?  Have you decided to remove him for whatever reason? Ensure that this part of the arrangement is dome seamlessly. Every decision about this change must be well known to the out going director. For sure, he/she is going to be one of the signatories to the chang.

How do you make the Change?

The simplest way to make the change is to call us today. Let us know early enough for rightful advise.
Our Post Incorporation Services @ CAC Nigeria: Change of Director

What are the Requirements for the Change?

Let us have the following information for your director’s change.
  • Board Resolution for the change
  • Board resolution for appointment of new director?
  • Duly completed notice of change form – within 14 days after board resolution
  • Scanned copies of new Directors ID
  • Letter of consent – where applicable
  • Resignation letter from the old director – where applicable
  • Resident permit – where applicable
  • Death certificate – where applicable
  • Updated annual CAC  returns
  • Payment of Fees.

How do we help you in making this change?

In fact, we will help you process all of these. We only need your personal data. As CAC accredited consultants, we know what to do.

Who are These?

As a matter of fact, we are Chartered Accountants – Complete Full Marks Consultants Limited –  Professionals, C.A.C Accredited  consultants. Auditors and tax Experts. We will do a lot for you. As a matter of fact, Our Services range from Accounting & Auditing, Taxation – annual tax filings and obtaining your tax clearance certificates, Corporate services – CAC documentations/company and business name/NGO registrations, Management services – writing business plans, business proposals, business coaching, Capacity building training, seminars, workshops etc. obtaining mining license to other license for clients.
Contact us if you have need of us., via,
Phone: +234 8034347851, +234 8097900795


Deacon Anekperechi Nworgu, a seasoned economist who transitioned into a chartered accountant, auditor, tax practitioner, and business consultant, brings with him a wealth of industry expertise spanning over 37 years.

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