Free Palm Oil Business Plan Feasibility Analysis

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Free Palm Oil Business Plan Feasibility Analysis

Free Palm Oil Business Plan Feasibility Analysis

Free Palm Oil Business Plan Feasibility Analysis – This is free feasibility analysis to help you  analyse and evaluation if your  proposed  Palm Oil business  is technically feasible, or feasible within the estimated cost, and will eventually be profitable. We present it here like a template in order to help you analyse and evaluation the viability of your other oil palm business segments. Therefore, such other projects like palm oil production/process/milling plant project, marketing, distributorship, exporting business and palm plantation are covered in this article. I urge you to please click to read our highlighted related links to be able to get all you need on palm oil business in Nigeria. 

Free Palm Oil Business Plan Feasibility Analysis

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Free Palm Oil Business Plan Feasibility Analysis

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Why You Need This Article:

In fact, this Free Palm Oil Business Plan Feasibility Analysis is for start-ups/beginners and ongoing palm oil businesses. As such, before you go far in preparing your business plan, I think you should read this article. In addition, this article will help you face your growth challenges and serious competitors squarely. I recommend it when you  need to reappraise your business performances. In fact, when you want to generate your performance variables and parameters for internal control purposes or to prove your business efficiency for government or NGO grants, use this article’s format. 

Furthermore, when you need Bank loan, or wish to invite investors into your business, this article should be considered as No.1 to consult. This Free Palm Oil Business Plan Feasibility Analysis therefore, will help you overcome these challenges and monitor your business growth.

Free Palm Oil Business Plan Feasibility Analysis – THE FEASIBILITY ANALYSIS:

In continuation, a feasibility analysis investigates the practicability & viability of a proposed business venture or idea. The primary function is to determine whether the project will continue or not. Where it continues, it guides planners and make them focused on the project and thereby narrow down the possibilities. Feasibility analysis could be Technical, Economic, Legal, Resource, Operational or Marketing Feasibilities etc.  So, your business plan must endeavour to cover these as per your project relevance.

Problem Exists – Solution Solves:

As a matter of fact, if there is no problem on hand,then there will be no need for finding solutions. Therefore, there must be a problem on hand. Problem to establish or grow a Palm Oil Business to cater for a community or environment. In which case you need to develop a functional business plan. As such, one of the aspects of the business plan you need to work on is to determine the viability of the business. This is the essence of this segment of your business plan.

So, in this segment you evaluate your potential success or failure in opening and operating a Palm Oil business/processing/plantation etc. by carrying out a lot of financial analysis. Therefore, you will set out to look at your feasibility analysis including the financial projections, and subsequently analysing them to produce your business operation measurement parameters.

  Free Palm Oil Business Plan Feasibility Analysis – FINACIAL ANALYSIS:

Furthermore, this is where you will project your business Economic, Legal, Resource, Operational and Marketing Feasibilities. It’s good we start from the financial plan.


Our business has a share capital of N1m. In addition, we have also contributed N3,000,000 each to ease the start-up. Again, we have also applied for a loan of N5,000,000 from our bank. Therefore, we are sure that this will be enough for the Capital Expenses and the Operational/Working capital.


We have also through our analysis established the break-even point of our business. The point of break-even is a point of ‘no gain, no loss’. This is the point at which the total expense equals total revenue. As a matter of fact, this point is actually reached at the turnover level of N15,000,000 per annum. In fact, our test run has actually superseded this point as we raged in N9,000,000 in 5 months of our test run operations. All things being equal, we hope this trend will be maintained throughout the year.


Furthermore, our projected profit and loss account as shown in the table below shows a net profit of N1,500,000 for  the first 5 months of our test run operations.

Free Palm Oil Business Plan Feasibility Analysis – PROJECTED BALANCE SHEET:

As at last month, the end of the first 5 months of our operation, our balance sheet shows a net-worth of YZ Naira which is good for us. As can be seen in the table below, our current assets far exceeds our current liabilities thereby giving us good standing to continue to do business.


In addition, the attached cash flow statement speaks for itself. With recurring positive cash balances from month to month, it shows that we will not run out of fund to manage our operations. In fact, there is no room for over trading. Our short term liabilities are discharged promptly as there is cash always to pay for them.


Here again, our operation ratios are all positive. Our gross margin, and net margin are high enough to warrant high net profit in the end. This business enjoys tax exemption from the government as per the laws of Nigeria for now. Most agro- allied businesses and institutions enjoy tax exempt. Therefore,  our ROI – return on investment and ROE – return on equity are all good enough for our business success.

 Free Palm Oil Business Plan Feasibility Analysis – CONCLUSION:

In summary, we have to state that based on the variables analysed and the parameters generated on this  palm Oil business feasibility analysis, our business is not only economically viable, but it’s also ethnically and socially viable. Therefore, we are set to kick-start our new session and expansion programme in September, 2019.


Finally, in as much as you can use this Free Palm Oil Business Plan Feasibility Analysis, the fact still remains that you may need other parts of this business plan.  So, please, they are available on request. These include the financial projections and analysis, Customised SWOT analysis, and financial analysis, Tables and charts. Call now to get them at minimal cost. Call +234 8034347851 or email to


Deacon Anekperechi Nworgu, a seasoned economist who transitioned into a chartered accountant, auditor, tax practitioner, and business consultant, brings with him a wealth of industry expertise spanning over 37 years.

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