2019 Profitable Small Scale business ideas for you

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2019 Profitable Small Scale business ideas for you

2019 Profitable Small Scale business ideas for you are lucrative business ideas in Nigeria. Included here are lucrative hot business and home business ideas in Nigeria with small capital. As a matter of fact, most of them re untapped businesses in Nigeria. Therefore, we have them here for you to go through and pick one or a combinations of them to build your business in 2019.

That is, if you are yet to make up your mind on which business to get into this 2019, we have several of them here for you to embark upon depending on your available capital. Here are 7 classes of business that give answers to several business idea questions.  Therefore, the following business idea questions re answered in this post.

2019 Profitable Small Scale business ideas for you – Successful & Fast Growing Businesses:

What re the fastest growing businesses in Nigeria? What re the most successful small businesses? These are those that have high rate of return to enable you grow your business. Choose one here.

  • Oil and Gas Business – Own a fuel station or rent one, or be a distributor, etc.
  • Agriculture – and Agro related businesses. Catering Services – For homes, ceremonies, government functions etc.
  • Website Design – For all purpose Business Consulting – Accounting, auditing, taxation, business information, business coaching and mentorship
  • Courier Services – both as a principal and as an agent Mobile Hairdresser Services
  • Cleaning Services – Domestic and industrial
  • Online Tutoring – Get a website

Furthermore, are:

  • Making of Fruit Juice – Assorted
  • Sale of Furniture – both new and second hands
  • Pure Water Production – start small and grow into bottled water
  • Transportation – Taxi and Bus services
  • Haulage Services
  • Hotel Business – Own a hotel or be an agent
  • Fast Food Eatery – This is everywhere you go – they are there in-house, on the road etc.

2019 Profitable Small Scale business ideas for you – Profitable & Lucrative Businesses:

What are the most profitable businesses? What lucrative businesses can I do in Nigeria?  Which type of business is profitable in Nigeria?

Again, these are like the first one. They are very profitable. Profitability is very important in business.

  1. Sachet Water Production – work out your breakeven analysis and you will make profit fast here.
  2. Laundry/Dry Cleaning – Location and tools matter here. Get some good tools and marketing.
  3. Poultry Farming – We have business plan for this from N200,000.00 – N1,000,000.000 capital base. Get a copy today.
  4. Fish Farming – Very lucrative. Get the business plan for N200k and above from us.
  5. Snail Farming – Another good business. Get a business plan from us and you will prosper.
  6. Soap Making –  Get the raw materials and tools and you can do this from your house.
  7. School Business – Crèche, Nursery and Primary School – Own or rent a property for this. Location is important.

In addition are,

  • Rice Farming – Good one. Big or small.  Get the business plan from us.
  • Plantain Chips Making – Another business you can start from your home.
  • Rice Mill/Processing – Very good and lucrative. Get the business plan with feasibility analysis from us.
  • Palm Oil Mill – Currently, this is a gold mine. Get the business plan and viability analysis from us today
  • Imported Fairly used Cars, Cloths, and Shoes etc. – This is another lucrative business. We have the business plan of any scale of operation. Get it today.
2019 Profitable Small Scale business ideas for you

2019 Profitable Small Scale business ideas for you – Money Earning Businesses:

This addresses the question: What is the best business to earn money? These ones make you earn steady daily income. They are good home businesses.

  • Poultry Farms – Right there by your premises, you can start.
  • Second hand clothes – Okirika business – Sells well in any market in Nigeria. Get started with a business plan from us.
  • Snail farms – This is an income multiplier business. We have the business plan for all you need to do.
  • Fruit juices – There must be a prominent fruit in that your location. Get them and some tools.  Our business plan will direct you on what to do.
  • Oil and gas – You know this. Just start anywhere. Even for sale of engine oil, vehicle servicing parts.
  • Car wash – For this get a good location and call us for a business plan. You will soon make your millions.
  • Restaurant – “Man must wak” is a common statement in Nigeria.  So dream well and start well. It may be small or big. Just start. We have the business plan to direct you.
  • Fast Food – At every joint, market square, and corner of the town and villages in Nigeria, this business thrives. Get started.
  • Construction materials – Dredging for sharp sand, stones etc. are good businesses. Stocking and sell of other construction/building materials make money for you fast.

Yet more are:

  • Mining – Decide which solid mineral to mine. Get the location. Ten call us for your mining licence.
  • Uber driving – Just from there in your location. Just get the necessary registration.
  • Event Management – A lot of vent from time to time. Most people involved don’t even know how to go about it. So, why not help out for a fee.
  • Catering Services – Catering for people providing food and other services help people a lot. There is that current class of young folks who don’t know how to cook. Just a little marketing and you have calls for this.

2019 Profitable Small Scale business ideas for you – Small Scale Businesses:

What small scale business can I start in Nigeria? If you are interested in these ones, you will be ok too. They are businesses that require less than a million Naira to start.

