Poultry Farming – Bio Security Measures

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Poultry Farming – Bio Security Measures

Poultry Farming – Bio Security Measures – This topic centres on how to keep you birds alive. It defines the importance of biosecurity in poultry farming. And then, presents poultry farm biosecurity checklist. And again, briefs on biosecurity in poultry hatchery and biosecurity measures. This post raises questions and solutions to – What is biosecurity in poultry? How can we prevent diseases in poultry farm? And, what are Poultry Farming bio security measures?

This post is an important aspect of your business plan.  While preparing your  business plan, you have to cover this aspect. That’s so as to ensure your poultry business thrives.  As a matter of fact, this is born out of experience in our consultancy services. It’s a good thing to plan for survival otherwise you  take the risk of failing.

Poultry Farming – Bio Security Measures

If you remember the avian influenza outbreak of 2015, then you will appreciate the importance of farmers having a written biosecurity plan on site in order to even scale through government periodic checks. It’s is advised that  farmers from all different sizes of operations fill out a poultry biosecurity measure plan, sign it, date it, and keep it on file and in the places where poultry staff will always read from.

Poultry Farming - Bio Security Measures
Poultry Business

Poultry Farming – Bio Security Measures

Proved Bio Security Measures:

These re tested and proved Bio Security tips for your business planning.

Poultry Management:

  1. Ensure somebody is in charge of this poultry
  2. Assign the duty of biosecurity coordinator  to somebody competent.
  3. From time to time organized training with records of training done on biosecurity
  4. Always carry out – all-in, all-out programmes

Replacement & Stocking:

  1. Ensure you obtain your day-old chicks from reputable hatcheries and other sources
  2. Don’t mix birds of different age brackets together
  3. Quarantine newly purchased birds for 2 days before mixing up or keep away for brooding
  4. Quarantine birds returned from market for at least 2 day before mixing up with other ones.


  1. Don’t vaccine sick birdsUse good disinfectants to reduce pathogen level on the farm
  2. Vaccine health birds as recommended by your Vet
  3. A mortality management plan must ensure dead animals are handled properly.

Feed & Water Management:

  1. Provide adequate quality food and  clean water
  2. Avoid stress on your birds
  3. Avoid sprinkling water at the pen during heat period. The moisture created will lead to heath shock

Pen & Equipment Management:

  1. A good vector control for multiple species of pests. Thi’s having plans in place to stop insects, rodents, wild birds and even pets from entering the house.
  2. Put in place equipment control in buildings and between buildings. This is making sure that, if equipment is being shared between production areas and farms, it’s being properly sanitized in between uses.
  3. Then again, ensure your litter materials re good enough for this purpose.


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Poultry Farming – Bio Security Measures

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