List of NGOs You Can Start in Nigeria

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List of NGOs You Can Start in Nigeria

Do you want to start an NGO in Nigeria? Are you a humanitarian who wants to alleviate others sufferings? This List of NGOs You Can Start in Nigeria is one you need to moderate and choose from.  Here are top international NGOs and how to join.  As a matter of fact, there are agricultural NGOs, Children, women and youth NGOs. Then, determine whether you need a localised NGO or international one. List of NGOs You Can Start in Nigeria is a good start-up idea for you.

Furthermore, remember that all churches, mosques, town unions, clubs, friendly associations, orphanages and all other type of charity organisations must make this list.

List of NGOs You Can Start in Nigeria

In this connection, you have to understand how to start a nongovernmental organization in Nigeria. As a matter of fact, devise a plan for this your prospective organisation. Define the scope, aims and objectives. The business plan; we will structure the organisation for you. Then, select your NGO name and appoint the Trustees. Now, assign responsibility to some of the trustees. At least one should be the chairman of the board of trustee while another must be the secretary. These two positions are essential for the registration at C.A.C.

The next steps is to contact us – Accredited accountant or Solicitor to apply for the Name Availability Search and Reservation. Once the name is approved by C.A.C, we will do the newspaper Publication. We will do the drafting of the NGO Constitution and the Minutes of the Meeting, and file in for the registration. At lease, your NGO registration will be concluded in 35 days.

List of NGOs You Can Start:

  • Old Peoples Support International
  • Total Care Unit/Group
  • Action Aid for the Unemployed or for the vulnerable
  • Global Peace Development or African Peace Development
  • Society for Telemedicine and E-Health in Nigeria
  • Youths & Leadership Initiatives or Forum
  • Rural Urban Development
  • Community Health Enlightenment & Development
  • Royal integrity & Accountability Organization
  • Kano Development Projects or Abuja Development Projects

Theresa Karis Foundation can be your personal name foundation. We can do this for you. That is how to generate MGO names. Others are;

  • African Business Round Table
  • Excellence Foundation International Inc
  • Youth Mentoring and Orientation Initiative
  • Society for employment and Self Reliance
  • Centre for Transformation of the Under Privileged
  • Society for African Safety & Development
  • Joint National Association of Persons with Disabilities
  • We care Welfare Organization Nigeria


List of NGOs You Can Start in Nigeria shows how you can re-arrange these to suit your NGO name need. Just change one word or phrase here and there and you have a different name for your NGO.

  • Foundation for Rural Urban Integration
  • African Liberty and Hope initiative (ALHI)
  • African Citizens Development Foundation
  • Fair Trade Handicraft Foundation (FHF)
  • Health and Education for Development (SHED)
  • Majesty Literacy Foundation
  • Bioresources Development & Conservation Programme
  • Guidance & Counseling Dev. Association (GCDA)
  • Society for African Safety & Development
  • Women Aid collective (WACOL)

Make it a geopolitical one or gender sensitive one. That’s how all of these came to be.

  • Network of Caring Women
  • Coalition of Human Rights Org.
  • Oha-na-Eze Women Empowerment Association
  • Rural Widows and Orphans Foundation Inc.
  • Foundation for Leadership & Education Development
  • Apiworld International
  • Gateway to health and Life
  • Center for National Unity and Representative Democracy
  • Gantys Aid for Widows, Orphans & Needy
  • African Women Initiative Against Violence & Poverty

Furthermore, make it a centre or group for an activity on humanitarian ground. Just direct your attention to a particular class of persons to attend to.

  • Center for Responsive Leadership and Transparency
  • Poverty Alleviation for the Poor Initiative
  • Women & Development Movement
  • Society for Rurual Women & Youth Development
  • Demonstration School for Deaf Children
  • Youth Enhancement Organisation
  • Youth Empowerment Foundation
  • Hope for the Village Child Foundation
  • Albert Caayo Foundation

In addition are:

  • Dev. Empowerment Society International
  • Relief Peace and Development Initiatives
  • Global Network Against Trafficking in Women and Children
  • People against HIV/AIDs in Barack
  • Teenage Girls Empowerment Centre
  • Association of Professional Women Accountant of Nig.
  • African youths International Dev. Foundation

Can you make it a family thing? Youth, child care, mother’s care etc. just design one for your purpose, and you have it.