  • Ice Cream Parlours – Ice cream demand is always there. Get some tools and you are there. Our business plan can help you figure your way into it.
  • Pre-Schools Business – This you can do in your home. Any vacant room? Any open unused space in your compound. Just get these restructured and start to make your money.
  • Laundry Services – With less than a million Naira you have this business on.  We can help you plan it.
  • Bookshops – Start with local publications and materials.
  • Cyber Café – Indeed, what you need here is a good  14’ x 14’ room, 4 systems, and your personal skill. Just try it. Otherwise, contact us for a formal bankable business plan.

2019 Profitable Small Scale business ideas for you

  • House cleaning services – Just little tools likes vacuum cleaners, mops, brushes, buckets, your business is on. But your need our business proposal to get to the big offices. Call us today.
  • Tourism Services – Air ticketing, Visa processing, hotel and Airport shuttle bus services, document authentications, seminar and meeting hall arrangements, etc. You can start marketing for this without any tools. Just yourself. But you need a business name which we can register at C.A.C. for you. Get it immediately.
  • Event Dj – Get some tools, training and if possible mentorship here.  Cake Baking- You can do this from your home. Few tools are required. Then, do your marketing.
  • Landscaping Business – With a little training, you can get this going.
  • Computer Accessories – What do you know about computer and its parts? Phone Accessories – This is common now, yet the sophistication in modern phone still keep it on.
  • Business Plan Writing – This is a good one for you if you have some accounting principles in you. Otherwise, call us to train you on it.
  • Bead Making –  Looking beautiful is a good business. With few tools and time availability on your part, you have this business going on.
  • Sports Viewing Centre – My daughter has one already. So, anybody can get into it.

In addition are:

  • Petty Trading – This is as old as humanity and still thrives till future generations. Just keep it on.
  • Phone Repairs – Good phones are becoming costly. Nobody wants to loose such phones. That’s why you  must be there.
  • Barbing/Hair Saloon – Good. There is one nearby me here. Very large. But in the nearby street a small one.  Just visit any of them and make decisions. That is called business survey.
  • Farming – Farming single or many crops at the same time. Farming is getting specialised. This is because I see ginger, and garlic farmers doing only the crop.
  • Photography – If you know what intending couples spend on their pre-wedding preparations, you will like to become a photographer. Get a good training and you can start.
  • Game Centre – This can be joined with sports viewing centre. You can even combine it with a barbing salon. Or make it a stand-alone business. Just try it.

2019 Profitable Small Scale business ideas for you – Small Business with Small Capital:

What small business can I start in Nigeria? Which business can I start with small capital? What business can I start with 20k – 50k?

Again, these are small businesses that you can do standing anywhere possible including the front of your house. Get a combination of trade wares for this business here.

  1. Used Books Sales,
  2. House Painting
  3. Pet Sitting
  4. Tutoring.
  5. Grocery business
  6. Event Coordination
  7. Plastic Products – chairs, plates etc.
  8. Foodstuff Business
  9. Vegetable business

2019 Profitable Small Scale business ideas for you – Kind of Business to Start:

What kind of business should I start in Nigeria? Furthermore, there are several kind of business you can start. Just assemble your take-off capital and make your business choices here. I want to give this list in categories of business.

  1. Agriculture – Farming of ginger and garlic, poultry business and animal husbandry etc.
  2. Services Provision – Open and run a school or Church, Travel Agency, Consultancy – service support and business development services.
  3. Manufacturing/Production – Confectionery, Bottled/sachet water, foam, pillow and other bedding accessories production etc.
  4. Fabrications: Welding works, fabrication designs, fabrication installations, etc.
  5. Cottage businesses – Barbing salon, hairdressing, beauty salon, fashion design, shoe and bag making etc.

2019 Profitable Small Scale business ideas for you – Best Businesses to Do in Nigeria:

What are the best businesses to do in Nigeria? The best can be measured in terms of profitability, scale of operation, availability etc. Therefore, depending on your definition of “Best” choose which business that satisfies your definition here.

Therefore, here, try to look at Profitability, Scale of Operation and Availability.

  1. Manufacturing outfits – In terms of mass production and profitability, manufacturing business is the best all over the world. So get into Sachet Water Production, Plantain Chips Making, confectioneries, household materials like foam and pillow, etc.
  2. Agricultural business – This should be the most profitable business in the world But for being primary goods especially in the third world, we rank it second after manufacturing. So try, Poultry Farming, Fish Farming, Snail Farming, Rice Farming, Rice Mill/Processing, Palm Oil Mil etc.
  3. Laundry/Dry Cleaning – and other cleaning services. At certain level, when you think about a municipal town refuse management, this is a big business.

2019 Profitable Small Scale business ideas for you

2019 Profitable Small Scale business ideas for you

In continuation are:

  1. School Business – Crèche, Nursery and Primary School, GCE& JAMB preparatory classes, etc. Most unemployed graduate manage this now for the time being.
  2. Trading business – This is where must third world country get into. So the become wholesellers and middle men for manufactured goods. Oil and gas come in here and overtook all others. Therefore, you can settle for Oil & gas business, wholesale and retail shops etc. Imported fairly used goods – Cars, Cloths, Shoes, hand bags, furniture, etc.


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