Authentic Organogram for Airline Business plan in Nigeria

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Authentic Organogram for Airline Business plan in Nigeria

This is very relevant to all manner of aviation business. So, if you are starting an aviation business for national, international and regional Airline business plan, this organisational structure outline will be ok for you. Therefore, this airline organisational structure for airline business plan is good for airline strategic plan, airline marketing plan example, and even for aircraft manufacturing business plan. Just understand the format for Authentic Organogram for Airline Business plan in Nigeria.

Authentic Organogram for Airline Business plan in Nigeria

This Authentic Organogram for Airline Business plan in Nigeria is for start-ups/beginners and ongoing Airline businesses. The question to address is – Who is in charge? What type of administrative system do you want in place? How is your vertical and horizontal commands? Five common approaches include the functional, divisional, matrix, team, and networking structures. Which one do you want in place? As a matter of fact, these are some of the principles we wish to apply in this article. So, when you are faced with start-up or growth management challenges and a harsh competitor for which you want to reorganise your management structure, we recommend this article for you.

Authentic Organogram for Airline Business plan in Nigeria

Furthermore, when you want to prove your business capacity to deliver based on managerial efficiency for government agency approvals, win NGO grants or Bank loan, and invite investors for your business, this article should be considered  No.1 to consult. This Authentic Organogram for Airline Business plan in Nigeria will help you overcome these challenges. This is a well-structured internal control system that will midwife your business through survival to growth.

Consequently, if there is a problem to solve, and results to deliver, this article must be with you. Managerially, the problem you are faced with here now is how to establish an Airline Business that is suitable for your target market and segments in your intended operational environment and to run it efficiently.  That is why you must take necessary steps to articulate your operational & administrative functions in a business plan. So, one of the aspects of the business plan you need to work on immediately is to determine your business management structure. Yes, this is the essence of this segment of your business plan.

Authentic Organogram for Airline Business plan in Nigeria

Therefore, in this segment you will evaluate the capacities of your existing or projected management team and other supporting staff.  So, that you set out to look at the number of personnel required, their schedule of activities and their skill cum academic/professional qualifications.


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Authentic Organogram for Airline Business plan in Nigeria – MANAGEMENT ANALYSIS:

The opening management team of Continuous Travel Limited will consist of three of the principal Directors, a consultant, five accounting staff and 6 administrative assistants.  As the business grows, more administrative staff and general duty staff will be recruited. The provision for this is made in this plan to start in the third year.

Authentic Organogram for Airline Business plan in Nigeria – ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE

Continuous Travel Limited will schedule the operations of the business among the key staff – First Principal Directors  as CEO, the other two as assistant directors for Admin and Finance respectively.  The accounting staff, administrative assistants and our Consultant – Complete Full Marks Consultants Limited –  for management in the following roles:



He will have overall administrative and fiscal responsibility. This is to ensure that the business is financially sound and attains its planned goals.

His credentials are:-

  • 25 years Executive Management with Budgeting experience
  • Advanced degree in Fiscal Planning
  • Extensive experience with budgeting methodologies
  • Cognate experience in strategic planning using Balanced Scorecard approach.


The Industry Consultant will be relied upon for her industry expertise. Therefore, it will be providing valuable insight to management and fiscal standards, regulations and governmental programs that may benefit the centre.

Credentials include:

  • Over 23 Year consultancy experience on Aviation business
  • Licensed corporate manager
  • Vast knowledge of accounting and auditing services,
  • Business Support service providers
  • Management experts
  • Vast knowledge of Automated accounting system


The Accounting officers will work under the supervision of Asst. CEO Finance. His/her core duties include to maintain financial reports, records, and general ledgers. He/she will also prepare and analyse budgets and perform general bookkeeping.


  • A bachelor’s degree in accounting or its related field
  • Vast knowledge of accounting principles
  • 10-year budgeting, auditing and business administration experience,


The Administrative Officer will work directly under the CEO Admin to provides a point of contact for all employees. So, he/she provides administrative support, manages office stock, prepares regular reports and organizes office records.


  • A bachelor’s degree in Business Management, and must possess;
  • An organised approach and excellent time management skills.
  • Self-starter with multi-tasking abilities
  • Good communication skills.
  • Team work appreciation,
  • Computer literacy,
  • Excellent command of English language,
  • Accuracy and attention to details.


The following diagram depicts our management structure as explained above.

Authentic Organogram for Airline Business plan in Nigeria


The following table summarizes our personnel expenditures for the first three years. We believe that this is fair enough and would be a motivating factor to staff performance. Other staff incentive will be worked out in future.

 Authentic Organogram for Airline Business plan in Nigeria – CONCLUSION:

This Authentic Organogram for Airline Business plan in Nigeria illustrates what you should do as a start-up/beginner or ongoing airline business owner. The management structure is self-explanatory. Details of the administrative job schedules and the organogram tally up to show the vertical and horizontal hierarchy of administration in this Airline business.

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Deacon Anekperechi Nworgu, a seasoned economist who transitioned into a chartered accountant, auditor, tax practitioner, and business consultant, brings with him a wealth of industry expertise spanning over 37 years.

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