  • Youth Initiative for Advo. Growth & Advancement
  • Improved Action for Commmunity Transformation
  • Action Family Foundation
  • Child Labour & Human Trafficking Relief Initiative
  • International Forum for Peace in the Niger Delta
  • Peace and conflict Resolution Organisation
  • Community Development Foundation
  • Safinatu Buhari Foundation

List of NGOs in Nigeria can continue. In fact, you can generate one now. If you want yours to be included just contact us today to register one for you.

  • Benedict Ekanem Foundation
  • Naturework International Research Institute
  • Community Life Project
  • Global Youths Awareness and Development Initiative
  • Centre for Peace & Conflict Studies
  • Partnership Initiatives in the Niger Delta (PIND)

In addition,

Can you make it an advocacy thing?  An advocacy promoting one thing or the other. Health, birth, population control, marriage etc. could be the subject matter.

  • CSO Consultation
  • Youth for Peace and Development in Niger Delta
  • Civil Society for HIV/AIDS in Nigeria
  • African Business Round Table
  • Civic Duties Awarness Initiatives
  • Poverty Alleviation Network and Self Dependence Initiative
  • Coalition for Change in the FPRT in Nigeria
  • Fantsuam Foundation
  • Mass medical Mission

Sir Emeka Offor Foundation. This is how to reach out to the less privileged. Get a personal foundation as an NGO today. We will help you with the start-up processes.  We will do  for you a winning business plan for this and then get it incorporated.

  • Excellent World Foundation
  • Communication Development Initiative (CDI)
  • Dave Nnabuife Inyere Foundation
  • John Hopkings Public Health in Nigeria Initiative
  • La-Shah Foundation


Can you care for the elderly and the infant at the same time? That will be a good one to get into.

  • Senior Citizens & Elders Forum Nigeria
  • Association of NGOs and CSOS of Nigeria
  • African Development Initiative For poverty Alleviation
  • Liftup Care for the Needy Foundation
  • Support Physically Challenged
  • New Hope Aency
  • Integreated Dev. Services
  • Center for Economic Viability in Africa
  • Center for Economic Viability in Africa
  • Centre for Leadership Support and Social Progress (CLSSP)
  • 202 NPC/NGO-IC/S.202/1 Integrated Development Services (IDS)
  • Amacks Children Develompment Organisation
  • Sev-an Foundation
List of NGOs You Can Start in Nigeria

What about an all-purpose NGO? This will help you cover a lot of ground for humanity. Try one.

  • Women and Children Economy Development
  • Global Women and Youth’S
  • Right to Education for Development
  • Mantel Hope Foundation
  • Federation of Nigeria Youth Cooperative
  • Christ Cares International Mission
  • Sheikh Ahmad Al-Hamaweey Islamic Foundation
  • Ummah Support Initiative (USI)
  • Women of Substance International Organization
  • Joint National Association of Persons with Disabilities
  • Women, Youth and Children Upliftment Foundation


  • Youth Empowerment and Community aids free Initiative
  • Committee For The Support Of The Dignity Of Women
  • Girls Power Initiative
  • Great Women Multipurpose Co-Operative Society
  • Lift Above Poverty Organization
  • Young Girls Foundation
  • Gender Care Initiative (GCI)
  • Emmanuel Children Foundation

In addition,

What about projecting a public project? This will help you to be relevant in the society. Patriotic Citizen Initiatives could be one of such.

  • Women’s Consortium of Nigeria (WOCON)
  • The Real Woman Foundation
  • Women Trafficking and Child Labour Eradication
  • Save the Child Initiative
  • Women’s Consortium of Nigeria
  • Ebunoluwa Foundation
  • Project Alert
  • International Reproduction Rights Research Action Group
  • Women of Light Foundation (WOLF)

Get more here;

  • Child Rights Brigade International
  • Any faith-based NGOs? These are good for all.
  • Society for the Empowerment of Young Persons
  • Life Helpers Initiative
  • Network for Justice and Democracy (NGO)
  • Rehoboth Homes and Skills Acquisition Centre
  • Patriotic Citizen Initiatives


We have tried to make you see how to generate names for NGO suitable for your purpose. To get more NGO information on this site click HERE. If you need our help for moderating, generating a name, name search, and incorporation call +234 8034347851 or email to

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Deacon Anekperechi Nworgu, a seasoned economist who transitioned into a chartered accountant, auditor, tax practitioner, and business consultant, brings with him a wealth of industry expertise spanning over 37 years.

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